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RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-01-2020 01:54 PM

[Image: vmdGHuw.png]

As Mursk plummeted Dullik realised that he only had a short window to react. Reaching for his command collar he sent the containment unit crashing through the wall to intercept, the grav cushion could minimize damage from the descent after all. Mursk wasn't thinking about much, their mind was a whirlwind of curses.

Herm released the trigger and took in the sights on their work, then after deactivating the filters they took in the smell of his labour. The scent of burning hair and searing flesh. It was intoxicating.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 10-02-2020 05:23 PM

[Image: 1SchGhj.png]

The Thief Rat finally collapses under its weight, its brain now cauterised so it doesn't spill out on the floor. A stomp would break the wound anew and paint the floor red.

The two rats outisde catch sight of Mursk falling down and prepare to give him a warm welcome whether he lands alive or not.

In the building, the new quad-barrelled shotgun crew turn the room over to try to create some cover for a possible fight. In the process, they take a shiny golden record and the record player.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-03-2020 11:07 AM

[Image: ftxC9bN.png]

Herm, finally satisfied with his work, and with the power armour stabilising his shattered leg, jets over to the other building, he'd heard a boom come from it earlier so not investigating was off the table.

Mursk felt his back smash against alloys, he was alive and his armour told him all his bones were in the right places. He turned his head and caught sight of the two rats in his peripheral vison.

"...Hey." He managed to say.

Dullik satisfied with Mursk's vital signs clambered over the damaged wall and began to make their slower descent.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 10-03-2020 09:14 PM

[Image: JXQ2Unt.png]

The cannonball originally shot by the Veteran Scavenger made its way down onto the ground, just barely missing the Miner Rat who was looking up at Mursk and preparing to throw a bomb where he would land. Instead, the Miner had to take a quick step backwards so as to not get crushed by some very unfortunate friendly fire.
Seeing a floating shopping cart was mighty surprising for the two rats, even considering the Miner Rat's intelligence. The Large Rat, however, chose to act and fired off two chunks of cheese at however many hundred kilograms of metal were coming down their way. The cheese bits went through the launcher's barrel, expanding and heating up in the process, then shooting out into the cold street and covered most of Mursk and the cart, slowly starting to set in.
The cheese launcher can hold 4 cheese pieces at once, it's cartridge half-empty now that the Large Rat covered Mursk with some hot cheese.

The Veteran Scavenger and the Shotgunner finished trashing the room and decided it'd be best if they swapped weapons for a while. In order to be able to use two weapons at a time, they decided to place the quad-barrelled shotgun on the table, tightly between the huge speakers, sights set on the entrance.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-10-2020 12:55 PM

[Image: br4YtAs.png]

Mursk, now pinned to a box with fondue couldn't do much but get irritated at the inherent silliness of the situation. Dullik leapt down from his building to assist the pinned riflemen, unlike Herm however Dullik lacked jump jets and failed to properly stabilise causing him to teeter.

Herm himself swooped into the building he'd seen Mursk get shot out of and with a blast from his eradicator gauntlet, softened the nearby floor to allow him to violently breach through with a dropkick, a method of entry popular in Gam society due the inherent violence associated with dropkicking into a room.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 10-26-2020 03:17 PM

[Image: rVpGgSg.png]
The rats that have holed up in the building hear a thud upstairs and notice the plaster ceiling crack. They prepare to face the imminent threat.
In the street, the Large Rat runs inside the building where there's sufficient cover for him to hide behind, but maybe not enough to manouver around should a close-quarters fight ensue. The Large Rat is confident in his cheese-firing ability, though.

[Image: EYYN3Fx.gif]
The Miner Rat throws the grenade it's been holding on to for a while now and dashes away in an attempt to avoid a counterattack. The game rules pass on the grenade to the gam mercs

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 10-27-2020 08:50 AM

[Image: DnukG1A.png]
Spotting the antiquated hand grenade hurtling towards him Dullik hopped down, hoping the pile of garbage below would cushion his fall, as he fell he grabbed the bomb and yanked it with enough force to pull the fuse right out.

Herm, crashed through the now disintegrating celling, smashing aside AC vents and wood as he plummeted, his vox filter scrambled his chaotic screaming laughter into some hideous iron screaming cacophony as he charged his carbine.

