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This is copy pasted from Freeforums, I'll be overhauling a few ages in the coming MONTHS. Also I'll probably make the post a bit cleaner some time too.
The Origins of the Cocos, and how they came to be
It was long ago, when the gods of the universe were the only presence to exist. One particular god seemed to radiate an aura that could only be described, in our terms, as motherly love. This kind hearted soul sought to populate the planet she held dominion over all Coconial. Thus the race known today as the Cocos was born, made in the image of the god who created them, each Coco had a small part of the higher-being inside them. They felt their creator's presence and aptly named her MotherCoco

The Cocos of old were a much simpler race, relying on your all-too-familiar sticks and stones as tools of labour. Each Coco tribe was sustained by a gifted younger Coco named a Seedling, or Permanent Seedling in this case. The permanent seedlings were thought to be gifts from MotherCoco; their persistent youth allowed them to be a constant source of new Cocos. Their lives consisted of eating, building and generally messing around. But not all was fine in High Coconial.

A new god had arrived on the scene, born from the same star energies as MotherCoco; this god radiated an aura of terror and chaos and would thus be named “FatherCoco”
Sensing his jealousy, and not wishing him to cause trouble, MotherCoco allowed him to have a part-dominion over her beloved Cocos, but this new god had other plans. Wishing to destroy what his “rival” had created he set loose natural disasters and drained the planets resources – these Cocos would fight for their survival and ultimately destroy themselves in the resulting wars. MotherCoco, seeing her partner’s devastation strengthened her aura so that every Coco on the planet could feel their bonds with each other, and their mother. With this newfound comradeship, the Cocos joined forces with each other to survive the Cocolypse, pooling their intelligence together the Cocos managed to invent a form of crude Space-faring device. Their planet was lost to chaos, but their race would live on.

Many brave Cocos had to be left on the planet – the rocket just didn’t have the capacity to carry everyone, unfortunately these Cocos would become the focus of the stories Breeders would tell their seedlings to scare them. Seeing these remaining Cocos, FatherCoco took their genetic codes and tried to change them to further his purposes. Their skin was withered, and their eye sockets hollowed. Some grew growths akin to the bark of a tree, others simply could not handle the change and died outright. These were Cocos no more. They were husks designed for one purpose – the destruction of the Cocos. To FatherCoco’s surprise, one Coco withstood the relentless torture of the DNA change, and resisted any mutations which tried to occur although his body was intact, his mind was not – he had witnessed the downfall of his friends one by one and was ready to give in to the plagues riddling his body. An offer was made to this Coco, a pact with the Father which would see him lead the armies of husked Cocos, and take revenge on his once-brothers for leaving him behind. A knight of chaos was created, a harbinger of the Cocos demise.

Deep in space, the Coco rocket was flying towards a new galaxy. The habitants of the vessel had long since deceased, and the rocket’s vital systems and armour plates were wearing from constant barrages of space-rocks. In a final collision, the rocket broke apart spreading its remains across the galaxy. The Cocos were seemingly lost despite their best efforts.

Long after these events, reports began to be sent to the bases of varying races – spores were landing on planets across the galaxy with small orange creatures emerging from the landing zones.

The Coco Timeline
[Image: jLgM0x1.png]
Some people may get a little confused how some of these ages lead on from each other, this timeline ought to help things a little!

To begin with the Cocos start in the primitive age, from here they have one of two options regarding what their next age will focus on. The two paths in question are the Magic Medieval Age and the Normal Medieval age, for now we'll focus on the simpler of the two. That's the Magic Medieval age. This age only ever has one path it can take, which is pretty handy for this because it means I don't really have to explain much. First they'll move onto Magitech, the magic path's equivalent of the gunpowder age, and after that they move onto two other ages which have no been discovered yet.

More complicated is the timeline dedicated to the Normal Medieval age, the branches appear after the gunpowder age and allow for two advancements. One is to progress to steam, this is usually the most common occurrence but in bizarre circumstances a gunpowder Coco may opt to move onto the Deep Age. Let's look at the steam age, here you have two advancements - you can opt for an early age up and go with the conflict age, or providing the situation allows it move into Magisteam. At this point the timeline stops similar to how the conflict age moves and stops once it has got to the future.

