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RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 04-15-2021 07:47 AM

[Image: uW1A8rA.png]

The miner is caught off-guard by the sudden attack from behind, but it manages to light the bomb and throw it in front of itself. The large rat is too slow to turn around and fire at the enemy

The shotgunner makes it to the staircase that the miner dug out

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 04-16-2021 12:40 PM

[Image: xxHAArc.png]
The small explosive threw of Dullik's aim as the blastwaves knocked his hand away forcing his armour to divert power into keeping it's occupant safe , the thermic blast instead hit the roof causing flames to sprout up.

On the floor below Mursks shot burned deep into the celling igniting the floor underneath the large rat and thoroughly burning his foot.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-02-2021 05:45 PM

[Image: HSqwotD.png]

The Large rat feels a burning sensation and is shocked to find its leg burnt up by a microwave laser. Beside him, the Miner rat charges at Dullik with the pickaxe ready to strike.

In the sewers, the Shotgunner slowly climbs the carved stairs.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 05-03-2021 11:02 AM

[Image: dFjLy4l.png]

The miner brought down their pick with primal ferocity, jamming it into the Gam's power armour, not jamming it in deep mind you but they definitely got it in. Dullik looked down at his attacker with rage and disgust.

"Have you ever eaten tarmac?" He rhetorically asked the rodent

Satisfied with having ignited the ceiling Mursk began to thunder up the stairs, ready to blast the tubby animal responsible for humiliating him.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-07-2021 10:31 AM

[Image: ibIy9jq.png]

When the Miner rat realises that its pick is stuck inside its enemy, it decides to create some distance between itself and Dullik. It runs off to clear a firing line for the Large Rat and its Cheese Launcher. The Large Rat now has trouble standing on one of its legs so it plops down on the floor, shaking the woodboards a little.
The whole floor starts burning due to thermal carbines heating it up from two sides, with the wind howling between the broken walls not being enough to put the emerging fire out.

Downstairs, the Shotgunner realises that the place has turned into a warzone again, smelling the thermal fumes and the dead air coming from the buildings. It sees the missile salvaged from the sewers and decides to put it to use, hoping to set it off in a chain explosion. The shotgunner places the candle next to the disarmed grenade and fashions a new fuse for it out of materials inside of its pouch. It then breaks the glass containing the candle, lighting the fuse.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 05-07-2021 05:44 PM

[Image: hhMBx9q.png]

The floor blackened and burned, ash began to trickle down from the smouldering ceiling above, and the improvised fuse of the rats burned away hissing as it did, this went unnoticed by the Gam, enclosed within their armour they did not feel the heat nor register such soft sounds, they only felt a deep gnawing hatred at the beasts in front of them, Mursk was first charging up his rifle to release a beam of thermic energy through the oversized rat thing in front of him, Dullik only a split second behind having noticed the large beast aim it's weapon, aimed his in response ready to burn a hole in it.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-09-2021 10:13 AM

[Image: lzuMFJJ.png]

[Image: 9Vuwo8h.gif]
The smoke starts filling the room. The Miner Rat runs away from Dullik and throws a small bomb at him to continue harassing him. It runs lightly on the burning floor and jumps on the slowly melting office chair, sending it forwards across the room. As it rolls past the Large Rat firing the cheese launcher it doesn't expect to face Mursk and slam into him.

[Image: m7wdxbl.gif]
Outside, the Shotgunner climbs out of the building and finds the Gam shopping cart. It tries to pry it open, but the lid is magnetically locked. The rat takes out its frustration on the cart as the grenade fuse is burning inside the building, ready to set off a massive chain of explosions.

The Large Rat needs to reload the cheese launcher

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 05-09-2021 03:34 PM

[Image: PZ7t5BC.png]

The cheese blob splattered over the muzzle of the carbine, however cooling fondue doesn't make a great sealant for an energy weapon and the beam tore through the cheesey barricade screaming towards the oversized rodent.

The grenade below Dullik detonated erupting a fiery improvised blast engulfing the lower half of the mercenary.

Below his helmet Mursk grinned at the rat right in front of him as the thermic bolt ripped straight into the animal causing boiling viscera to spray out.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-10-2021 07:28 AM

[Image: H6QFNwf.png]

Being heated from both sides, the fur and flesh on the Large Rat burn up in a moment. As it stands up to give one last roar of anger, it feels its organs explode from the pressure caused by its boiling blood. In this moment, the floor destroyed by the fire gives in and breaks under the rat's weight.

The glass grenade swings right into the Miner Rat's face as its fuse burns completely, engulfing the Miner in an explosion while a beam of pure heat tears through it.

[Image: DEHpXFo.png]

Outside, the Shotgunner can't get the gravity cart's lid to open, so it abandons the idea of beating the machine until it cooperates and runs into shelter from the rain when it hears an explosion.

[Image: 7bKFxXT.png]

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 05-10-2021 01:39 PM

[Image: kWxcMLP.png]

Mursk was satisfied with the flames around him and the gore splattered over his helmet as his targets were violently eradicated.

