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[Image: 06bb0a6131.PNG]

In new reconnaissance mission on a lost world, a part of Section 2 seeks a form of life or a place where they can establish a HQ.
Sergeant Johnson : "Boys, we have to find a place for build a HQ. If someone sees something, shout !"
Helicopter : " Oh, oh, oh, I have a present for you, a Mortar squad. I know, I'm the nicest."
Johnson : " Good, come on, we have a mission..."
[Image: turn1l72l.png]

A small troop of turtlehead's and their leader, a crow, are exploring a Cave.
"Nothing. Another dead end." one of them shouts. The soldier in the upper way answers:But here is one! and i think, I see them. But I hardly can see anything behind that stupid rock!
they're already here? The crow asks Then we have to act fast, no defense set up or something.

The soldiers who're climbing ontop of the cave are chatting
Since when *gasp*.. was climbing hills...*gasp* this difficult? The one on the bottom asks.
You're getting old my friend. Maybe you'd be in better shape if went to training more often.
Bullshit. I'm not getting old *Gasp*
[Image: 9fa5547812.PNG]
Johnson : " If there are people here, they have surely noticed the noise you make. Private Ted, stop wearing your gun that way! "
Ted : "  Sorry, but I think that wearing a gun in this way makes virile "
Johnson : " ... "
[Image: turn24kux.png]

Maybe you're right...*Gasp*..maybe I'm Really gettin' old...
Of course you are! But now come on! They said our targets are already here! and if you look at that gunship over there, you'll see they're right.

Down in the caves, the crow took some steps forth, looking up to the soldier.Where the hell are you going?
Completing the mission.. Get back here! you can't do this all on your own!. Why? Of course they have gunships, guns, armor and so on, but We have claws!. The other soldier down in the caves is running back.
[Image: 4a7940163e.PNG]
Helicopter : " There is a strange thing which is running against you. Johnson? "
Johnson : " ... Ted, get ready to fire, M1919 stay where you are."
Ted : " I can't see anything !"

M1919 : " Ready to fire"
All the squad moves..
[Image: turn3ocsi.png]

The sniper took cover behind some blocks ontop of the hill.
I'm in position. Ready to fire.. Could you...please *gasp* wait for me?

The Crow swings over the gap.Get in cover man, they got a gunship!.Over there, behind the rock, yes? and you Heard it, Our sniper is ready to give 'em one to the head should they start firing.
[Image: 097aca8f73.PNG]
Johnson : " Fire, we'll force him go back. "
Leader of the mortar squad (Mortar) :" Ready to join you and kill some alien "
The squad opens fire.

Helicopter : "Men, he isn't lonely, I see one like him on the hill"
Johnson : " ... "
[Image: turn4oulz.png]

The sniper pulls the trigger, and almost instantly hits. The Bolt pierces through the glass. Some blood drops can be seen.
You know what they will ask back in the base? "Was it his bolt or his pure awesomness that brought down that gunship?"
It was his ugliness *gasp* is the answer. The sniper ignores the comment of his Comrade.
Good work. But keep an eye on them. The Crow lands across the gap and runs through the caves to the other soldier.Oh shit they're already firing! The soldier quickly dive-jumps behind the rock to get in cover.

The other soldier in the cave calmly looks up to the crow and i thought today would be a Nice day. Easy day. Calm day.
Hey ! Where is my sergeant ? Haha
The sniper scared him so much he ran away so fast he lost his feet. Also i fixed it.
Lol :P

[Image: ae6ac1278e.PNG]
Radio : " Ship, we are under fire. Prepare the extraction just in case "
Johnson : " Go, go ! Put them pressure ! M1919, cover fire! "
[Image: turn5iuke.png]

The Soldier gets in cover right as the first bullets strike the rock.
That was close! He looks up to the gunship Oh shit.
The Crow responses: I warned you. The sniper jumped over his barricade and across the gap. The Soldier back in the Cave did just like the crow before and jumped across the gap down in the cave.
[Image: 2f004a9d03.PNG]
The helicopter fell on the ground, and the machine gunner fell into the water.
The Mortar squad leaves the helicopter within one man, and run for cover from the helicopter's explosion.

Johnson : " Come on, it going to explode ! "
Ted : " I don't understand nothing to this ... "
[Image: turn6rnf8.png]

Oh Shit! The Soldiers starts running ShitShitShit!
Come on! A bit faster or you're blown to Hell!
The Sniper stands on the ledge of the Cave
Well...sorry for that! he quickly shouts.
[Image: aca0a603dc.PNG]
The helicopter is explosing, and the one soldier of the mortar squad is killed.
Johnson : " I have to thinks two minuts ..."
(Nice explosion)
[Image: turn70nfk.png]

It's going to get me! The soldier shouts hysterically while running. Bullshit. You're out of reach, calm down. The Crow stepped out of the Cave It seems the explosion is destroying the bridge. So we have to fight in the distance now.
When i get a clear view I'll get them. Just sit back and don't get in my way.
Just guns now, eh? The soldier behind the crow says.
[Image: 684a8ce07e.PNG]
Johnson takes the mortar's bipod and two shells.