The slightly stranger age grouping is the Underwater age, which consists of two different ages at different points in time. The first is the Deep age, which gets to a tech level allowing the Underdwellers to descend into the ocean, fluff wise this about the time something pretty bad happens! As a result the next age transitions as a combined age, the current Underdwellers get reverted back to Deep age tech, while the Underdwellers which descended stay as they are.

Pretty simple really.

Primitive age
[Image: woZTY.png]
Being the first of all Coco ages, one might expect the Primitive age to have a lack of advanced technology, this however is far from the truth. Even in their beginning years, Cocos have the engineering mind of any of the other ages and as such when it comes to using their surrounding resources they are more than able to craft machines unthinkable to other races. The primary group of primitive Cocos are known as the Keepers of the Leaf, or Leafers with the secondary group named Keepers of the Bone, or Marrowers.

The Leafers, as their name suggests, work with leaves from great trees hardened by Leaflies to create suits of leaf and branch to protect against enemy attacks. The Leaflies are a strange species of fly in which the Shamans of the Primitives share a great affinity with. These flies are able to exude a strange ooze from their bodies which when spread upon a leaf causes it to harden, as such Shamans are both the spiritual guides and great engineers of the Primitive Cocos.

The Marrowers use bones from hunted creatures to serve as their weapons and building materials. Not many Marrowers are seen in the Primitive world as they are often shunned for their "gross neglect of values held by MotherCoco herself". Choosing instead to wear effigies likened to that of the beasts they have recently slain, an appearance fully intended to show others the power that they hold. Like their armour would suggest, the Marrowers are a strong and isolationistic group working on a system of strength. Unlike the rumours spread by Leafers however, the Keepers of the Bone stick to values which require them to respect the beasts that they hunt, and to slay them in a way other than what is deemed respectable in the eyes of the Marrowlord is to invoke the anger of her Grace. Cocos who walk down this path are banished from their tribe to become Wanderers, strange individuals with an obsession to obtain forgiveness from MotherCoco.

Medieval age
[Image: nxWx0OM.png]
The barrellers were originally created by the cocos as a means of waging war with bigger bows, I.E. miniature ballistas. Their original design used to be huge and clunky and didn't offer much protection for the pilot, they were since reduced in size and built to encapsulate most of the coco's body, save for the eyes (a slit would cause tunnel vision, when firing bows this is a problem). It was then decided that bringing bigger melee weapons to match larger race's weapons was also on the agenda, thus the Barrellord came to be.

Usually Knights or castle lords were given the honour of piloting a barrellord - they were an inspiring sight, crashing into enemy lines with their morning stars swinging. However as times went on the Coco engineers decided to make a decision which would streamline production and see a massive increase in the usage of Barrellers.

They rid of the Barrellords, and combined their melee specified arms with the ranged Barreller's body, with this change in mind they produced a new series of completely versatile Barrellers and even added propellers to some. With this newly added versatility the Barrellers became perhaps the most used mechs of any past time period, and any time period to come.
Knight Mech
Towards the latter years of the Medieval ages, Coco engineering was seeing a  decline and the members of various engineering guilds were at a loss on how they could possibly further the technology on their machines. The barrellers were at their full potential, other designs simply weren't as effective as their current models. The same went for the woodmech - furthering it's design simply caused balance issues which could not be righted, so the engineers decided to leave their work as was and settle down to write engineering books for the younger generations. There was however one engineer, his name lost in time, who developed a new kind of mech. Combining the armour of knights with the weaponry of mechs he made a wood and metal machine to rival that of the perfect woodmechs and Barrellers.

The knightmech is a large machine with a devastating variety of lethal weaponry and thick armour to boot. It was designed to be able to take on infantry, castles...Pretty much anything thrown at it, the weapons it does that with are as follows -

1. The knight mech has inside it's helmet a readily stoked furnace of medieval fuel this gives it a demon like appearances as it approaches it's enemies. As a bonus, it can lean forward and deliver the contents of the furnace upon unsuspecting enemy infantry.
2. The right arm has a hand with 3 blades as fingers, inside the palm of this hand is a single shot ballista
3. The left arm is less of an arm and more of a giant ball, this monstrous thing is attached to a chain which allows it to be swung once fired, or pulled back to be fired again.