Dullik on the other hand was less satisfied as the explosion dislodged him and flung him up into the air.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-17-2021 03:32 PM

[Image: lAmZBsi.png]

The makeshift fuse that the Shotgunner cooked up next to the pile of explosives burns up completely, setting off a chain explosion. The warhead on the rocket erupts in a massive glowing explosion that violently shakes the building and sends a blastwave around the whole neighbourhood. The heat just about reaches the Shotgunner in the other building as it picks up a glowing monitor from the destroyed shop floor.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 05-19-2021 09:16 AM

[Image: L0IABH6.png]
The blastwave sent the storage unit careening into the wall, firmly embedding itself in the building with the subtlety expected of Gam grade equipment, Dullik landed on the top floor with a heavy thud.
"Ow....am I on fire?" He asked unsure if it was just nerve pain or actual fire.
The blastwave and deeply shook Mursk on the floor below who was about to rapidly descend a few more floors while letting fly a colourful display of Gam curses.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 06-15-2021 07:01 AM

[Image: xay70aO.png]

As the dust from the explosion settles, cracks start running against the walls of the building, now leaving it standing shakily.

The shotgunner rat decides to go into the building where fighting previously took place to retrieve the bag with all the rats' gear and what they've scavenged here.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 06-15-2021 11:47 AM

[Image: FGBdCic.png]
"Oh it is fire" Blankly noted Dullik as he pulled himself out of the flames and sat himself on the ledge overlooking the destruction, deep in thought.

Then Mursk fell down a bunch of stairs like a genuine tool.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 10-12-2021 08:47 AM

[Image: 6r9HC62.png]

The last rat standing steps onto the second floor, it steps over the fallen furniture and assesses the gruesome scene in the apartment. It spots the quad-barrelled shotgun and the bag with the loot.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-14-2021 08:29 PM

[Image: LPpuLFU.png]

Mursk languished at the bottom of the stairs, even with the armour, even with the cybernetics, even with the Gam physiology and even with the last reserves of combat stims being pumped into his bloodstream he hurt. Bones and muscles ached, the nerves in his stump where the false leg connected felt like it was burning but his pride was most damaged. His scanners showed the building was close to collapse. He thought that maybe if it collapsed on him he'd just be able to die and rest. Alarms blared from the armour, as he lay there waiting for the end.

Dullik decided that he should probably leave the burning building, he knew Mursk was still downstairs and needed to check if he was still there, so down was the best option, it was only after he had leapt down that he noticed the floor below him was charred and would be unable to support his weight. He cursed, but was resolute.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 10-20-2021 02:19 PM

[Image: hh2A4R6.png]

The building that was shaken up by the explosion finally gave in after having its floors pounded by the Gam exoskeletons and the heavy wind blowing on all sides and collapsed in a spectacular manner of wet dust and rebar.

In the building opposite, the last remaining rat collects the loot that the other rats have picked up in the backpack and ponders over its next move, looking at the quad-barreled shotgun.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-29-2021 06:58 PM

[Image: bapXLLU.png]

The charred wood shattered like a glass butterfly under the weight of the falling Dullik punctuating his tinny swears, the sound of this caused Mursk to snap out of his depressive stupor and glance upwards, seeing his commanding officer careening to the ground.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 11-06-2021 04:56 PM

[Image: PLhA66U.png]

The last Rat standing assesses the situation and this time it decides to escape the scene, draging along the quad-barrelled shotgun, which slows the Rat down considerably. It deems the resources the weapon is made of too valuable.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 11-14-2021 08:03 PM

[Image: xIelODp.png]
Dullik's voice crackled over comms as he landed to the ground with at thump.
"Oooogh... Mursk...if you're still alive, get to the can, we're leavin."
There was an agonising moment of silence as Dullik waited on a response.
"I'm...on my way boss." Replied Dullik as he pulled himself up and moved

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 11-15-2021 03:28 AM

[Image: zlhf66C.png]

The rat slowly makes it down the stairs with the loot in tow

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 11-20-2021 10:57 AM

[Image: lZoCPT1.png]
The two Gam converge on the battered storage unit, the translocation system would function even with the damage.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 01-26-2022 09:46 PM

[Image: oWJIprq.png]

The rat comes down the stairs, hitting the quad-barreled shotgun on every step with a thud

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 02-05-2022 03:43 PM

[Image: uvK9ysa.png]

The remaining Gam dragged themselves towards the battered container, wordlessly exchanging a glance between them, Dullik, slammed a hand on the container activating the translocation beacon.

"This...hff...this is Dullik, we got what we could, requesting pickup, hostiles cleared out, you can send drones in later."

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 05-14-2022 05:41 PM

[Image: Y1AzZOM.png]
The Shotgunner rat slowly slides down into the mud pit crater and, with a lot of effort, drags the quad-barrelled shotgun out of it.