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Natives: The Cocos
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Natives: The Cocos

Along with the Goblins, the Cocos are the natives of the planet beyond the veil. It is evident through how they act and what their laws are that the Cocos know a lot about this planet, and must have been here for a long time indeed. While this is the case, the secrets beyond the veil are not known to all and it is truly only the Armada who know everything there is to know.

As it stands the Cocos are currently in an age known as the "MagiTech" age, unlike usual progressions into this era of tech however there are three differing factions. These factions are the Dune Badgers, The MagiTech Cocos themselves and the Armada. Listed is information on each faction and detailed descriptions of their general units. Advanced units will have information revealed as they are encountered.

The MagiTech Cocos

The MagiTech Cocos are the main and most numerous of the three factions, this is because each of the other two factions are split from this one. In command of the versatile Ballmechs and BallBarrellers, the MagiTech Cocos have a solid ground force which can take on pretty much any threat it needs to, from Gigan-Cavelings to races with significantly better tech. While some commands must be taken from the Armada (mostly to keep the peace!) the Magitech age has two main leaders of whom control all the military, there are others who deal with the everyday lives of the Cocos but they are not quite as well known. The first is the ground commander Galahad, known for being intelligent but perhaps a little too trusting. The second is the sky commander Lucien, a permanent seedling with great skill in piloting and commanding the various MagiCoppits and Old Skyships.

MagiTech Ground Units
Due to the amount of crystal power required to generate lift, ground units in the MagiTech age see the most widespread usage. With many of the more powerful vehicles able to use a wide range of effects, these machines are able to take on the greatest of foes and come out unscathed and victorious. Most well known to the Cocos are the Ballbarrellers and Ballmechs under Galahad's command. When war becomes an inevitability, legions of these impressive mechs march across the terrain of the planet always lead by Galahad himself. To enemies of the MagiTech age, the infamous Drillstrider has a place in their respect, silent and swift, many an opposing commander has been taking by surprise by these strange machines. Despite all this however, the MagiTech age was never initially prepared for any sort of wars, and as such a lot of their Mechs are militarised utility machines. What follows is a list with information of general MagiTech units (Some have not been completed yet, and others will have their information revealed when they are encountered).

Light Magitech Ballmech
[Image: lightballmech.png]

Spoiler :
The Magitech Cocos predictably spend much less of their resources on the production of high powered and militarised machinery, due to this, few of their Mechs are actually combat ready. The two most well known Military Mechs are the Light and Heavy Magitech Ballmechs, using designs similar to those found throughout most Coco ages but with an added Magitech twist.

The Light Ballmech is almost identical to the Magitech's equivalent none magical branch of the Coco timeline - the Light Steam Ballmech. The ball contains most of the Machine's inner workings and as such the armour is not all that thick, meaning the Pilot is always vulnerable to penetrating shells. The small glass slit serves as a way for the Pilot to have a limited vision of the front arc of the Mech, this of course presents vision issues and has oftentimes been the reason for the demise of a Ballmech's pilot. Surrounding the main metal of the ball is a magically reinforced wooden armour plate, these strange forms of protection serve as a one-off shield to high explosive or light piercing shots. They're located on the main body of the Mech, as well as both the legs, any and all other wood used is not reinforced by magic.

The one thing that sets these Mechs apart from others is their ability to take to the skies with a special rotor attached to the back of the Mech. Powered as usual by an anti gravity crystal, these rotors allow the Mech, providing the barrel containing the crystal and its magic amplifiers is still intact, to fly for short periods of time. This was mostly added for escape purposes, and so the pilots could traverse the floating islands of the Cocos with relative speed and ease.

There exists a new design of the Light ball Mech, in possession of the Permanent seedling Lucien. There are a few others like it, though not much is known about them, even by the Magitech engineers themselves. The designs are similar to the Armada's technology and as such it is rumoured that the next stage of Ballmech productions will be far more focused on outright power.

Weapons of the Light Magitech Ballmech.
MagiCannon - The MagiCannon is a weapon which has to date, remained on every single Light Ballmech in existence. This is partly due to the wide range of options a pilot has when using this weapon. Within the Mech itself and connected to the cannon's shell loading system are several crystals which enhance the power of the shells fired. Pilots can choose to use any number of the crystals to empower their shot (Obviously the more used, the better) but are often cautioned when using the 4th. Usage of the 4th crystal combined with the other three fires a shell which rivals that of the Heavy Ballmech's main cannon, but comes with the potential to ruin the firing mechanism of the Ballmech.

