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Verdancy Terraforming Inc.
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Verdancy Terraforming Inc.

[Image: fKN1L.png]

Verdancy Terraforming Corporation:
From the planet A'thall this corporation came to be, it used to be a planet-wide terraforming company, however as soon as interplanetary travel was available, they converted the planets, (excluding gas giants) into blissful garden worlds, they developed their technology further and set out into the galaxy, purifying it as they went.

Things were not always like this however, in times of old, Khur'ash and Thyroktian battled for the planet, the Khur'ash wishing to mine it down, while tge Thyroktians wished to make it a garden world, much blood was drawn during the war, however the tyroktians superior size and strength allowed them to push forth, and defeat the Khur'ash, who surrendured. The Thyroktians made their enemies sign a peace treaty, provided that they helped their cause, The Khur'ash haggled over it, until a deal was finally made - The Khur'ash were allowed to mine, but had to follow specific quotas, the Thyroktians on the other hand, were free to purify the planet, and the races lived in an, albeit forced, harmony.

Back to the future, Verdancy had decided that it was too expensive to purify every planet around, and the Khur'ash were granted freedom, some planets were allowed to be completely destroyed from ravaging mining, so the Verdancy's planets, were a contrasting mix of garden and dead worlds, the Khur'ash managed to become equals with the Thyroktians again, by discovering how to mine gas from gas giants, providing an enormus income boost to the Corporation.

Technology continued to advance until the Corp hit a standstill: Evidently other races weren't the most eager to allow them to terraform, particularly the burning part, and the Corporation has been at  a standstill since, sometimes they push forward, and sometimes they are pushed back, but they seem to be locked in an endless state of war with other races at present...

Spoiler :
Khur'ash (Bipedal Alien):
The first division of Verdancy Terraforming corporation, these aliens use a range of flame based tools to scorch the surface of the planet, allowing their thyroktian allies to easily add flora to the world, the also specialize in mining, and construction, building networks of tunnels to mine minerals, fuelling the corporation, the Thyroktians put a mining limits on however, to prevent planets they just terraformed from becoming hollowed out husks.

Spoiler :
Miner (Lightly armoured, with a medium sized weapon):
These Khur'ash miners are usually at the front of both the terraforming and combat, they are equipped with boring cannons, they're not very interesting, just a very heavy explosive shell fired out from a sturdily built tool/weapon. In combat, Miners fight effectively against light armour and infantry, their heavy weapons rending holes in armour and smashing infantry apart.

Mining foreman/Terraformer (Medium armour, with a heavy weapon):
These miners/terraformers are usually given their tool/weapon, after working for quite a while, where they gain a higher up status. Their armour is strong enough to protect them from a falling rock, and contains interesting colling qualitlies which make it hard for even a low level laser to peirce. Their tool, the infernotech flame cannon, bathes the target rock/sentient in a supercharged beam of fire, melting bones and rocks alike.

Rocket Centurion (Medium armour, Advanced weapon, jet pack):
One of the few units from the Verdancy Terraforming Corparation designed purely for combat, their cord gun can slice though infantry, and stab right into tank armour, thanks to the sabot spike, its secret however is its conductive abilities-waves of heat are sent through it, causing infantry to explode and tank armour to melt. their rocket packs also grant them incredible agility.

Advance Miner (Medium armour, Mining tools, Incredible strength):
An Incrdedibly common sight in high risk areas within the mining tunnels, these skilled miners mine either where its too hot for regular miners to go, or in high radiation areas, they are also on the battlefield but aren't very common, usually Leading large squads of miners into the enemy ranks. These mechs are equipped with A claw and a drill usually, however are sometimes configured differently. They are equipped with both a Heat and radiation sheild, protecting them from weak laser wepons, Deep underground temperatures, and radiation which usually originates from Uranium they mine to power gas mines.

Prospector (Medium armour, High speed, Scanners):
Prospectors are used to scout a planet's surface for valuble ores and minerals, as well as fossil fuels such as oil and gas, their sensors also allow them to pick up life, while their metal shell protects the pilot from weaponry of any native aliens. It is also equipped with a turbo boost device, allowing the machine to reach extreme speeds, at the cost of fuel, the machine also has a chance of exploding at these speeds.

Digger (Heavy armour, Medium speed, Mining tools, Light arnment):
The digger is the light tank of the Corporation, it is equipped with a super-tough drill allowing it to chop trough even diamonds given enough time. It is equipped with a sizeable thruster, allowing it to reach mediocre speeds, despite its weight, and the flameburst system, used for rmoving plant life from a planet before the Thyroktians re-seed it. It is also equipped with a one giga pixel camera, and a gunner controlled termal laser turret, a little larger than the foreman's one.

Thyroktians (Quadruped alien):
A more civilized group than the Khur'ash, they are the second phase, finding exellent spots to place colonies, making sure the planets are kept in check, distributing fauna and flora, and most of all: farming. They love farming, using a range of useful tools, two of which are seen in the battlefield. They of a much larger stature than their allies, however they are quite gentle too, prefering not to kill unless it benefits something else, which explains their unorthadox weapons.
Spoiler :
Farmer (Minimal armour, Light weapon):
These farmers use a range of useful tools for growing and fertilising plants, their clothing is cheap, and practical for on a farm, not being too thick to allow heat to escape, this does make them rather vulnerable to anti infantry fire however. Their clothing is tough, and able to take several shots in the same place from a weapon like the seedgun, which is what they use in combat, it fires a compostable capsule, filled withh a seed and a special stimulation substance, making them grow faster, not as fast as to sprout immediately, but in a couple of days. The seedgun has trouble peircing armour however, and usually bounces off.

Lead Farmer (Light armour, Heavy weapon):
These units use more advanced tools than Farmers, allowing them to farm more effectively, they also lead other farmers, wether its out on the field or the plains of battle, their preffered weapon of choice is the cultivator cannon, which fires a wave of energy, stimulating growth in seeds, allowing seeds embedded inside opponents to burst into life. Their armour is also thicker, protecting them from light small-arms fire and the radiation from their cultivator cannon, which in the long term can lead to some... odd side effects.

C&C requested, especially on the vehicles

Still to come: A couple of heroes, more vehicles, a Thyroktian combat infantry some spaceships, and mabye even a gas mine map... Oh, and some units who work on the gas mine.

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