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Stem-Tek Industries
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Stem-Tek Industries

Stem-Tek is the current front runner in the galactic genetics industry. Requiring a minimum IQ of 120 for security personnel, and 140 for science staff, the company is made of the best and brightest humanity has to offer. Capitalizing on cloning, and robotics development the Stem-Tek logo can be found on thousands of products ranging from the popular J.E.E.V.E.S food service unit, to the Colossus line of military cyborgs.

The crew of the STS Einstein was simply on its way back from a routine staff change at the Menlow Park research facility  when the strange pulses drew their curious gaze. Now all that remains is the team of cloning bay four, a motley crew of weapons and robotics experts, brilliant inventors, and geneticists, fighting for their survival within the hazards of the Veil.

Dr. Frederick "New Guy" Von Steuben:
[Image: 2f70ce2d91.png]
IQ: 160
Fresh out of Harvard Robotics -Mars, Fred was the new addition to the team during their stay at Menlow. Graduating with multiple Phd's in robotics and advanced engineering, his abilities with robotic units and A.I programming brought him the prestigious Turing Award for advanced robotics his freshman year, and landed him a position as bay four's engineer.  Despite all this, he lacks the experience the other members share with Stem-tek and as such, has been dubbed "New Guy".

Col. Jack 'Wats' Watson
[Image: b7a23176c8.png]
Jack grew up in a fiercely Scottish family of weapons manufacturers. Instilled with a love  of  all things dangerous, and the weapons craft skills of generations of Scotsmen Jack joined the NEA as a young man. His iron will and proficiency with weapon design quickly propelled him through the ranks, and he was honorably discharged at the rank of Colonel after losing his left eye at the Battle of Elysium fields. He's served with Stem-Tek for many a year, and was critical in developing the systems used in Operation Albatross. Watson is the resident gun nut of Bay four, and defacto leader of the group.

Samuel Pedra Esq.
[Image: 265554c067.png]
IQ: 132
Sam ended his career as an Neo-Manhattan attorney turned police negotiator when Stem-Tek offered him a job as a communications expert.
Other than that, not much else is known about him, and not even Stem-Tek could find any dirt on the guy.
Specializing in communications and negotiation, Sam also has moderate combat training due to his police work, and serves as bay four's Comm's expert.

Science Staff:

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