The Magicannon's ability to use these 4 crystals to vary the power of the shells means that the Light ball Mech can take on Machines more powerful than itself. A win however isn't guaranteed, and the pilot must still be careful due to his limited armour capabilities.
The Light Ballmech is small but relatively fast, with one-time shielding to prevent the first damage received from crippling the mech. Upon the back of the Mech is a small rotor powered by magical crystals, these enable the pilot to fly his Mech short distances at a relatively fast speed, making them perfect for a quick escape or to jump a wide gap. The Light Ballmech uses a MagiCannon as its weapon, a cannon which has 4 crystals that can be used to power the shells shot from the cannon. Of course each additional crystal used to power the shell makes said shell more powerful, but pilots must exercise caution when using the fourth as more often than not the cannon can be damaged upon using it.

Heavy Magitech "Ballmech"
[Image: heavyballmech.png]
No information is currently known about this unit.

Drill Strider
[Image: drillstrider.png]
Spoiler :
Armadineers are mostly known for their obsession with making ultimate flying machines, which is where they get their name from. However there is a subset of the main group of Armadineers who focus on the ground combat aspect of the Armada. While they don't have an official name, they're usually referred to by the sky-ship builders as "Those Mech guys" for obvious reasons. These engineers are the designers of the Ball suit, but also of a strange machine known as the "Drill strider"

The primary intention for the Drill Strider was to have a Mech which could surprise its enemies without having to be dropped from a ship, or marched into battle. A small box with a drill on top, the Drill Strider can tunnel its way through the ground, and upon surfacing 3 legs are used to pull itself up out of its hole. However the Drill strider is not considered an Armada Mech, as it is exclusively used by the Magitech age. The Armada saw it as a cowardly device and not powerful enough to deal with the "parasites" which might land on their planet. Though it would pain him to admit it, ground commander Galahad loved the design and idea behind the Drill strider, and instantly struck deals with the engineers to give him the blueprints to create it.

With the plans secured, Galahad would begin production of many Drill Striders, and would also become famous for his usage of them combined with his BallBarrellers and Ballmechs. Of course now having access to blueprints of "top secret" Armada technology, Galahad used this to his advantage and together with Magitech Engineers created even more powerful version of his BallBarrellers - Something the Armada was not best pleased about!

While the Drill Strider is indeed of Armada design, as mentioned before, it is definitely not typical of Armada Mechs. While Ballmechs, BallBarrellers, and pretty much every Magitech vehicle have a range of special effects which can be applied to shells, there is simply not enough room for such things to be viable in the Strider. As a result of this minor design issue, it can only really use one type of shell which means that although it has the element of surprise, it has to act fast and use its advantage to cause as much damage with what little it has.

In a similar fashion, the Strider also has fairly light armour - the weight of the Mech needs to be light so that it can efficiently travel through the ground with its drills. The legs take up a large amount of weight, so it was found that even more armour had to be removed to make up for the heaviness of them. Again this means that the strider must take full advantage of catching its enemies unawares. It is only the most skilled of pilots who can make the Drill Strider a weapon to be feared, but thankfully Galahad has a healthy supply of just those types of Coco.

Weapons of the Drill Strider
Light MagiCannon - Powered by a small crystal within the core of the mech, the Light MagiCannon is the weakest of heavy weapons employed by the Magitech age. There exists a few examples of Light MagiCannons with effects, but most of them only use one type of shell - the Penetrator shell. While the penetrator is an effect not to be underestimated, the small shells of the Light cannon don't do the magical enchantment much justice. With all this said however, a well placed shot by a skilled pilot of a mech armed with a Light Magicannon can turn the tide of battle. It is not unknown for a drill strider to be the reason a heavier enemy vehicle has been destroyed. Of course one must also consider that Drill striders, along with these cannons, are easy to produce - this means a lot of Striders can appear against an enemy often to surprisingly devastating effects.

The Drill strider is a light mech which is able to make tunnels in the ground and appear behind enemies, or suddenly, to perform surprise attacks. They have light armour and several weak spots to allow for the machine to efficiently drill its way out of the ground. Armed with a single Light MagiCannon, the Strider doesn't have much firepower, but combined with many of the same type, or even thanks to a well placed shot, the Strider can be a table-turner in close battles.


MagiTech Air Units
Thanks mostly to the Armada, Air units see little usage throughout the Magitech age. Before metal skyships became widespread, the skies used to be dominated by wooden sailing boats kept up with similar (but of course, weaker) technology as their metal successors. While armed with relatively powerful weapons, these boats were slow and clumsy and even those with enchanted wooden armour would not last long in extended battles. For these reasons alone the Armada destroyed the majority of wooden skyships to replace them with the much more efficient and powerful Dreadnoughts and frigates. Fortunately for sky commander Lucien, the Badgerin (his own beloved ship) survived the purge, as did a few of the ships in his command. Despite this however, the sky is mostly used up by MagiCoppits and indeed the Armada's metal monstrosities.

The MagiCoppit
[Image: magicoppit.png]
No information is currently known about this unit.


