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Stop Rules

Hello and welcome to Picture Wars.
We're generally a pretty nice group of people (I hope) but we do have a few rules to keep things from descending into mindless chaos, and penalties for when they are broken.
If you see someone breaking one of these rules and it offends you, please do not make a post saying "that breaks rule x!!", just click the little report button on the side of their post and we'll get onto it.

We have several staff members at Picture Wars who you can contact should you have an issue with one of the other members or simply want to ask a question. They can be indentified by their shiny, colourful names but here's a helpful list in case you have forgotten:
The incredible Metal Chao, administrator,
The beautiful SuperChocobo, moderator,
And last but not least, the honourable Jager, moderator.

So, now that's all over with, here are the actual rules:

Innapropriate content:
This basically means pornography, but can also extend to other things that are illegal such as pirated software.
While I'm sure many of you may well know what a person looks like with no clothes on, we do have some younger members on this board and also people who browse while at school or college. Displaying pictures of a person's anatomy on their screen really isn't fair, so any offending content will be removed from your post.
On top of that, while it may be very amusing to you to play games without paying for it, it's not actually legal and you'll end up shutting this site down because you told someone where to get a free copy of Photoshop.
This also applies to your avatar and signature.
And while we're on the subject...

Avatars and Signatures:
We're not going to be super strict about signature and avatar sizes, however avatars that are significantly larger than 100x100 pixels or signatures that are significantly taller than 200 pixels are sort of annoying so we're not likely to tolerate them. If you want to stick a load of stuff in your signature, put it in a spoiler. That way you can have as many clickable pets and banners as you like without stretching the page.
Generally we'll PM you about this and then if after a few days it's still too long we're just going to go into your account and delete it, although if your signature is absolutely massive we might skip the first step and if it's completely ridiculous like a 20000 pixel tall red line we might just ban you so don't do that.

You can also put images in your custom title but if it's taller than 30 pixels or wider than your avatar I'm just going to get rid of it.

Posts containing personal attacks against other users will not be tolerated.
You are allowed to defend your point of view however it is perfectly easy to do so without reporting to insults.
If someone insults you and you do it back, both of you will be punished. If someone is flaming you do not respond in kind, just report them and I or one of the moderators will deal with it.

Posts made purely to incite an argument or just to increase your post count are not allowed.
This includes making a post that simply quotes another post without adding anything or consists entirely of a single word or short sentence, or a topic first post consisting of the same. Any post that lacks useful content really.
Topics about religion and politics don't quite count as trolling, but they tend to cause a lot of very heated debate so I would advise you against making them and we'll keep a close eye on any that do, so don't be suprised if you make one and it is suddenly closed.

Stealing sprites:
People generally put a lot of work into their armies and will be very upset if they find out that someone else is using them without permission.
If we find out that you have stolen someone else's work and it is not an honest mistake then we are not likely to have a lot of patience for you.

Typing incoherently:
While it pains me to admit it, correct spelling and grammar aren't really vitally important as long as you are able to be understood. That said, if it is legitimately impossible to understand what you are saying in your post or if it is just a load of nonsense then we are not going to be very pleased.
This includes speaking in other languages, as it is impossible to moderate a board if people don't speak the same language as the staff.

Re-starting a Previously Locked Thread Without Permission:
If a topic was closed there was usually a good reason. If you want it to be re-opened, ask a moderator to do it for you and he may or may not do it depending on why the topic was locked in the first place.

Staff Complaints:
If you have a complaint about the behaviour of one of the staff members then please contact Metal Chao, but remember that this does not guarantee that your complaint will be dealt with.

Thread Necromancy:
Bumping a topic that was several months old without contributing anything new is something we encourage you not to do.
If you actually have something to add then go ahead, however it isn't usually a good idea to revive old matches for any reason as the participants will probably have lost interest.
Users can generally bump their own threads without quite as much need to worry, although if it's just to say "bump" then we might not be very happy about it. It may well be a good idea to PM a staff member before doing this just to make sure.

Alt Accounts:
You are only allowed to have one account. If we find someone using more than one account then we will generally ban one of the accounts and give the other a stern telling off.
Pretending to be someone else is not on, and neither is pretending to be a new person to escape a negative reputation or dodge a ban.
The longer your account goes undiscovered, the harsher the penalties. Just don't do it.

This is not an exhaustive list!
Remember, if you find a loophole in here somewhere and still manage to do something we think deserves punishment without breaking any of the rules you will still be punished.

All penalties are awarded purely at the staff member's discretion and can range from a simple verbal warning to being permanently banned.
That said, you will very rarely be punished with a ban without at least recieving a single "stop doing that" response from a moderator first. That said, don't try and use this as an excuse if you actually do something bad enough that you get banned straight away (although this should be pretty hard). We do our best to use bans as a last resort, so one should never come as a suprise.
More commonly, we may just suspend your posting priveleges for a couple of days, leaving you able to read the board but not start any topics, reply to posts or send PMs.

Now, after all that you might be a little scared that we're turning PW into some kind of police state, however there is no need to worry. I am simply putting out some rules so that people don't shout "There's no rule against that!" when they do something wrong.
You're all generally good people and I'd be suprised if most of you recieved more than a light tap on the hand and someone saying "stop doing that", if anything at all. Just try not to be an idiot and we should all get along fine :)
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