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Raga vs Gamma [Seriously what is with these titles...]
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Raga vs Gamma [Seriously what is with these titles...]

[Image: gammamatch.PNG]

6 troops and an armoured personnel carrier roll up to the precarious edge of the cliff, their every clunk and clatter echoing throughout the valley below them, this was going to be a problem - APC's can't fly... The bots quickly scurried out of the APC and out onto their surroundings, 4 taking a higher route whilst the straggler takes a moment to survey the surroundings and come to an analysis. Yup. They weren't going to get past this way.

"So uh... what do we do now boss?"
"Well there is no other way around" the bot holding the heavy machine gun plainly stated to the troop in front of him.
"So we walk."
"What about the APC?"
"Pfft it isn't our problem, HQ told us to get to the objective they didn't say anything about that thing."
"It's kind of implied sir..."
"We don't do 'implied' around here private, we follow our orders to the T. If they don't specify it we can't be disciplined for it."
"Uh... I guess."
"Damn right you guess!"

The thing to remember about RagaCorp® and its troops is that the corporation started as a law firm and quickly diversified, this means that technicalities and loopholes were often exploited by the higher ups in the company, often at great expense. Unfortunately for the CEO's, because they were a corporation and the troops technically were not doing anything wrong, they were powerless to discipline them unlike a conventional military could. This, combined with the average troop not having any real interest in the corporation and only being there for the paycheck leads to a general attitude of carelessness in their armies, with commanders often doing the least work possible to get the job done.
06-18-2013 08:16 PM
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