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First Order of Business: Forum Banner
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First Order of Business: Forum Banner

Right. Now that we have a new forum it's about time we got a new banner.
The current one is a nice effort and good general idea, but it's become far too crowded and difficult to read, so me, Chocobo and Jager brainstormed up a new idea a while ago that we couldn't easily implement until now.

Instead of having one banner covered in people's sprites to the extent that you can't really tell what is going on, we are going to have a lot of banners, one of them randomly selected whenever the page is loaded.

The idea here is to have the words "Picture Wars" in much bigger white text (with black outline, then it will be visible on every skin!) as a default state and then allow people to paste their armies on top of it and after being approved I will just stick them on the end of a randomly generated image list.

Thing is that we don't actually have the words "Picture Wars" in big white text with a black outline at the moment and I'm a little busy, so if someone wants to do that for me (roughly the same image size as the current banner but with much larger writing!) then it'd be appreciated and I'll start the process of setting up a randomly selected image.
12-22-2013 03:26 PM
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