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Warhammer's Armies (Returned)
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Warham Warhammer's Armies (Returned)

This thread will be where I will publicly display all of my armies as I develop them.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

Currently I am working on creating my first army after being gone for such a long time. My current plan for an army is a dual leader army which works together to create the rest of the army. I know there are not any sprites here yet, I'll start posting those a few days later. All I had time now is for the lore and backstory.

Flesh and Bone Liberators:
The two leaders (names to come later) of this army work together to spread their love of purity and freeing people from their imperfections. One leader (name to come later) does this by ripping the skeletons out of living beings (or wires if they're robots). The second leader (name to come later) does this by taking that person's remains and re-purposing them into fleshbags. The leaders (names to come later) constantly bicker about which of their version of living necromancy is purer.

The skeletons believe that purity lives in the bones that make up living beings (or wires of a robot). A skeleton is created when a living beings bones are liberated from their body. The skeletons see the flesh and organs as the waste to be shed before purity can be reached.

The fleshbags believe that purity lives in the organs and skin that make up a living being (or the metallic remnants of a robot). A fleshbag is created from the leftover living material left after a skeleton is liberated. The fleshbags see the skeleton as the waste to be shed before purity can be reached.

Organic Farms:
This special form of necromancy called living necromancy can only work on beings that are alive (or robots that still work). In order to continue the liberation of every being, the dual leaders (names to come later) construct organic farms in places they have already liberated to send supplies forward to new areas desperately needing purity. Transportation across planets is done through flesh barges that can safely survive the vacuum of space. Because of their design to be used for transportation only, they rarely stay on the battlefield and normally depart right after a shipment is complete.

Insert Sprite Sheet Here
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