To support such heavy armour and weaponry the engineer gave it legs which favoured stability over mobility, this gives the knight it's single weakness - slowness.
Barrel Barons
The barrel barons took their earliest form in the way the Barrellers did - A bulky, open machine, which pretty much means it was useless. Even when the barrellers received their remodel, the Barrel barons stayed the way they were and saw an overall cease in production - the cocos simply had no use for them. It was like this until an old Cocobadger keeper came up with a plan.

The keeper needed a way to transport his outpost materials from island to island so he could sell his badgers to the peaceful races of the world without too much hassle. It was then that he realised he could use the barrel barons as a way of transporting his materials (and baby badgers). He got his engineers to fit a more powerful propeller upon a reduced size barrel and added two gripping arms to fit into slots made specifically on barrels or crates.

Word spread fast of barrel barons transporting goods, so the main engineering guilds quickly adapted their own barrel barons and produced a new "Quick barreller". The new barons were unable to have armour fixed on them due to the sheer amounts of weight they would be carrying, similarly, to reduce their weight Quick Barrellers were unable to have too much metal placed upon them and only a weapon and wooden armour plates were fitted. Quick barrellers are essentially a barreller with some extra mechanics to allow it to fold it's armour plates and weapon inside itself. The addition of quick barrellers and the revamp of the Barons saw a large rise in quick assaults made by Coco armies - All the more races to fear the wrath of her Coconess, MotherCoco.

Coco Carrots
It is a carrot's duty to be eaten, but their greatest honour lies in becoming a Coco Carrot. Once every so often, a carrot shall be bestowed the gift of MotherCoco and become a Coco Carrot. They are a rare occurance usually, but there has been reports of Coco Captains having legions of these walking vegetables. It is also to be noted that the first report of a Coco carrot being born was when the Grand Knight's soul itself was present on the battlefield, some scholars believe this to be the Grand Knight's gift to his people, or as a sign from MotherCoco that she is watching and aiding their success. It is also this first carrot which is known as a hero among his carrot friends - He slayed an Adult Caveling, a voracious beast of massive proportion to the carrot itself. How these carrots obtain such strength, or indeed conciousness at all is a mystery...

No Coco truly knows, and probably never will.

The Grand Knight
It is said the Grand Knight shall descend from the heavens when the Cocos are in a grim situation. But my dear seedlings, that is a story for another bedtime.

Gunpowder age

Steam age
[Image: GNYQccx.png]
Truly one of the most diverse of the Coco eras, the Steam age's origins is perhaps one of the more strange occurrences in Coco history. It was popular belief in old times that the Steam age was the result of your usual Coco ingenuity - The witnessing of a key feature (in this case, steam) and the application of that occurrence to Coco technology. Peculiarly the very Coco who pioneered the steam methods' name is unknown. Few Cocos knew why but those who did would tell you that the reason he is unnamed is due to the very fact he was not a Coco at all, but instead... a badger.
It is said that long ago the Cocos fought an enemy truly mightier than themselves, floating monsters harnessing the power of light and iron - the first presumed usage of magic the Cocos had ever encountered. Swathes of Cocos were cut apart by strange magic light, lines of musketeers disintegrated by bursts of searing light and flame. Not even the combined might of Barrellers and CarrotMechs could perform a frontal assault on the Iron Spirit's lair. Nevertheless, despite this war above ground, below an oil sucker badger had sat for many weeks observing Coco mechanisms, being a key component in one himself (the Oil extractor, a device that required a Badger to suck up and spit oil into barrels) and slowly began to scavenge metal parts around the base. When all seemed lost, the badger donned his new device, swam through the deep lakes and rivers, and surfaced inside the iron spirit lair. Witnessing water being turned to a white mist via the high temperatures of the power that the spirits harnessed, the badger had developed a metal suit powered by this new "steam" and used this to destroy the source of the spirits' power - A crystal located in the lowest parts of their base. The Badger was sucked into the blast and the resulting explosion destroyed all but a single spirit.
One might ask how this makes the Badger the one to truly pioneer the steam age, and why exactly so many Cocos in this day and age believe this to be the case. I'm sure if you asked CocoMush, he'd be glad to tell you why.Before we delve into that, let's talk about the Coco in question, and indeed the steam age itself.

