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Concept Art and Diagrams!
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RE: Concept Art and Diagrams!

Tfw one of first images is nsfw.

A New Oscillation
07-03-2014 12:11 PM
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RE: Concept Art and Diagrams!

Pokaballs wondering in the WIP thread made me think of a concept art exercise I found on the first of the links given at the bottom.
Here's what I did to this poor hoverbot Winky
[Image: SB4I95.png]

I didn't do them all, and I don't remember what is what, maybe you can figure it out Plbbbfft
If you have suggestions for other ways to change your sprites, post them here!!
By the way, it's meant to be chosen by a d20, but I just did those I felt was interesting. The d20 might give you more of a challenge, if you do not just start from the top and work your way down.

1. Make it creepy.
2. Make it in the style of Art Nouveau.
3. Reduce it to utter simplicity.
4. Double the number of interesting details.
5. Redraw it in the style of a Chinese ink painting.
6. Add foliage.
7. Add horns, spikes, or other pointy bits.
8. Replace one of the major elements with something cute.
9. Replace part with an element of Japanese architecture or culture.
10. Replace part with an element of African architecture or culture.
11. Add an element of Gothic architecture.
12. Draw it again, as if it has been destroyed by something.
13. Add defensive elements.
14. Remove the item or character of primary focus, and focus on the secondary elements.
15. Pick one of the items or characters involved and redraw only that, in detail.
16. Draw the same subject from a different perspective.
17. Make it high-tech.
18. Make it low-tech.
19. Add a character or creature that interacts with the main object of focus.
20. Re-arrange the elements of the picture, or draw it in a different pose.

Read more:

[Image: 1HbXPl.gif]
07-26-2016 05:22 PM
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