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The Order of Astacidea
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The Order of Astacidea

The order had dispatched one small exploration team to the veil system, well that was before their radar detected insane amounts of anomalies in the zone of the planet. Upon further investigation the ship, an explorer class XC-11, had undergone multiple mysterious system failures. The AI tried as hard as it could to bring the ship down softly.


Turovk Commando:
[Image: 61c8b11fe9.png]
Trained to be deadly killing machines, the commando's are used to being knee deep in whatever the field throws at them, they employ cunning field tactics and have the ability to operate most foreign equipment given a little time.

[Image: 019d2b2764.png]
Grunts are a genetic breed of Turovk designed for being, as their name implies, grunts in the field, they are generally not too bright and are usually lightly armed. However they boast strength and durability. Their creators had coded with with a few fail-safes however, they cannot sustain space travel and for this reason they end up having to be created on site of any outpost or fort that employs them.

The order's drones are generally created on the spot as either utility workers, recon units, defense units or sometimes as spies. They are generally for this reason created by a scientist through a long design process to suit them to the specific situation. (this would be where I'll add any designs that are created through out the game)


[Image: b6af844861.png]
Rage's name implies a cold, battle hardened veteran warrior sort of person, and most of this is true. The difference lies in the fact that Rage is more of that grandfather figure for his troops, his wisdom has seen most soldiers under his command to victory and survival. He wears a very tasteful hat instead of a helmet.

[Image: eed95be768.png]
Sparky is your typical utility drone, he was created with the sole purpose of keeping the XC-11 class exploration ship in good standing, as much as he tried he couldn't save the entire ship and feels really bad about it, but his general optimistic and cheerful attitude will hopefully change that. It's a good chance for him to take a walk on an alien planet and smell the carnivorous roses! Also has the ability to rearrange his structure into a very limited variety of useful designs.

[Image: d31e20ee36.png]
Jay is a mysterious aristocrat type person, he fancies his top hat almost as much as exploring the frontier. Nothing is really known about him outside of idle rumour. *

[Image: 31ab15be87.png]
Sci is, or at least partially is the pilot and lead scientist of the expedition. His best friends are Sparky and the AI of the ship because they understand him better than any of the others do.


A.I: AI is simply the AI of the ship, it's name isn't terribly creative but that's fine. Might not be later, but for now it's fine.

*main character of focus, as well as being mysterious, watch carefully for important stuff.

Jay's pocket watch:
*no picture*
Some kind of magical relic which Jay has the apparent use of for time travel, though it seems broken on the void planet, Jay quickly decided he was better off walking than using his own personal dimension for faster transport.
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