MagiTech Heroes
Ground Commander Galahad
[Image: galahad.png]
Galahad is part of the Magitech age, and is only related to the armada in that he serves Lady Avarico, were it up to him he would see the Armada dissolved and all power given to the leaders of the Magitech citizens. In control of the ground forces of the Magitech Military, Galahad is not quite as fond of flying as his close friend and comrade, Lucien. Galahad commands a large squad of Magic Enhanced Ball mechs and Metallic Barrellers (known as BallBarrellers), and is known to be a great tactician when it comes to ground based combat. While not as strong, his infantry is equally formidable and are often decked in various Magitech power suits with modules designed to meet any needed situation, from vehicle destruction to stealth operations.

Galahad wears his favourite red commanding officer uniform, partly because he loves it and partly to remind him of his Magitech roots, despite mostly serving Lady Avarico he would see it as a disgrace to himself should he ever actually join their ranks, or even share any of their views. As kind hearted and noble as he is a shrewd tactician, Galahad is well loved by his troops and intimidating to the enemies unlucky enough to fight his armies

Sky Commander Lucien
[Image: lucien.png]
Lucien is the second known Permanent seedling in the Coco timelines, and made his debut mostly in the Magitech age. One of the few survivors of the original wars beyond the veil, Lucien understands the reasoning behind the Armada's intolerance, but his Coco nature prevents him from sharing their views. Lucien, unlike his friend Galahad, loves the sky and the feeling of fast winds upon his face, and as such spent most of his time serving on the many unique flying Magiships back in the days just after the Great Wars. Unfortunately due to the dominance of the sky by the Armada's Metal skyships, many of these old wooden machines have been destroyed and replaced. As a result of this Lucien, refusing offers to join the Armada, commands one of the last remaining Magiships whilst the troops he leads back him up in the swift MagiCoppits. While not directly serving under the Armada, Lucien mostly takes his tasks from Galahad, admitting (despite his rather stubborn attitude) that his friend is a far better tactician than he. However Lucien truly shines in his coordinated aerial attacks, often taking enemies so much by surprise that they are unable to react before half their forces are lost, knowing his capabilities Galahad will often give Lucien a general task, but rely on him to get it done in his own way.

Proud, Cocky and stubborn Lucien knows his skills and definitely does not hesitate to gloat about them, oftentimes landing him in a heap of trouble. It is not a strange sight to see Lucien forego an element of surprise just to deliver a speech to the enemy, couple this with his over the top casting methods and he serves to embarrass his crew on many an occasion!


The Armada
The Coco armada is a highly militaristic subset of the Magitech age, having formed to protect artefacts of old and to prevent alien threats from remaining on the planet, those affiliated with the Armada are known to be quite unlike most Cocos. Untrusting, and conceited, Armada troops would much rather see their mechs stood proud atop the enemy's dead bodies than form pacts and agreements with differing races. Their ancestors showed no mercy to intruders into their lands, and they intend to continue those traditions.

Using large flying Battleships, the Armada devastate their enemies with volleys of magical shells, shot from rows of cannons situated on the hulls of the floating dreadnoughts. When a mission cannot be completed by blowing their enemies into tiny particles, the Armada employ a range of heavily armoured ball mechs designed to enable the usage of arms so that melee weapons and guns can be used without needing to change arm types.

The technology of the Armada is beyond anything witnessed in the Magitech age, and it is not uncommon to see them on equal terms with, or even relatively far beyond the power of space faring races. Combined with a mysterious leader who's very aura demands respect, it is no wonder the Armada are greatly feared by even the Magitech Cocos themselves.

Armada Ground Units
While mostly focused on devastation from above, the Armada is no without their own powerful ground units. Mostly consisting of legions of Ball Suits, the ground forces of the Armada are no less powerful than their air-based friends. From powerful magical effects causing ruptures in the ground to melee weapons able to increase their weight tenfold, it is a fool who underestimates these units.

Heavy Ball Suit
[Image: armouredballmech.png]
No information is currently known about this unit.


Armada Air Units
The reason their name is as it is, the Armada's air arsenal consists of huge (by Coco standards) metal skyships armed with multiple powerful cannons. A single dreadnought alone is enough to cause devastation wherever it goes, a terrifying sight then when the Armada fully mobilises their 3 main fleets. Known for their prowess in gravity reducing crystal effects, the Armadineers are constantly finding new ways to power, and make more powerful their ships, resulting in these machines having the most advanced crystal arrays ever seen in any sort of cannon. Time itself is nothing to the effects able to be produced by these cannons.

Rumours have it that the "Fallen Goddess", the only destroyer currently in service, is capable of changing the weather and is armed with a cannon capable of threatening a being's very existence. While likely all just stories to caution people of the Armada's power, there are few that would ever believe that such things are impossible.

[Image: dreadnought.png]
There is currently not enough information on this unit.

[Image: lightship.png]
There is currently not enough information on this unit.


