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Happy New Years! It's 2018!
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Tark Offline

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Happy New Years! It's 2018!

I started playing Picture Wars in ~2006, or earlier? PW had already been a community for a while. That was 11 years ago- I remember causing a huge shitfit somehow because I was literally a child and then MasterChef backed me up for some reason and I was always appreciative of that. I browsed on my PSP.

Wherever you are MasterChef, and everyone else, I hope you're all doing well. I loved this community. You guys drew in from the best places, DataRealms FF, Facepunch (cough), Dwarf Fortress, and then tons of other places I had no idea about like Giant in the Playground. This was a community that grew my skills, hobbies, interests and my life.

I'm going to go cry because who the fuck even am I? Oh well. This was my army. I don't think this was my original name.

[Image: 4DntJBb]

Oh and Happy late New Years! When did you join the kickass sprite war bandwagon? Did you have other names?

plebei plebei bonyo oinye negatnyet
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01-14-2018 12:38 PM
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ltoblivious Offline

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RE: Happy New Years! It's 2018!

Welcome back, you're just in time for the entropic decay of the probably last version of this weird niche hobby site that nobody knows about. I learned about picture wars from Aph77 and Olothontor because I used to lurk the brikwars forums probably ten or so years ago. My original army was some faceless, bike helmet wearing guys. I lost their sheet, but here is a lazy artist's interpretation complete with MS paint default colors:
[Image: zG4QRdq.png]
01-16-2018 02:11 AM
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Stefman Offline

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RE: Happy New Years! It's 2018!

Hi there. My story is almost same as above, about ten years of experience, I come from GitPG forums after seeing Sirroelivan's post. My first army is still here, look at this thread, leftmost version of Spheroids it is. It's even a small part of my very first match in there.

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[Image: 5f27907d43a0.gif]
01-16-2018 05:48 PM
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Battul Offline
Particle Oscillation Major-General

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RE: Happy New Years! It's 2018!

tiny pixelmans fighting

A New Oscillation
01-17-2018 05:31 AM
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EpicJ Offline
Non Astuti

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RE: Happy New Years! It's 2018!

I have about as much history here as i do in quantum physics (Literally none)

I joined (as i tend to do) at the tailend of the last 'great depression' (about a year ago now), and supposedly was the first newcomer to join the discord in a long while.

This whole thing is a hidden gem, found it while looking for something to do. (I've forgotten the details already) Probably the thing i needed to grow some motivation and actually pixelart. Although unfortunately none of the matches i partook in lasted all that long. The armies i created still have a little spot in my not-so-cinematic universe though so i guess it was worth it.

It's still a neat concept that's apparently been going longer than time itself, and i got to see it die.
01-23-2018 04:15 PM
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