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[Image: turn12qn2s.png]

The Mortar shell hits the Soldier right in the face, sending severed limbs and parts of his head everywhere. The Explosion sends the Crow flying.Didn't see that coming. Shit.. The Raging soldier landed on the rock and continues running towards the enemies. He keeps firing and hits the front soldier in the head and in the chest.
[Image: 28701eddb6.PNG]
Johnson : " Kill all of them ! We killed two of them, whereas they killed five of us and one helicopter ! I don't want another loss "
[Image: turn130kma.png]

The Raging soldier stops. The muzzleflash of his gun fades, as blood starts leaking from his chest. He takes a quick look.*Gasp*... Damn.... However, his last shot hit the Enemy soldier in the shoulder. The Crow manages to land on his legs. Damn. No Weapon. He readies his claws.Then I'll have to end it with them.

Below the entire scenario, the Soldier starts the last step of his Plan.They'll never know what'll hit them!
[Image: 1306615441.PNG]
Marsh was shot in the shoulder, so he can't shoot.
Johnson and Marsh's assistant shot the first enemy.
[Image: midscenen7qy.png]
[Image: midscene_2o7x0.png]
[Image: midscene_3571t.png]

The Crow aims shortly, then strikes out and starts extending his arm. This is what I was trained for.

[Image: turn14o7hl.png]
The hit soldier falls back, off the rock and down to the water. His arms wave uncontrollable as Life fades more and more away.
The Other Soldier is Pressing his feet onto the cliff. He readies his weapon.
[Image: 1957481fee.PNG]
Marsh's assistant try to destroy the claws but he can't.
Johnson is firing again, ready to reload his weapon.
Marsh gives his M1919 to the Mortar's soldier, and run away.
Johnson : " M1919, be ready to fire ! "
[Image: midscene2876m.png]
The Crow's claw pierces the Soldier, coming out of his back. He grabs the Head of the soldier behind the first one, and...
[Image: midscene2_1c7zp.png]

...Simply tears it off.
[Image: turn15z7ac.png]

Roughly a second later, he is hit by two bullets. Shit.He says, while retracting his arm. The left soldier is surprised. Now that's worth the Rank "Crow"
[Image: 2b24605f8d.PNG]
The two soldiers open fire...
Ted : " Johnson ! Fucking shit, I'll kill him ! "
[Image: turn16dj0l.png]

The Bullets tear the Crow apart. The corpses of the two killed soldiers fall into red, muddy dirt.
Just in time, the Remaining soldier pulled himself up with so much force, he's getting catapulted into the air. He takes a quick aim and then unleashes a bulletstorm upon his enemies. He hits one of them in the head, as the other shots hit the dirt. He misses ted and the marsh.
[Image: 8315941f97.PNG]
Ted shot his enemy in the leg.
[Image: turn1787rs.png]

AHH SHIT! The soldier yells as the bullet hits.DAMNED!, his leg hurts extremely as he lands. He quickly strikes his arm out towards Ted. But instead of killing him, he grabs his rifle and crushes the barrel. Listen. I want to talk to you.
[Image: 4ba6476fa3.PNG]
Ted : " ... I think I haven't the choice ..."
Marsh is watching this, ready to run away again
[Image: turn18rmnq.png]

The soldier retreats his arm. I am going to let you go back to wherever you came from. Alive. I had enough of the fighting and killing for today. Tell your comrades that if anyone of your kind should ever come back here, All of you are going to be wiped out. Now go, take your soldier with you. Don't come back. or I'll kill you.
[Image: 4eaa3c200e.PNG]
Marsh : " Ted, take my M1919, remove the magazine. I want a memory of this battle. "
Ted put his gun on the dead body of his sergeant. " Thank you for everything ... "
He took the M1919, remove the magazine and ask his enemy: " Can I take the radio please ?"
[Image: turn19k7pf.png]

The Soldier piles up a bit dirt, sits down and leans against it.Argh...Of course. but do it Fast. He tries to ignore the pain in his Leg.
[Image: 60d3324761.PNG]
Ted took the radio.
Ted : " How does it work ? Shit I don't understand ! "
Marsh sighs.
Marsh : " Impossible... Give it to me ... Ship? send us a transporter please... Without weapon ... "
Ship : " What ? You are alive ?! We send you this right away, stay where you are. I think the mission is ... Over "
Marsh : " ... Johnson is dead. We're just two. Ted and me... "
The ship doesn't answer him.
[Image: turn20j7k3.png]

The soldier looks up to the ship. Remember what I told you. Never come back.
[Image: 627daaee01.PNG]
The soldiers get on the transporter and return to the ship.
Marsh was treated and is ready to return to the second section. He is promoted corporal.
Ted was transferred to the mortar squad. Promoted Private First Class (PFC). He followed a training refresher (radio).
All the dead soldiers received a medal posthumously.
[Image: matchend_2vkb9.png]

Deep under the earth a Crow and a mysterious being are talking.
I think Syte-Unit "Parah" did a pretty good job for his first mission. The crow is saying.
The Creature answers:
I think else. He showed too much Mercy upon his enemies and acted way too slow. Assign him to the next Suicuide mission.

[Image: turn21vmu0.png]
Back on the surface, "Parah" looks into the Sky, forgetting the pain in his leg for a brief moment.
Well..finally peace....
He almost falls asleep, but the pain returns and he gets ready to return to his base.

I think this is finished now.
Yes, you, can you move it in finished matches please ? ^^
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