Mursk, getting a little tired with being a platter of cheese started to servery the surroundings...they weren't very interesting.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 11-02-2020 03:39 PM

The Veteran Rat manages to react in time. Pivoting the shotgun on the table and lifting it up with some unprecedented strength, it fires off a shot in the general direction of Herm. The shotgun fires off tens of pellets and fills the room with black gunpowder smoke, pushing the two rats off their collective balance.
[Image: plMcZmx.png]

[Image: O2BW4r2.png]
The Veteran rat, being pushed away by the shotgun blast, knocked the proper shotgunner behind itself particularly hard, not giving it a chance to fire the cannon and accidentally landing it right on the toilet seat.

[Image: Mo3MB2F.png]
Thinking fast, the Veteran Rat decides to give the Shotgunner a chance at life

[Image: RCdPLpT.png]
The Veteran Rat and Herm are now alone in the small room. Between them are some precariously positioned electronics, two big guns, and a backpack with shiny inside.
Spoiler :
[Image: kxItkgn.gif]

[Image: 9sJeMny.gif]

[Image: cr338p8.png]
The Shotgunner slinks down the drain pipe

[Image: 31N8Xdd.png]
outside, where the conflict starts to get quite heated, the Miner rat rushes into the building and sets an explosive trap near the unexploded bomb as the Large Rat takes an advantageous position by the crack in the wall, Cheese launcher at the ready should Mursk make any funny move.

[Image: RgATFfq.png]

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 11-03-2020 05:39 PM

[Image: 6UkkuWH.png]

[Image: 5SeoNsc.png]

"Catch you tub of lard!" Hollers Dullik as he bowls the grenade towards the large rodent, with a frightening force, prompting an "oooo" from Mursk."

Herm lands with a thud. The small wall of shot had gotten into the more delicate components of his gun and ruptured it. Where his arm used to be was a sizzling, glowing stump, dripping with thick slag. Herm wasn't thinking about that however. Herm was only thinking about how much of the rat he would need to bring to the medical boys for resurrection. He wanted it dead, and one death wouldn't satisfy him.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 12-05-2020 11:42 PM

[Image: xLScPEA.png]

The Veteran Rat, having just savied the Shotgunner's life, turns around to see it's got no time to wait for the toilet to become ready to flush the water again. As the shotgunner continues slinking down the drain pipe, the Veteran rat notices Herm chage up his annihalation gauntlet and drops down to the ground to pick up the cannon. Thankfully, it was reloaded by the shotgunner shortly before it dropped it.

With very little time to light the fuse and aim, the Veteran Rat misses Herm and hits the large speaker in front of him instead, tipping it over to the other side.

In the building opposite, the grenade without the fuse rolls into the center of the reception hall, neatly next to the pile of explosives already there. The Rats decide to keep moving to get a more advantageous position instead of trying to cover Dullik in cheese due to a really bad sightline. The Large Rat wouldn't have been able to stand up if it tried to get down on the floor to shoot through the hole in the wall.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 12-06-2020 10:19 AM

[Image: 3I0AulY.png]
The Veteran Rat realises it has failed to hit the brutish armour clad figure however notices the very large, very heavy speaker has begun to topple.
[Image: YZ8F1mf.png]
Herm didn't even register the cannon shot instead he focused everything physically and mentally into the gauntlet, he'd shoot that rat if it was the last thing he did.
[Image: 9fvWOY1.png]
The speaker came down on Herm like an anvil, snapping his neck and rupturing his organs causing blood to ooze from the cracks in his armour. Turns out shooting that rat was indeed the last thing he did as the blast from it partially vaporised the rat melting all but the muzzle of the cannon and turning it into a meaty stain on the shower wall.

A couple of precision thermic shots from Dullik later and Mursk was free from his dairy constraints.
"Tell anyone about this and I will force feed you your own armour." Mursk growled.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 12-08-2020 04:59 PM

[Image: zXlzfiX.png]

The Veteran Rat felt a surge of confusion and heat all over its bloodflow as it got microwaved and had its insides splattered all over the bathroom wall behind it.

In the building opposite, the Large Rat and the Miner advance up the building. The Miner notices a glowing laptop on the table. It picks it up and stares at the screensaver, mesmerized.

In the sewers, the Shotgunner keeps slipping down the drain pipe, hitting all sorts of twists and turns in the pipework but mostly sliding smooth

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 12-10-2020 02:56 PM

[Image: DEnlPEU.png]

Mursk continues upwards ready to pursue, still shaking off cheese. He takes a small pause to let his targeting module recalibrate.

