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[PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II
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Mr.Fahrenheit Offline

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Re: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II

Heh heh I even had a mime and I made him talk.
07-22-2013 02:03 AM
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Gamma Plasma Offline
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Re: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II

Your mime was the reason I made Eris mute (well that and my sick, dark mind. :v:) You should have just stayed silent all the time like I did and pranced about, ridiculing people as they fought the zombies. Instead you had him throw a tantrum and shoot himself...such a waste.

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07-22-2013 02:24 AM
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Trifon Offline
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RE: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II


[Image: 1.png]

Dmitri wakes up.

Everything is frozen. Everything has been frozen for 7 years, not that he knows that. To him, it was if he was running from the zombies just yesterday.

Finally, his joints feel as though they can move. Barely at first, like waking up from a dream you have been having for those 7 years, tired and cataleptic as muscles scream.

He looks around him. The homeless looking man running down the stairs, the bodies on the floor, the blood, the stench of fetid corpses and the flies that gather around and the bloated and twisted corpse of a mime.

Everything has stopped moving. A single moment in time kept from ever moving a single second forward.

Yet Dmitri does not panic. Instead he remains... calm. Like the world around him is no different from the one before. A simple trip up in the space time continuum.

[Image: 2.png]

He walks outside and sees a man, dark of skin with a slight monobrow. His popped collar suit covered in the blood of the corpses he stands in.

The air is still, the very winds themselves dead in time.

Dmitri walks up to the man, warily. He balls his fist and pokes him in the cheek.

No response.

For a moment, Dmitri is stunned at this disturbance. Then, he goes back to calmness.

[Image: 3.png]

He ponders for a moment at the implication, taking the time to produce a slender white cigarette from his pocket and place it in his mouth. He then reaches into his other pocket and takes a small blue lighter, the yellow words "BIC" written on their side.

Almost glossing over the small flame that seems unstuck in time as it flickers under the moonlight, he takes a moment to play with the flame and check what is and isn't frozen in time.

Small puffs of smoke whisp softly in the air, going straight up unblown by frozen winds.

He breaths out the smoke into the mans face. Nothing.

As he feels the warmth of the cigarette in his bones, he begins to wonder.

[Image: 4.png]

Is he the only one?

[Image: 5.png]

Is he alone in this world?

[Image: 6.png]

What can he do?

[Image: 7.png]

And what exactly IS Ligma?

[Image: 7.png]

[Image: 7.png]

[Image: 7.png]

[Image: 8.png]

And then his fucking head explodes.

[Image: Full.png]

Michael Rosen YTPs are still funny.
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06-22-2020 04:45 PM
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Oshlet Offline

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RE: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II

[Image: TOy4oxE.png]

Barry Kettle felt the 7 year timefreeze wear off and then paused once again, feeling a sudden moment of horrifying realisation: He was a poorly conceived joke character made by a 14 year old, to participate in a picture war. What a picture war was, he couldn't fully grasp, he only knew that the single way to escape was to relinquish all control. He stared the burning zombie in the eyes as it shambled towards him.

[Image: aWajjEI.png]

By the time the creature laid its grasp upon Barry, it was almost completely wreathed in flames. Its cold hand smeared blood across Barry's face, and it moved in for a bite, but before it could, its body collapsed, its bones turning to ash as the fire truly took over its body, much like the curse had beforehand. It was consumed whole.

[Image: J99E1Ph.png]

The pair fell and crashed into the basement, the fire growing and spreading further, completely engulfing their bodies until nothing was left. Nothing that is, except for pillars of living fire pillars of living fire pillars of living fire pillars of living fire pillars of living fire.

I like Jets
06-22-2020 09:01 PM
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Lucan Offline

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RE: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II


[Image: KJvi2ty.png]

Brrmgg... Rrueeeghhh...
You guys realise it's been seven years, and we haven't hungered for human brains?

You know what, you're right. For too long we've been oppressed by the living, condemned to a life of poor B Movie stereotyping, and hunted for sport. The living forfeited their right to this world when they treated us as the enemy. It's time for something better. A new world. A zombie world. No war, no death, no pollution. We need not for the trivial consumerist ideals of the living. Ideals that have destroyed this planet. We can be one with the earth. Harmony.

GrggdUUU... hnnnnnngeee.
I agree comrade. A new day for the next step of humanity! Zombiekind united!

[Image: 8BraQP7.png]

This new ideology of zombie set up a safe haven for themselves. With medical supplies they can't even use, art and film viewings, yoga classes to stretch out seven years of activity, and even a garden utilising old furniture and readily available fertiliser. But most importantly, no living.

They make this point clear by defenestrating this alive dickhead.

Welcome to the Zombie Autonomous Zone.
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06-22-2020 11:19 PM
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