Coco Mush
This Coco lead an expedition into a large unexplored territory (usually quite a rare thing in the ever expanding steam age) said to contain something he had been looking for for many years - Mushrooms, perfect mushrooms. While seemingly a strange thing to be constantly on the lookout for, most did not realise that with the right balance of nutrients a mushroom, when crushed into a pulp and heated could provide a much higher energy output than water. Striving to find the perfect mushroom, Cocomush jumped at the opportunity  to head out into the wilds and do some active experimentation.

He and his band however were unlucky in that the super intelligent dampf drohnes had also set their sights upon this location, still determined Coco mush battled on. Lives were lost, and in the end Mush was shot down and presumably killed. Upon the battle's conclusion Cocomush emerged with a new form of fuel powered by what he called an "Arcane Mushroom" (having survived his crash, he made a base in which to experiment more) This new fuel provided an even bigger boost to energy outputs than even the normal mushrooms, to make things better projectiles shot with this fuel had a seemingly magic piercing effect (being able to penetrate even the thickest of armours) and with it he stole victory from the dampf drohnes and would later pioneer the MagiSteam age.

Conflict age
[Image: x2wCW.png]

The conflict age is the progression of the steam age, battles are fought with diesel and devastating melee weaponry. Due to lack of resources Cocos in the conflict age often focus their efforts exclusively on mining and as such their mechs often have tools and weaponry to serve dual purposes. The absolute destruction of both the enemy and the environment. Ammo is as scarce as the metal the mechs are made from, as such not many forms of Conflict machinery have ranged weapons choosing to dedicate their mechs to heavy armour and powerful close quarters weapons such as drills and pickaxes.

Conflict Age Cocos are also fantastic at salvaging and as such tend to be much better engineers than any other age - their prowess at fixing up their mechs with pretty much any scrap they come across is both an amazing and beautiful thing. It is not a strange sight to see a band of mechs so long in serving that not much of their original metal remains, due to the long lasting nature of these machines miner Cocos often form a strange attraction to them and as such personalise them with paints and symbols. Beyond this decorative behaviour the Cocos treat their mechs with the utmost respect - laying waste to a miner's machine would be the equivalent of killing a Human's wife, so deep is the bond developed.

Some Cocos choose not to place their obsession in the machines they drive, but instead choose to worship the ore they mine. Such Cocos are often somewhat humorously referred to as "The Orebsessed" a name which came into existence due to a strange Coco called Agricocola, who often used a variety of ore-based puns. It was the miner's way of humour which made this insult also an ore-based pun.

Mechs in the conflict age are frequently used, however there are not many individual Mechs compared to other ages. Due to an ongoing struggle with natural resources, conflict mechs often "survive" multiple combats and it is very rare to see a new mech actually produced. Most if not all mechs currently serving in the conflict age are fixed up versions of past mechs so battle-scarred that literally most of their original metal is gone. Due to these machines being so valuable, each one needs to serve its purpose in an incredibly efficient manner - there is no room for a mech to be sub-par at its job.

As a result of this need for effective mechs, a line of machines were created by an engineer who's name for the time being, has been lost in history. He called this devices Cocontrivances - armoured walkers built for a specific job in mind. So great was the success of the Cocontrivances that they would see a "widespread" usage for the rest of the Conflict age.

1. Cocontrivance: Plucker - The plucker is a small, unmanned machine. Originally thought up to perform maintenance routines across various mineshafts, the pluckers were eventually changed into a sort of cleaner machine using it's clawed hands to pick up debris and store it in minecarts (hence the term, "plucker") due to its new purpose seeing it accompanying main mining brigades, it was also adapted to be a bodyguard for the miners against targets too small to sensibly engage with bigger Cocontrivances.