Dullik attempts to contact Herm however after reciveing no response comes to the conclusion that his fellow Gam has perished.
"Well that's one more thing to salvage I suppose..." Dullik mutters to himself

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 12-11-2020 08:44 AM

[Image: z2Vo1aD.png]
As the Miner rat puts the glowing laptop in the bag, it surveys the floor. It notices it's quite a cramped environment, so it decides there'll be no room to run around trying to outsmart the big metal opponents. Thus, it decides to set a trap to gain an edge.
The Miner places a contact explosive on top of the doorframe leading to the staircase. When the bomb hits something, its glass will shatter and trigger the explosive. In order to drop it right on the Gams' heads, the rat fixes the bomb in place and attaches a cord that it would pull to make the bomb fall. The Large Rat helps move the table and watches curiously.

[Image: cNqeB4q.png]
In the sewers, the Shotgunner washes up and finds itself pressed up against metal bars. It struggles to find a way to take the drain cover off.

[Image: 1bzdh4U.png]
The Miner takes out another bomb and stands next to the chair that the rope is fixed to, ready to push it as soon as the enemy enters the floor. The Large Rat watches the entrance carefully, waiting to immobilise the Gam.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 12-16-2020 09:42 AM

[Image: sfRQbql.png]
Mursk continues up, activating his scanner wary that of last time, this time making an effort to scan for carbon dioxide levels. Even if they somehow stopped their heart like last time, he doubted they could stop breathing for long.

On the other side Dullik backed up to the other building, partially in order to pull off a flanking manoeuvre on the rats but mainly to pay some respects to Herm.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 12-19-2020 04:17 AM

[Image: J9nuipJ.png]

A hard rain comes down on the city, pounding at the roofs that are barely covering the buildings.

The rats in the building can almost feel the rain hitting the walls outside.

In the sewers, the shotgunner finally manages to lift the drain cover off and gets shot out of the pipes.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 12-19-2020 11:32 AM

[Image: o92PzJi.png]

"This is Mursk I'm in position. Over."
"Copy, hold your fire, wait until my signal, I'm moving into position...this could take a while."
A loud sigh came over coms as Mursk shifted in his armour attempting to get somewhat comfy as he waited for the sound of energy weapons that would be the signal.

Dullik trudged through the desolate shelves, his scanners picking up and then discarding the cans of soup, they weren't worth enough for him to carry, and if he could wipe out the competition here, a full sweep could be performed.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 12-19-2020 12:03 PM

[Image: Adn5nup.png]
The very wet shotgunner finally gets onto solid ground. After pondering its choices and sniffing out an exit it notices a faint light in the distance and decides to approach it.

[Image: hZKJgvR.png]
It takes out a mace from its pouch to try and defend itself from anything it might come across on the way to the rest of the rat group if there's any rats left at all

[Image: bXIq0aM.png]

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Gamma Plasma - 01-05-2021 09:02 PM

Preemptively mourning the loss of the GAM, :'( soon to be whisked away in a cheesy reality restructuring event, leaving the glorious rattos as the appropriate victors of the land's spoils. :D

Now when's the full point score tally like coming? XD

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 01-21-2021 12:41 AM

not over yet.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 04-01-2021 03:36 PM

[Image: MHjVKnt.png]
Deciding that the stairs would be too time consuming, Dulik trudged out of the building and leapt up as high as his powered armour would let him, grappling onto the the side of the building with a thud.

"Boss you okay?" Came Mursk over the comms. His voice distorted by the helmet and the communications systems.

"Yeah, yeah, just making my way up, be there soon." Dullik replied

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 04-01-2021 04:39 PM

[Image: aJeP8XX.png]

As the two rats in the building stand in wait for their ambush to work, the shotgunner rat starts navigating the sewers in search of the rest of the mischief.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 04-05-2021 07:55 AM

[Image: vVfGDYN.png]

Dullik leaps to the other building, gripping onto a broken chunk of rain softened wood and plaster and digging his armoured hand into it, crushing it into a comfortable and sturdy grip through the sheer compressing force.

"Just hang in there for a bit longer I'll be there soon." Assured the squad leader

"'Bout fuckin time!" Curtly replied Mursk

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Pookaball - 04-13-2021 07:32 AM

[Image: pWLrHPd.png]

The miner rat notices a thud behind it but doesn't think much of it.
In the sewers, the shotgunner slowly wades through the waters.

RE: Thieves and Looters (Ruh vs Pookaball) - Ruh bruh - 04-13-2021 09:27 AM

[Image: 5daky4a.png]
In an instant Dullik vaulted over the broken wall and powered up his gun in clear view screaming into the comms as he did.
The sudden shouting startled Mursk just barely as he let loose a stream of thermic energy into the ceiling above him.

Herm is still dead, in case you were curious.