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Nakotherium Authorities
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Globe Nakotherium Authorities

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Spoiler :
Nil is known as the magic force that people can produce. Nakotherium, or Nak for short, is the substance that helps enhance the power that a person can produce with Nil. Nak has 3 different forms solid, liquid and gas. Gas is a drug-like compound that makes you overflow with power but harms the body significantly. It is the rarest form of Nak. Liquid Nak is almost as rare as gas Nak however, it has less last effects compared to gas. This type is common in high-class societies. Then solid Nak is the most common, having near no effect on the body but only has limited energy. This causes many to carry multiple crystals and once one is depleted its discarded. Solid Nak can be recharged but requires the sacrifice of the Nil energy in one's body, this causes death upon recharge.

Nak has no color and is nearly invisible, but once touched the Nil energy in the crystal and body reacts to produce color and also lets off a lumination. These colors differ for each person. Some believe the color is based on your faith, others believe it is one will power. These beliefs have led to several religions rising to power and a large class difference. Nak also makes wars a constant, many countries rage wars to gain more Nak and power. Civilizations rise and fall due to the unpredictability of Nil power in humans

I don't have a whole lot written for each of the nations just yet. I just want a place to keep my stuff somewhat safe.
03-25-2020 01:53 AM
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