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Jacen Armies - A History
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Jacen Armies - A History

Very Early:
[Image: 7ef22653bb.PNG]
The Third Robot Army. My first army, basically the IDFS robots with terrible color scheme (Only default mspaint! The horror!)

[Image: d24e29a4fd.PNG]
Some MWG guys.

[Image: 049bb27884.PNG]
Some medieval soldiers and wizards.

[Image: ef00dbe3ae.PNG]
Space saxons, made to rival some cyber vikings, but never used.

[Image: 29bb2a21a8.PNG]
Mini modern soldiers, generic.

[Image: 13658a9d09.PNG]
A multi tiered army. Okay, but too big.

I had several others not here as well.

[Image: 11d1519470.PNG]
The Robotic Conglamorate. The first one used in a match (two on Bay12). Loosely based off some army here.

[Image: 70b0c8dd98.PNG]
A tiny army referred to only as those little people. Used in a match on Bay12.

[Image: c697e38424.PNG]
The British. Not much to say about them.

Almost here:
[Image: 6ec1dfe9fd.PNG]
WWII Italians, Used in two matches here, probably my first good army.

[Image: 870195dc82.PNG]
Italians in the future. Absolutely no resemblance to WWII Italians either.

[Image: 957cf9d744.PNG]
Some soldiers, simply referred to as Jacen Inc. mercenaries. Elite soldiers ues spears and heavy steel armor instead ofguns.

[Image: 702543d971.PNG]
A steampunk small army. Huge credits to the creator of the Helmsman as I used them as a template for the infantry units.

[Image: d4300b3fff.PNG]
The United Forces of Earth, my earlier medieval small army converted to the future.

Here we are!:

[Image: 2486101240.PNG]
The Hfisna. Made for the underwater match, they are primitive fishmen. Soldiers throw spears before closing in with swords.

[Image: e1c166c37a.PNG]
WWI Germans.

Spoiler: Royal Space Division
Spoiler: Ground Forces
Spoiler: Infantry
[Image: 42d167b52f.PNG]
The Royal Space Division uses human soldiers armed with automtic rifles, hand held rocket launchers, and machineguns. They are supported by small robotic scouts that scuttle across all surfaces, and quickly burrow into soft ones to hide.
Spoiler: Armored Forces
[Image: 67283ffd2a.PNG]
[Image: eeed2d7dc0.png]
The RSD's armored forces consist of two tanks, the Mark X, an upgraded Mark 4 heavy tank, and the Vickers Medium tank, also upgraded with foreign armor. The Vickers can be armed with a standard AP cannon, or a 20mm infantry support gun. It has also been upgraded with a very powerfull engine allowing it to go much faster than the Mark X tank. The Mark X is used for anti-tank and some infantry support.
Spoiler: Air Forces
[Image: 59439a2832.PNG]
The RPD's air force is considerably aged, and has only one significantly upgraded plane, the Sopwith Spaceplane. An upgrade of the Sopwith Biplane, which is remarkably still used by ground forces, it is the only plane that is capable of space travel. Powered by both a jet engine and a propeller, which is retracted for high speed flights, it is armed with a rocket launcher that be fitted with 4 smaller missiles or 1 large missile. The smaller missiles are usually used for air to air or air to ground combat, and for combating enemy fighters in space. The large missile is used to attack enemy capital ships or bases.
Spoiler: Space Forces
[Image: 16ff04ca78.PNG]
The RSD's fleet is relatively small, with only a cruiser, a frigate, and a carrier designed and ready for duty. The frigate is used for support duties while the cruiser attacks the larger enemy ships. The carrier lauches waves of spaceplanes at the enemy fleet.
WWI British that obtained alien technology and now roam the universe fighting for the King/Queen.

[Image: ea052dc6da.PNG]
An army of ghouls wielding trash can lid shields and makeshift machetes. Didn't get far.

[Image: 62f73f606a.PNG]
Black Mesa scientests (reused from british army) and security force. Armed with Glocks and MP5s, never used them.