Armada "Hero" Units
Lady Avarico
The Armada is structured into 3 main large fleets, each lead by an Admiral seasoned by many battles. The leaders are well known and feared even within the Armada itself, their zero tolerance on failure making them perfectly suited for their jobs. However there is one that even these proud veterans would bend their knee to, a mysterious Coco known as Lady Avarico.

Avarico is a unique Coco said to be blessed by a huge part of the very essence of MotherCoco, so much so that she emits an aura filled with the celestial power that her grace gives off. This advantage means that few Cocos can directly go against her word, the few that can would not dream of doing such a thing as it is as close to disrespecting MotherCoco as one can get. Known of this fact, and taking full advantage of it, Avarico secured herself a position as the supreme Admiral of the Armada, and even has a say in the laws of the everyday Coco outside of the Armada, such is her influence.
Though to assume she is undeserved of such a title is to underestimate just how intelligent she is. Having outsmarted and bested many races who landed upon this planet with superior technology to her own, she is well suited to command the vast fleets of battleships, and when the situation is deemed dire enough, she will do just that.

Almost having a sweet spot for the ground Commander Galahad, Avarico will often go out of her way to mess with him, often playing little games just to see his reactions. While he doesn't quite realise it, Avarico knows mostly what Galahad gets up to, and few Cocos would get away with the things he does behind her back.

Lady Avarico is in possession of the finest ship in the Armada, the "Fallen Goddess", and will pilot it herself when she sees a battle as worth her full attention.

First fleet admiral, Archibald
The first fleet admiral, and the one with the most power below Lady Avarico, is the bearded Coco known as Archibald. Ruthless in his actions, Archibald leads most of the large scale assaults of the Armada stopping at little to crush those who would tread on sacred grounds. Archibald was picked as first Admiral for his Loyalty and Experience within the Armada, there isn't a single Coco besides Avarico herself that does not feel some degree of fear around his intimidating presence, proof then to Avarico's influence that even a cold hearted Veteran like Archibald can feel intimidated by her.

While the other Admirals regard the Magitech Cocos as brethren who are misguided, Archibald sees them as fools and makes an effort to play no part in communication with them. So deep is his scorn for even Galahad and Lucien, that if they were to even slightly demonstrate insubordination in his presence he would likely issue a duel at that very moment.

Archibald wears his fleet Admiral's robe in almost all situations, but when combat calls him to the battlefield, he will often charge headfirst into the fray piloting his Personal Heavy Ball Suit. Should his mech be unlikely damaged beyond repair, Archibald will not hesitate to engage his enemies as he is - such is his fearlessness on the battlefield in the face of parasites and vermin.

Archibald flies into conflict aboard his personal Dreadnought, the "Fist of Coconial"

Second Fleet admiral, Marcelloco
The second fleet admiral is known as Marcelloco, a permanently armoured Coco whose past is shrouded in mystery, many speculate he is actually a Permanent seedling as even Avarico and Lucien themselves have no idea how long he has been around. Marcelloco, while never delving into his past, is actually one of the most talkative amongst the admirals and is well known for the respect he gives his troops and even those within the Magitech age. Even more well known are his skills in combat, while those in command around him are expert tacticians, Marcelloco is much more skilled at rallying his troops and raising morale - his regiments are a fearsome sight to behold by whatever enemy might stand in their way, rows of Magically infused mechs marching in perfect unison.

Marcelloco wears his combat armour at all times, and when called for, he boosts its magical output to increase his combat efficiency. His frequent presence on the battlefield means he must always be ready for combat, some think this is why he always wears his armour, while others are more inclined to think he is hiding something, or even that the Armada don't want his identity revealed. Whatever the case is, it is doubtful that Marcelloco will ever tell anyone as he gets strangely defensive when questioned on it.

Marcelloco flies into conflict aboard his personal Dreadnought, "Grace's Gift"

Third fleet admiral, Cocarlos
The third fleet admiral goes by the name of Cocarlos and no one quite knows why exactly he has such a high position. A strong believer that those of alien origins should be wiped from the planet, Cocarlos prefers to keep his hands clean and allow his troops to do all the work so that he may better enjoy the show. A coward at heart, Cocarlos employs underhanded and sneaky techniques, caring little for honour in battle. After all, why should he show respect for those who wish to kill him just as much as he does them!

Cocarlos wears an Aeronought scarf together with his pompous Sky captain's attire. Unfortunately, though it pains the other Admirals to admit that such a vain individual holds any degree of skill, Cocarlos is a fantastic shot with any and all Magitech and Armada projectile weapons. So obsessed is he at staying out of combat that even his Heavy Ball suit has been stripped of extra armour so that it may carry the latest of magically infused sniper cannons.

Cocarlos flies into conflict aboard his personal Dreadnought, the "Pride of Purity"


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