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Full Version: The Scourge of Tsundra
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[Image: eh0CJTE.jpg]
Waht did you say?
[Image: kmI3Je7.jpg]
U wot?
[Image: KiPEBhJ.jpg]
Omergeerd does he think that scales > feathers.
[Image: stYJGAY.jpg]
Haha wat.
[Image: RdiEfMw.jpg]
[Image: kqGpd7Z.png]
[Image: Yt8dB4v.jpg]
[Image: fxq6JSh.jpg]
[Image: roVSkM9.jpg]
[Image: 8A2qJIg.png]
Bitch, I'm faboooolous.
[Image: ravg7wa.png]
Swiggity Swooty!
[Image: SgSJk.jpg]
[Image: kxiFrHU.jpg]
[Image: KV3Ww7e.jpg]
Like seriously, without feathers all dinosaurs look almost identical, with few "bodygroups", like two legged big T-rexes, tiny fast Raptors, four legged big ass head Triceratopses and four legged long head Brachiosauruses or whatever.
giant birb
Oy m8, don't forget that birds aren't descended from dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs.
Kiddo, Chickens have a gene for teeth. In other words, we're screwed.
Maybe dinosaurs are birbs? And ducks straight up have teeth.
Dinosaurs = birds.
Birds = dinosaurs.
I must've not been clear when I said undead dinosaurs.
Real dinosaurs have feathers.
So do undead birds.
shut up battul nobody cares

army looks good keep it up
It looks good but would look actually good and great if dinosaurs had feathers.
Chill battul, I don't think dinos with feathers look very undeady anyway.
This was one of my favorite armies earlier in my pw life, creative, interesting, and fucking dinosaurs and magic instead of mwg. Those raptors look pretty fantastic too.

Assuming you updating this a little is an invitation for some cc, I made a rough edit:
[Image: 4061c1bdffa755dbdd7af5fdc9078216.png]
I'm not sure what background you're working on but you should try to work on a sky blue background, contrast messes up colour perception and drawing it on the background it's most likely to be against is your safest option.

Head: The head doesn't look like a dinosaur's head at all, it has no mouth and two abstract circles next to a bright green docile looking eye. not sure what else to say. Give it a mouth, a nose, and an angry looking brow with very recessed eyes, makes it looks scary. You should 100% consider making the sprite with a slightly ajar mouth.

Legs: The legs are the wrong way around for an idle pose, the back leg should be further forward on the dino to make it seem like it's looking towards the viewer slightly.
They are waaay too thin, and have a strange curvy structure, look at references dino legs are strange and fat.

Body: Too thin, large therapods are meaty. Especially in the tail and just behind the legs. Also the neck is too short. That weird poop-chute shape they have really gives the body a dinosaury look.
Shading: Bevel shading is a mistake on organic shapes, don't follow the outlines in any way. You need to visualize the object, it is 3d, it has a front, it has a back. The light source is in the top, the right, and behind the viewer. I only began shading the head because yeah.

Colour: Your hue shifting is good, except you followed the bright shade around too much towards green. Sunlight is yellow, you're always heading towards yellow. I explained that bad so here's a picture comparison:
[Image: imvGXux.png]
Better colours usually:
[Image: Z1OQ5h7.png]

Lastly I felt the pose was lacking, a little bit of dynamic movement to make the sprite feel alive is needed. Only in video games do creatures sit still and idle like that. Wagging of the tail, spread readying of the legs, maybe leaning forward to suggest some kind of aggression or want to move forward.

Spoiler :
Something I done a while ago for a somewhat finished dinosaur army of mine, just as inspiration? I think average large therapod look really weird, and tend to be very front heavy with HUGE heads. Rule of cool > Scientific accuracy. And colours look really nice and can help give contrast between body/limbs.
[Image: fc18e515cd645353d3d773964bbc1ee1.png]

If you updating this wasn't an invitation for some cc, feel free to ignore.
"...meaty...behind the legs." - Jafhar 2015
He just can't get enough of it
[Image: GhEMLnr.png]

Jahfar, that tip is useful, but the dilophosaur references I've been working off of are more gangely than your edit would suggest. But, the dinosuar poses have been removed except for the boring-looking templates which I'll modify as needed in the match to give each of them personality.
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