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Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball)
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RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball)

[Image: V9Brswi.png]

The cannonball thumped into Herm's bulky leg, the armour soaked up most of the force, saving the mercenary from having their limb torn off a bio report however did display that the left tibia and fibula had been snapped in two. The force did send Herm flying into a bit of wood however causing them to prematurely fire his gun, instead of blasting straight through the filthy sneak thief, the plasma beam instead seared through the tail giving off the stench of searing rat flesh.

Dullik reached the third floor of the building and plodded through making mental notes of the laptop and the liquor cabinet, what interested him the most however, was the large locked door, whatever it was hiding must have been worth a pretty amount.

Mursk had cleared the second floor of he building he was in, he detected the sound of a primitive firearm discharging, most likely aimed at Herm (hopefully hitting him) Mursk thought to himself. He quickly began planning a method of attack that would provide minimum risk.

09-16-2020 05:21 PM
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