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Oshlet Vs ScythianWarrior: Fury & Flesh
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Oshlet Vs ScythianWarrior: Fury & Flesh

Sorry this took so long! I ended up changing the map a little, then went slightly overboard and overhauled the background and building. Anyways, at least its up now.

[Image: A4w15lp.png]

The Si Kuilei Triad, when pitted up against factions such as DEM or Trios, were miniscule: They were in shaky control of three planets across two solar systems, and were using technology that was considered obsolete by current standards. It took a mass offensive against a crashed ship on their homeworld to wrest control of it, which led their bloated military into the stars for conquest. Recently however, the Triad had become a far greater threat - they were terraforming their controlled planets into factory worlds, and snapping up more land for agricultural use. It was assumed that their sudden increase in power had come from a dealing with the fleshcrafter known only as 'Helix'.

Currently, the Triad were on their way to taking over a fourth habitable world, rich in minerals and with a defence force that had technology lower than their own. Despite their advantage, the overall lack of training much of the Triad's army possessed was resulting in a slow takeover of the planet. The current offensive was pushed up to an oil refinery, which command was using as their current base of operations. Small outposts had been erected or taken over around the site to provide the base with an early warning system and a pre-emptive defence measure against any ground attacks.

Qiang was in charge of the small detachment tasked with watching over the area east of the refinery. Around half of his squad had moved out on a recon mission south, to answer to the southeast outpost's distress signal. Qiang himself was studying the cracked board that held a map of the surrounding area and a few documents from the previous owners, yet to be torn down. He was bored with waiting for contact: as per his orders, a few traps had been laid around the area to impede any forces moving through. Qiang wanted to see them in action, but nothing had come by. He was also irritated at his squad: He'd sent the more experienced fighters out and was left with a slacker communications operator and a couple of fresh recruits. He had no idea how well they'd perform in a firefight, and hoped his fleshcraft could supplement their lack of experience.

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