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[PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II
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RE: [PWRP] Night of the Living Pixel – Zombies II


[Image: KJvi2ty.png]

Brrmgg... Rrueeeghhh...
You guys realise it's been seven years, and we haven't hungered for human brains?

You know what, you're right. For too long we've been oppressed by the living, condemned to a life of poor B Movie stereotyping, and hunted for sport. The living forfeited their right to this world when they treated us as the enemy. It's time for something better. A new world. A zombie world. No war, no death, no pollution. We need not for the trivial consumerist ideals of the living. Ideals that have destroyed this planet. We can be one with the earth. Harmony.

GrggdUUU... hnnnnnngeee.
I agree comrade. A new day for the next step of humanity! Zombiekind united!

[Image: 8BraQP7.png]

This new ideology of zombie set up a safe haven for themselves. With medical supplies they can't even use, art and film viewings, yoga classes to stretch out seven years of activity, and even a garden utilising old furniture and readily available fertiliser. But most importantly, no living.

They make this point clear by defenestrating this alive dickhead.

Welcome to the Zombie Autonomous Zone.
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06-22-2020 11:19 PM
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