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Trios Enterprises
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Trios Enterprises

Trios Enterprises maintains a large variety of soldiers, to ensure that they are always prepared for any circumstance.

[Image: m8MoB.png]
The backbone of Trios Enterprises' military is the Drone. Mass-produced, utterly expendable, and entirely single-minded, they are frequently used in 'human wave' tactics to overwhelm enemies. They are unfazed by wounds that could kill a normal soldier, but they are also much more fragile than a normal soldier.
Their jet boots allow them to fly short distances.

[Image: oZApS.png]
The Scrapper Drone is what happens to Drones that fall on hard times. Essentially a regular Drone with armor slapped onto it, they are more resilient and more intelligent, capable of actual intelligent thought rather than just mindlessly charging. They may not be as good as an Elite Drone, but they make up for it with their tactics.
They carry small shields to further protect them from harm. They have grenades.

[Image: NLH3o.png]
The Elite Drone is no normal robot. For one thing, it has no CPU, it has a fully synthetic protobrain to process information. For another, it's a walking tank built to destroy enemy vehicles, and is correspondingly well armed and armored.
It carries a heavy machine gun, and grenade launchers tucked inside its oversized pauldrons.
Their jumpjets allow them to cross the length of the battlefield in a very short time.
Though it is a formidable foe, its production costs are high, and they are thankfully infrequent on the battlefield.

[Image: auTCj.png]
The Gnat is well-named. It is small, annoying, and tends to swarm in large numbers. Gnats typically move in groups of three. Though even weaker than a Drone, the fact that they can fly makes them a distinct nuisance.
Their guns can only fire one shot at a time. Their flight makes them vulnerable to Veil instabilities.

[Image: 6MQi5.png]
The Knight is chief among the military's eccentricities. Take a medieval knight, make him bulletproof, give him a sword that can slice through metal, and you get Trios Enterprises' favorite close-quarters soldier.
Their specially-treated armor renders them highly resistant to low-caliber weapons.
Their jumpjets allow them to lunge at high speeds.
Despite the quality of their armor, Knights can be felled quickly if you know where to aim. If it was totally bulletproof, it wouldn't even be able to move.

[Image: 8EaiQ.png]
Elite Knights are the ultimate in Trios overengineering. Built on the same chassis as the Elite Drone, the Elite Knight is even harder to kill. In essence, imagine a regular Knight, only larger and angrier.
They carry battleaxes instead of swords, and their huge bracers conceal wrist blades.

[Image: Ex6sW.png]
Trios Enterprises adamantly refuses to use tanks. The Hardsuit is proof of this. Dual-wielding chainguns, it is a frightening sight on the battlefield, cutting down infantry with ease and tackling vehicles head-on. Though it is rather irrationally piloted by a Drone, it is nevertheless a match for any mech or tank the enemy may bring to bear.

[Image: OZXda.png]
The Aries is partially organic in nature. Trios biotechnology has created a biped cyborg scout to do its will, and the Aries does it with gusto.
Their powerful legs allow them to bound over the terrain effortlessly and kick enemy soldiers into next week. They wield low-caliber machine guns.
To ensure maximum speed, the Aries's armor is extremely thin.

[Image: jS7c9.png]
Scavengers are partially organic in nature. These spiderlike creatures scuttle around the aftermath of a battle, gathering scrap metal and other useful materials for Trios to appropriate. Though never designed for use in any form of direct combat, they can still do some damage by breaking down enemy machines.

[Image: EvUsR.png]
The Scorpio is entirely organic in nature. Monstrous earth-dwelling beasts, they were created solely for combat. Best used as terror weapons, the Scorpio's greatest strength comes from its ability to tunnel easily through the earth, bursting unexpectedly out of the ground to cut down enemy infantry and then vanishing back inside.

[Image: ouv3L.png]
Tripods may not be as durable as Hardsuits, but they are faster and more maneuverable. Their semi-organic nature allows them to duck and weave across the battlefield with astonishing grace, all the while dishing out death with its three guns.

[Image: ltrRW.png]
Ants are true to their name: small and industrious. These nimble mining robots were invented by Dominic, and are proof of his engineering skill. They carry no weapons other than their twin diggers, and usually come in large groups to make up for their size. They can fold up into balls.

[Image: cZw5z.png]
The Anthill is a robot designed for transporting Ants to faraway places. It floats over the ground using the same technology that Trios dropships use. Upon finding a suitable piece of land, it deploys and becomes a stationary mining outpost, until better fortifications can be constructed. Its single eye can shoot lasers at attackers.

Like any other High Brainbot, Soren keeps a retinue of lesser Brainbots by his side. They are all veterans, capable soldiers who have proved their worth in battle multiple times already.

[Image: kdV7o.png]
BB-Balin is, essentially, a Brainbot Knight. His armor is built from the same materials, his warhammer built from an Elite Knight's battleaxe. He is sturdy, foolhardy, and courageous, something that has seen him move quickly through the ranks. Now he's Soren's second-in-command and his right hand.
His huge hammer can fire a wave of concussive force.

[Image: 8Mi6z.png]
BB-Silas was caught in a reactor leak. Now he's radioactive, and had to have a new body built for him to keep him from irradiating everything he touches.
Silas is cold and unforgiving. He is openly contemptuous towards his superiors, something that Soren allows only because of Silas's skill.
Previously a master of stealth, his new body is clunky and bulky, forcing him to take part in direct combat.
His gun shoots radioactive acid. Fun.

[Image: hCenn.png]
Enya is one of Soren's oldest friends. She typically serves as a balance to Soren's megalomania, advising caution and careful observation. Though she is compassionate, she wields dual flamethrowers and is never afraid to use them should the situation call for it.
Her fuel tanks aren't flammable. She designed her Brainbot herself, she's not stupid.

[Image: ZXQFn.png]
When the survey pod crash landed in the Veil, Dominic was crushed by a steel door, destroying his body from the neck down. Fortunately, as Soren's chief tech expert, he was able to design a new body. Now he's a bizarre Scavenger-Brainbot hybrid, always looking for scraps with which to upgrade himself.
He is crafty and clever, but stays out of battle whenever possible.

[Image: tumblr_m8ppaeeecR1r7l7cko1_400.png]
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11-23-2011 08:42 PM
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Re: Trios Enterprises

Can't wait to see this in match!

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11-23-2011 09:28 PM
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Re: Trios Enterprises

I just love Trios Enterprises.

derp derp derp
11-23-2011 11:05 PM
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Re: Trios Enterprises

[Image: 2ed3fd42d2ba6a723d0855eeec7fb63d.png]

[Image: tumblr_m8ppaeeecR1r7l7cko1_400.png]
12-06-2011 08:24 AM
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