[Image: aeb33eaf0a.PNG]
Hazardous Enviroment Combat Unit, or HECU for short. They appeared several matches, and are armed with MP5s, Desert Eagles, M249s, and other heavy weapons.

[Image: 4738ccc361.PNG]
An army based off modern United States marines. Has an armored vehicle and jeep.

[Image: 6dc8af027b.PNG]
Star Wars Rebel Alliance fleet troops. normally lightly armed, although enemy weapons are constantly salvaged and reused.
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11-07-2011 09:25 PM
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Optimus Lime Offline

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Re: Jacen Armies - The Italian Empire

For the future Italians-
That space ship looks inefficient (BLOCKY, and a way-to-large front window), has no shading, and the flames look like flames butter.

For the WWII Italians-
Also the plane still looks silly with it's bar thing, large tail fin, and metal cockpit. You can''t see out metal!
The tank also looks out of place with it's future-style and the treads are too blocky.
Also the tent looks good shape wise but the shading is really, really poor.
The guns are green and grey.... WHY? They should probably be brown and grey.

For all Infantry-
The standing pose is awkward because they are standing perfectly straight with NO bends. The running pose's back leg is in a awkward, curvy shape.

Shading! Also, those are some BORING colors.

So, I guess it's decent, but kinda boring. Maybe work on making it more original like throwing in some weird creature or tech to make it stick out.

Also, how old are you?

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11-07-2011 11:04 PM
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Gamma Plasma Offline
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Re: Jacen Armies - The Italian Empire

(11-07-2011 11:04 PM)Optimus Lime link Wrote:  Also, how old are you?
I hardly think that asking a complete stranger about their age is appropriate. Ah well, whatever fits the boot.

Jacenhan, Optimus is right you need to work on conveying a better sense of shape with your sprites. For instance that tent of your really looks odd. It wouldn't be the same colour on both sides. One side would be darker due to shadows. That's what you need to do.
As for the plane I suggest you make it more like glass. As Optimus said "You can't see out of metal!" Perhaps making the cockpit more bluey and more brighter would be best, blue's usually what glass ends up turning like. (I think)
Everything else you need to work on has pretty much been stated by Optimus.

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11-07-2011 11:32 PM
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Mister Denisov Offline

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Re: Jacen Armies - The Italian Empire

There are a few things that could use fixing right off the bat. The main thing that stands out is shading
Here is a good tutorial on shading
Next up, the parachute needs more volume. It looks half inflated.
heres a good color selection tutorial. Should help a bit
The next thing that bothers me is the tank. Its a few geometric blobs of grey, with some darker grey lines on them. Look up a few reference images of Italian tanks from WW2...actually, let me
[Image: 9b53674d28.jpg]
[Image: 301f882a0f.jpg]
Heres some airplanes for you too. Yours is blocky and way too small
[Image: 0d5a0fa331.jpg]
11-07-2011 11:54 PM
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SuperChocobo Offline
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Re: Jacen Armies - The Italian Empire

(11-07-2011 11:04 PM)Optimus Lime link Wrote:  Words

I'm not very happy with the tone you're taking here, Optimus. Perhaps I'd understand you acting this way if Jacen had been defensive about comments and criticism, but as your post is the first post, this evidently hasn't happened.

Also why are you using imgtfy? Again I'd understand if he'd asked a stupid question, but he hasn't asked any questions at all, all you needed to say was "Look up pictures of poses for reference" it would have taken you less effort, and you wouldn't have made yourself look like an arse in the process.

So basically what I'm saying is I don't want to see any more of this in the future, you're hardly the pinnacle of intelligent posting yourself. Now, to avoid derailment I would appreciate it if you do not reply to me in this thread, and if you feel so inclined as to reply to me, do so via PM.
11-08-2011 08:46 AM
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stabbymcstabstab Offline

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Re: Jacen Armies - The Italian Empire

Add more Bitz and pieces to the ship and add some more shading. Also nice to see you again Jacen I hope you can get through more matches then then I did.
11-23-2011 03:59 AM
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