[Image: 624620c17b.PNG]
The tail of the aircraft crushes the head of the dead soldier in a terrible noise.

Johnson : "Ted, you are now in mortar squad"
Ted : " What ?! I never seen a mortar of my life ! "
Johnson : " Shut up ! Mortar ! Move behind the helicopter ! "
[Image: turn8jm04.png]

The sniper makes a quick shot as the explosion fades away, but the shot misses his target. Damn. He says.
The soldier on the bridges stops running and looks behind him.I could've died!!. The crow which took some steps further responses:You Will Die if you ever refuse to accept my orders..Yeees..I'm sorry the soldier answers in an monotone voice. The soldier behind them jumped off the bridge and holds onto it.Anyone up for a surprise attack?
I would come with you if i weren't so exhausted
[Image: ef57608558.PNG]
Ted moves to his position although "he has never seen a mortar of his life".
Ted : " I don't like that.. I don't like that ! "
Johnson : " Fire ! "
[Image: turn948u4.png]

The sniper manages to catch one of the bullets See? I'm on of the best snipers of - his boasting is interrupted by a scream IM HIT! IM HI.... The Second bullet hit him in the chest. His friend behind him is shocked by what just happened.
The Crow under them fired his grenadelauncher:The darn rock must go. One soldier is down.. I Know. The faster the rock's gone, the faster we can get revenge. Time for feelings is after battle. ...you didn't get the title "Crow" for your empathy, right?. I got the title "Crow" because I always get the mission done. The Third soldier descends further down the water.
[Image: 4edd0a2966.PNG]
Johnson : " The M1919 is reloading, we can get shot, so get ready ... "
Ted : " Wow, I love Mortar ! "
At the same time he speaks, a grenade exploses near to them.
Radio : " they use grenades ! "
Johnson : " I don't know what we can do ..."
[Image: turn1027k5.png]

The Sniper falls back from the force of the bullet He says some last words to his comrade.Tell 'em...Tell 'em i died kicking ass, yeah?. He then closes his eyes, and his head rolls onto the side. ...I Will.. The soldier behind him runs towards the ledge of the rock, past his friends corpse, completely ignoring the impact of the mortar behind him.  The crow fired another shot, the soldier stepped a few steps back to avoid getting hit by a grenade. The soldier under the bridge quickly grabs a rock and swings towards it. They won't even have time to be surprised.

On the other side of the rock, the explosion of the first grenade destroyed the bridge and parts of the rock. The Helicopter falls down. Mid-fall it's stopped. The back part hit the rock on the other side.
[Image: cd0edb3b2f.PNG]
Johnson : " T/5, go !, Mortar, reload ! "
Marsh (M1919) : Damn, what are you doing ?! (He talks to his "assistant" who is struggling to reload ...)
Johsnon : " M1919, move your ass, we are waiting you ! "

The assault squad is moving towards the enemy and towards the explosion, while watching the lifeless body of their friend
[Image: turn11rjjo.png]

The Crow catches the bullet of the soldier that fired.There. Rock's gone. Open fire, no mercy.
Where the hell did you all learn that?!?.
It's one of the first things you learn in training.
Performing miracles?
No. Distinguishing low-caliber slow-moving bullets from bigger ones and catching or blocking them.
Maybe you'd be able to do it too if you Wouldn't sleep all the time.

The soldier behind the crow aims and fires three shots. The first two hit the helicopter debris, the third one however hits the face of one of the enemy soldiers. The Enraged soldier, who jumped down the ledge, also fired three shots, but only managed to hit the Helmet of the enemy.
What a waste of ammunition. That's going to be in my report. The mission would be completed by now if you were cooperating. We're supposed to be a team.
Ah yeah? and what about the other one, who just jumped down the water?
I Informed you about what I'm planning.
Correct. and now stop arguing and Kill them.
[Image: 098785eca1.PNG]
Johnson : " Ok, this is the last shell ... "
The mortar fired ... Ted looks around where the shell will landed...

Marsh : " We are ready to kick ass, Mr. J "
Jonhson : " Wh.. What ?! I remind you I'm your superior ! So, come here " He stops suddenly when he sees the soldier to the enemy ... " Come back ! "
The soldier doesn't listen him and stay where he is...
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