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Soarun Remnants
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Soarun Remnants

Thousands of years ago, a planet called by its people Kessis was inhabited by a race known as the soarun. A highly advanced civilization, the soarun had built advanced AI constructs that essentially eliminated the need for labor in their society; it had become a utopian system built around leisure, art and philosophy, with inhabitants living for centuries or even millenia. Automated AI systems, highly intelligent and a civilization in their own right, had been seeded throughout the neighboring stars where they mined resources and advanced themselves unsupervised, spreading out throughout the galaxy. This spread, though, lead them to contact an infinitely older race; an unknown race later known to the soarun as the Scourge. The Scourge reacted to the initial AI probes with hostility, destroying them and preventing any data gathering from their territory. When the AI civilization sent more probes into Scourge space, the Scourge responded with overwhelming force, unleashing a terrifying bioweapon that demolished the AIs and eventually made its way to Kessis, landing on the planet and overrunning the peaceful inhabitants in a matter of hours. As their cities burned to the ground, the soarun leaders revealed their final gambit; a massive computer, specially modified to contain a simulation of life for the soarun people. Imprints of all surviving soarun were uploaded into the computer and it was launched into space on board a lightning-fast ship known as the Ark. The Ark drifted for thousands of years in deep space while the soarun continued to live their lives at hundreds of times real-time in a culture completely devoid of want or need; their arts and other pastimes soared to new heights never before seen. It seemed the soarun had emerged from this terrible crisis into a new, completely digital golden age.

The Ark, flying on its automated course, stayed lightyears away from any stars, keeping to the vastness of deep space. However, at some point, something went terribly wrong; unbeknownst to its occupants living inside its network, the Ark's course had been modified. It flew directly into the gravity well of an uncharted planet far, far away from any space the soarun could recognize. As it drew close to the planet, drive systems failed and it was slowly, inexorably pulled into its gravity well. Though the Ark was a technological marvel, its massive drive and power systems were never constructed to survive inside an atmosphere; it broke into thousands of pieces that rained onto the surface. However, the central computer core was built with to survive nearly anything; it separated from the rapidly disintegrating Ark and plunged to ground, surviving the impact but laying alone in the hostile land of a new planet orbiting an alien star, thousands of lightyears from home.

Though the computer core contains millions of personae (452,283,192 total, 423.78 million active on average), most are more concerned with their own private lives than any sort of interaction with whatever may lay outside the core. The primary governing body, the Council of Eight, create the laws and ultimately determine the course of action the soarun will take. Each of the Eight is an elected official, representing various interests on the Council. More characters will be added as they appear.

[Image: rWOKe.png]

Utterly unprepared for the crisis of crashing on the planet, the soarun have very few means of operating outside of their computer. They will need to construct nearly everything they need from a small stockpile of resources and whatever they can scavenge from the environment or other factions. This list will be updated as new units are designed and built.

Combat Bodies:
[Image: FX4rP.png]

Recovery Drone
[Image: IeQPD.png]
These multi-purpose machines are designed to, in case of an emergency, repair and maintain the Ark. Though primarily designed to operate in zero gravity, they are still capable of floating at a decent pace inside a gravity well. They are equipped with several tools, including emitters that send a precise signal to any smart-alloy constructs, causing the alloy to become almost like clay in consistency and allowing the drone to easily reshape it with its various utility limbs. Though not designed for combat, drones are decently armored in smart-alloy and their cutter beams could easily slice through flesh and, given time, metal at short range.

Survey Drone
[Image: 1xTPL.png]
Survey drones are smaller, more specialized drones built purely to act as roving sensors for the Ark. They have no weapons and only a few very small tools, but several powerful optics which give them unparalleled vision in a 360 degree range. They can also sense atmospheric composition, analyze material composition, and see in several different ranges including infrared, thermal and others. They are essentially unarmed and quite lightly armored so can't really perform any combat function.
11-24-2011 01:10 AM
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