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Her Majesty's Royal Divers
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Her Majesty's Royal Divers

At the forefront of every time-excursion by the Royal Divers, are the divers themselves. Arrayed with a wide variety of anachronistic to high tech weaponry,
do not be surprised whenever you see troops with heavy plasma cannons marching alongside harpoon-wielding comrades.
They are fairly standard in their armnaments, and the true strength of the diver infantry lies in their versatility.
Each can take up a wide variety of roles, and use various different tools and weapons to accomplish a variety of goals.
Their standardized diving equipment also allows them to stay underwater for extended periods of time, and allows for superior amphibious operations.

[Image: army11.PNG]

While the divers themselves are known for their versatility, there are a variety of officers, heroes, stalwart lieutenants and swashbuckling sorts that complement every diver deployment.
Their methods and specialties are much more narrow than their common bretheren, but their expertise more than makes up for it.
The current heroes that are being deployed to the veil area are as follows, from left to right:

Hjalmar Ingeborg, scavenging and welding specialist. After repeated deployment on Atlas III, he has gained incredible expertise in battle-scavenging and field repairs.
Mechs missing entire arms, cores, and weapon systems can be quickly jerry-rigged by his deft hands, and gaping holes are covered once again with a smattering of rivets, and steel plate.

Gottfried von Maastricht, demolitions and autonomous systems expert. His claim-to-fame is a quick to build and retrofit autonomous demolition delivery system, or QBRADDS.
After several questions on how to pronounce such a monstrous acronym, and a few fellows likening his scuttling bombs to crustaceans, they have been nicknamed "crabs."
He is also armed with a grappling gun, for strategic relocation and bomb placement.

Corporal Alistair Pritchard, leadership and strike operations specialist. Wherever there is a near suicidal mission that needs an unfortunate volunteer, Alistair has always signed up.
While his superiors had hoped that he would be rewarded with a quick death for his foolhardiness, he has consistently emerged alive from the most statistically improbable situations.
Even whenever his entire platoon was shot down above the Venusian magma plains, he arrived back at base several months later astride a lava flea.
His unnatural luckiness is matched by his encouraging gung-ho attitude, and expert marksmanship.

[Image: army21.PNG]

Whenever infantry cannot survive, and mechs are too unwieldy, Royal Diver powered armor fills the gap. While the suiting process takes quite a while, once inside the hardsuit the diver is quite self sufficient.
Most hardsuits are armed with machineguns, but several have been spotted with heavy plasmas during escalated conflicts.

[Image: army31.PNG]

Buccaneer-class light mechs are much more durable than powered armor, and due to their construction, they are quite speedy too. These vehicles are prized for urban combat and streetfighting,
as they are small enough to manuever inside, and flush out buildings with their heavy machineguns and plasma cannons.

[Image: army41.PNG]

Whenever an enemy simply must die, The Royal Divers deploy the best of their ground-based arsenal. The Marauder-class heavy mech is easily recognized by its spherical body.
While it seems that it's armed with the same weaponry as the Buccaneer-class, the torpedo tubes on the side pack an extra punch against enemy vehicles.

[Image: army51.PNG]

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