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The Eschalon Dominion
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The Eschalon Dominion

I thought I should probably post this online before my motherboard dies again. There's such a tremendous amount of history in this spritesheet for me, it'd be criminal to lose it. The Eschalon Dominion was my first PW army, and I've saved bits and pieces of its evolution through the years on the main spritesheet (I started it in 2007!!).

The Dominion's mission of galactic human liberation began centuries ago- while its xenophobic zeal has waned, the expansive star nation has not lost its ruthless efficiency. Utilizing a wide range of conventional weapons and universally-renowned training, the Dominion's Galactic Armed Forces bring overwhelming firepower, intricate tactics, and the sage strategy of the state's seasoned officer corps to bear against the alien at large.

Spoiler: lil' wall of text
Life in the Dominion is good, particularly for the fortunate billions that live in the Core Worlds. Food and housing are plentiful where they are not guaranteed, and federal safety nets promise citizens and civilians alike with the peace of mind to chase their dreams- at the cost of certain personal liberties. As one travels further from the core of Dominion space however, the dangers of an untamed galaxy become more prominent. Frontier sectors may possess varied levels of federal support, with far-flung colonies sometimes being left at the mercy of criminal lords, hostile military raids, and the elements of their host planet.

In general, Dominion citizens enjoy a very high standard of living. Violent crime throughout the core worlds is at a 300-year low, and poverty is all but unheard of. Private property is not particularly prevalent in the cramped inner systems, but there are few legislative restrictions.

A xenophobic people, aliens are tolerated solely by the furthest reaches of Dominion frontier space (or particularly enterprising criminals and political dissidents). More commonly, they are shot on sight or detained indefinitely at unnamed facilities. See something? Say something!

Spoiler: big ol' wall of text
The Eschalon Dominion is a stratocracy legislated by a bicameral Interplanetary Congress (IC). The House of Representatives draws a proportionate number of members from each Dominion world based on population, while the Senate mandates one representative from each world and certain federal districts. Members of congress are voted on by citizens to represent their home districts and/or sectors, while civilians are restricted from voting in federal elections and referendums. Citizenship is acquired by completing a term of federal service, most commonly by enlisting in the armed forces. Would you like to know more?.

The executive branch of government has been closely intertwined with the Dominion military for centuries, but for all civilian affairs is led by the Prime Minister, who is elected by the IC (the House votes on eligible candidates, the Senate votes to confirm the House's candidate or return a vote of No Confidence). The Prime Minister acts as a figurehead of government, with day to day executive duties falling to a myriad of sector governors and their own appointees.

The true, impactful work of the Dominion federal government is managed by a collection of generals and intelligence officials who are handpicked as-desired by the current leadership. While the IC handles civilian affairs such as food and workplace regulation, colonization efforts, healthcare, etc., the military is responsible for maintaining the Dominion's essential assets. FTL communication and travel capabilities, border security, dissent, the nation's arsenal, and other similar functions are solely under the jurisdiction of the military.

Spoiler: The Sheet
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