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So, I thought it would be helpful to some to take a minute out of my incredibly non-busy schedule to provide you all with a thread filled with wonderful links to various useful places and tutorials. Just thought I should also say that you'll learn more from experimenting and testing on your own then following tutorials all day long.
I might update this from time to time, anyway, enjoy!

I also should probably say that you should try to find your own ways of learning too, the most effective way to learn to paint and draw is to experiment and try your way forward. Don't just blindly follow tutorials, but don't think they're useless.

Useful Sites:

I'll start with the most useful books I've read so far by Andrew Loomis:
Posemaniacs, for all your human pose reference needs, it has a wide amount of different poses to draw from:
CTRL+Paint, while this guy charges for most of his tutorials, the free ones can be a help, doesn't hurt to check them out:
CGSociety, you can pop your head in and poke around here, most of these guys are professionals and I think they got some tutorials lying around somewhere. That and it really doesn't hurt to check out some of the art pieces, they're fucking wonderful.
Color schemes, I don't see much use of this myself but it might help someone: (Contributed by Den)
Blueprints, good for references I guess: (Contributed by Den)
Fonts! Gotta love all those delicious fonts! (Contributed by Den)
ConceptArt.org, not much to say: (Thanks to Photocopier)
Some semi good tutorials on drawing some animals: (Contributed by Wolfius)
Great vid tutorials, never did I learn this much from one single video.

Useful Tutorials:

Painting skin texture, not only helpful for drawing humans, but any kind of bare skinned creature.
Another tutorial by the above person on portraits:
Tutorial covering colors and how they work: (Contributed by Den)
Pixel Art tutorial covering.. A lot of stuff. (Contributed by Lizard)


That's all I got right now, if I stumble upon anything more I'll update this thread. I hope you find something useful here.

Oh and, if you want some help with something like anatomy or shading I can help you, while I'm not the best I have a fairly good grasp on most things.
Colors that match
Color usage
Blueprints for just about anything
Fonts you can use for anything
Updating, thanks.
We can actually turn this into one giant database of tutorials and things. If you got something that seems useful, post it here and I'll add it to the OP if it seems good enough.
i could supply GW fans with how to pages from places such as bolter and chainsword, no matter how pointless it is
This is about general help with drawing and painting digitally, not help with Warhammer weapons.
nah, that's the forum name, they deal the whole thing, not just weapons
If it covers other thing than just designs on Warhammer things then link it.
Anatomyplz looks horrible.

If you want to learn to draw then reading loomis is pretty good but otherwise I don't recommend following any of these tutorials.
When you're at a pretty good level (probably higher than you are now (!)) concept art.org can be helpful for tips in the forums, http://www.conceptart.org/

As for pixel art tutorials then there are a lot of bad ones and some good ones. But I feel they should be in a seperate topic. If you guys don't mind waiting then I'll post my army tutorial in the next two weeks -the end of it has all the pixelart tutorial links that I think will actually do you good.
I forgot adding Conceptart.org, adding it now and removing Anatomyplz, I didn't really check that site or anything, just found it lying around in my bookmarks.
If anyone got any objections against anything, go right ahead and yell at me.
see what i can do.
i got some links from bolter and chainsword forums, they have a mini libray of websites
how to draw some cars:
my favourite one: animals, as i have some charcoal pencils:
but those are the easiest how to's in that mini library


Stickied due to its usefulness to anyone who visits the art section!
Thx to photocopier for finding the rest of the thread.

Color Palettes, otherwise known as "What I wish I'd known when I first started doing pixel art."
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