2. Cocontrivance: Seeker - A manned and speedy Cocontrivance, the Seeker's primary purpose was to scout ahead of the brigades to find decent mining spots or clear ways through tunnels. Armed with a small bore cannon, the Seeker is able to collapse small sections of cave but also deal devastating damage to small unarmoured targets. The original Seekers were prone to overheating problems, and also had no means to communicate back to the brigade, due to this vents were added to the sides of the main chassis and a special radio placed within the pilot's control area. Engineering wise, the Seeker has a rather different design to other Cocontrivances, with legs built to allow easy manoeuvring through tight caves and short bursts of speed when under attack.

3. Cocontrivance: Extractor - Also manned, the Extractor is the most used Cocontrivance in the Conflict age and is strangely much more widespread, with each high ranked miner obtaining his very own Extractor. Due to this, Extractors are also the longest serving Mechs in the entirety of the conflict age. Armed with a pickaxe, the Extractor's original purpose was to do as its name suggests - extract ore from veins found in mining shafts. While the Extractor was very good at its job, it now sees a more generalized usage. Perhaps going against the whole idea of a Cocontrivance, this particular Mech sees a lot of combat usage - it's pick particularly effective against opposing race's armour. What makes the Extractors mostly unique however, are the pilots themselves. Often an Extractor is decorated with paints and symbols, kill counts and ore counts. Pilots tend to form a very deep bond with their Mech, and often show strange and occasionally violent behaviour when their Extractor is damaged.

4. Cocontrivance: Transfixer - The Transfixer is a heavily armoured and rather stocky looking Cocontrivance, whose original purpose was to drill through hard stone and tough ores. Besides the odd combat, the Transfixer has mostly remained loyal to its original purposes perhaps because it really is as effective as it is supposed to be. Transfixers however are very rare, armoured with the thickest chassis and toughest legs available it is understandable why so few are currently serving, or have ever served in brigades.

5. Cocontrivance: Lacerator - The Lacerator is the rarest of all the Cocontrivances, and is the creation of the Engineer who thought them up in the first place. Powered by incredibly rare and powerful Orefuel, the Lacerator is armed with a huge saw capable of cutting through pretty much any material faced in the Conflict age, often Cocos around this mech are required to have extra oxygen packs due to the amount of fumes it's exhaust pipes emit.

Future age
[Image: fysLm7F.png]

Magic age
[Image: SiBk8D7.png]

MagiTech age
[Image: 9H8ZbjL.png]
Yesss Conflict Age Cocos. I am okay with this.
Also this is one of the finest armies to EVER grace PW and that's all that needs to be said.
I think this army was very first come first serve, obviously little circles with guns would be done eventually, but i doubt to quite the standard its been done.
best army of all time
While some of the older units are definitely starting to show their age (maybe you should consider updating them, although by the time you were done you'd probably have to go back and redo all your current most recent sprites I suppose) this is definitely an army that everyone should use as an example of how to do things right.
My favortie PW army forever more.
Added some updated Primitive Coco sprites, and some fluff to go with them.
Wow, in the old forum magic and magitech age wouldn`t appear for me, but they will here.
Anyway not that you should listen to me but magitech is an interesting concept, you should expand upon it
Added a bit of unit fluff for conflict age.
I still think you should do a match, where every age is used in.
but that need an other army of equal or greater size
i'd say only the goblins or dwarves come close.
Or a coalition.
(04-10-2011 09:30 AM)Denmen707 link Wrote: [ -> ]I still think you should do a match, where every age is used in.

All the ages at once, or where the races evolve from age to age?
Evolve from age to age. I've only done it once before.
Was it good?
It caused the non pregnant to suddenly give birth and the pregnant all exploded. Owell.
Added some Marrowers to primitive age.
Epic Bone armor.
CocoCarrots look so awesome.
That Bone armor looks epic and reminds me of monster hunter.
No, it's actually a badger
Yes, just wondering if that's where the inspiration came from.
I'm guessing no, golemizer is a pretty obscure game.
I asked ages ago, way before most of you were even on the forums, what mounts/animals the Cocos should have.

CooperJkr suggested badgers, I made badgers and for my steam age I made a badger in a steam suit. No inspiration, just an idea I had.
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