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Infinity Systems Redux - skaianDestiny - 07-10-2016 06:41 AM

[Image: lgO1p.png]
Logo made by Matty406

[Image: q0ppiEn.png]
Basic bargin bin robotic worker. Not meant for combat whatsoever, but if needed it has a light pulse rifle. Very fragile, anything more than a light shove is liable to cause it to shut down prematurely even if nothing was actually damaged. Also dumb as fuck. The right is the civilian model.

Grunt Drone
[Image: UrmUSFw.png]
Drone that went to the gym and buffed out. Dedicated fighting robot, has backup optics in the chest, meaning head shots barely impact combat performance. Usually equipped with an assault pulse rifle and better survival programming, though some use a beam gun for tougher foes. Also has a jet pack.

Trooper Drone
[Image: kryFy2V.png]
Grunt drone with 150% more armor, making it resistant to smaller caliber weaponry. Better AI and a more powerful standard gun: the exotic particle rifle, or expar rifle for short. Can also use a heavy riot shield and expar pistol. Riot shield has optics to allow for a solid defense with no vulnerable openings. Jet pack is slightly less effective with the added bulk.

Swarm Drone
[Image: t645JyC.png]
Cheap hovering robot with a weak pulse pistol. Used as distractions.

Buzzard Drone
[Image: OOnPUdJ.png]
Not as cheap hovering robot with a burst pulse rifle. Used for recon and fire support. A variant is used for construction or deconstruction or both.

Mini Sentry Drone
[Image: GLBWBnD.png]
Agile spiderbot with a modified assault pulse rifle. Capable of climbing walls and ceilings. Some have a cloaking device, designated by the horns on the side.

Sentry Drone
[Image: RqQoX3q.png]
Semi-mobile turret. Equipped with either dual pulse repeaters or a shield generator. Resistant to most small arms. The shield generator can withstand heavy firepower while allowing those within to fire with impunity.

Heavy Drone
[Image: Z5gEtRj.png]
Tough and strong, the heavy drone lives up to its namesake well. Resistant to most small arms and armed with either a heavy pulse repeater or a beam rifle means most infantry forces must resort to anti-armor weaponry. Usually seen spearheading assaults.

Light Biped
[Image: Ag7qtQU.png]
Roughly equivalent to a light armored vehicle, the light biped possesses speed and agility belying its size, capable of outrunning most cars and leaping across gaps most deem impassable. Its armament consists of either two beam cannons or two antimatter missile pods. The pods create the missiles on the spot, ensuring no need for resupply. Impervious to small arms and light explosives.

Centurion Commander
[Image: 6dPM5IV.png]
Used as commanding officers, the centurion features a highly intelligent learning AI that can coordinate hundreds to thousands of drones simultaneously. Its armor is only slightly worse than the trooper drone in terms of protection, and wields either an assault expar rifle or a high-frequency sword with expar pistol. The assault expar rifle can either fire a single powerful shot comparable to a tank's gun or several less powerful shots. Also has a more powerful jet pack.

RE: Infinity Systems Redux - Snow Dwarf - 07-11-2016 10:40 AM

looking forward to more!

RE: Infinity Systems Redux - Krutzelpuntz - 07-28-2016 01:56 PM

They are really nice and the style is kept very well through the army. Keep on!! :D

RE: Infinity Systems Redux - Gamma Plasma - 08-17-2016 03:31 AM

I was just re-reading your army thread, and after spontaneously fact checking something via our good friend E = mc squared, I couldn't help but give a slight chuckle.

Burning a gallon of petrol, setting off your average grenade, or your average mine, or 10kg of C4, or 10kg of dynamite, or even 40kg of TNT; these all have something in common.

And that is that a single sand sized grain of antimatter, weighing less than a billionth of a kilogram (on Earth) can pump out more explosive energy than any of the above.

Forget running out of missiles, that biped could shoot missiles until the sun fell and rose, twice.
What Infinity should be more concerned about is making sure that any antimatter stays properly contained (ideally it should be teleported in) when a biped falls.

No wonder BCU Singer is so antsy, if there's even a million sand grains worth of antimatter lying in those silos then JStheguy just found a way to let a gangster set off a nuke. ;)

RE: Infinity Systems Redux - skaianDestiny - 08-17-2016 01:25 PM

Heh, big boom.

But yeah, the antimatter's manufactured a second before the missile is fired. Infinity Systems isn't that stupid.

RE: Infinity Systems Redux - Gamma Plasma - 08-18-2016 06:32 PM

(08-17-2016 01:25 PM)skaianDestiny Wrote:  Infinity Systems isn't that stupid.
Could've fooled DEM Corp into thinking otherwise. Cool Kid

To continue the path of sci fi fact checking, I figure I'd mention a few neat things about antimatter missiles in case you want to tack them on.

Seeing as you only need a sand grain, I'd imagine the missile sprite would be fairly small, you only need space for stuff to contain a sand grain and have something to deliver it in.
The pod'd probably need repairs before it needed supplies.

Also unfortunately since you don't have a fancy slow reactor container (why would you it's a missile not a power plant) 30-50% of your energy is gonna be released as useless neutrinos (or stuff that turns into neutrinos in femtoseconds) which phase through most matter.

So you might want a slightly bigger grain of sand, it's still a pretty big explosion as it is.

On the other hand, whatever you hit is gonna be EMPed the fuck out of by slower gamma and beta (from decaying particles) rays.

To put it simply, antimatter explosions are mostly like nuclear explosions but stronger and the fallout is a lot shorter lived. As in if you designed it well it may as well be clean, unless you're really unlucky.

Nothing a little futurism can't fix.

As an aside your antimatter missile explosion is gonna be a lovely fat blip on anyone's futuristic neutrino detector.
And if you're really really unlucky they might know what, when and where you fired, even if they were on a nearby moon.

Isn't plausible deniability suppose to be a thing with galactic megacorporations?