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Omega Vs Cynical - Pyro Vs. Pyro
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Re: Omega Vs Cynical - Pyro Vs. Pyro

[Image: LmqzH7.png]
"Multiple life signs have entered the perimeter. They called reinforcements."
"Well shit. Let's hope 1 explosion will be enough"
The commander butts in "Be quiet and do your job. if it gets serious we have air support in the area."
The soldiers seem pleased by that fact.

[Image: steam.php?id=600606&pngimg=n...;tborder=0]

Quote:Government Hooker: hmmmmm
Government Hooker: I might make a move tonight
Government Hooker: be a great chance for me to warm up
Government Hooker: I'm a bit rusty see :v
Firebug: RUSTY
Government Hooker: shhhhhhhhhhhh

You can teach a robot how to dance...
But you can't teach a pair of shorts how to pants.
08-21-2013 11:43 AM
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