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Full Version: Cowboys From Hell
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[Image: dcb965f661.PNG]

2 squads of the third section are going to the extraction zone ...
Radio: " Go, faster ! "
[Image: ea1a3c5883.PNG]
A group of explorers are having a rest at the monorail station.

The scout from their country has spotted this ruins few days ago, and the king sent them to explore this place and hopes to find anything special or valuable.

"Wow," Dave, the leader of the group, said. "This place is amazing!"
[Image: 5ff76d18d7.PNG]
First squad down by elevator while the radio stays where he is.

Leader's section : 2nd squad, come on guys.
M1919's soldier : We're coming, wait two minuts.
[Image: 6032bc8b37.PNG]
Dave gathers everyone in his group to the bridge and said "Alright boys, let's go!"
[Image: 63af556c2b.PNG]
The 3rd section is walking..

Leader's section : Contact, unidentified life form on the other side of the bridge ! come on guys !
[Image: df57157601.PNG]
"It seems we're not alone here." Dave said. "Prepare your guns!"
[Image: 55b745d0af.PNG]
The first squad is going to the front and wait for orders..

Soldier : They have guns ! What are the orders ?
Leader : Shoot them ! 2nd squad, go to the top of the building !
[Image: a9851321ea.PNG]
As soon as Dave notices the humans aim at them, he built a cover with the metal plates on the ground.
"Damn! what are these humans up to."
[Image: f21314ab9e.PNG]
The 2nd squad is going to the top of the building while the 1rst squad is shooting the enemy.
[Image: 89588c47aa.PNG]
"Return fire!" Dave shouted.

The crossbowman aims with his crossbow.
[Image: aba53189d3.PNG]

Two soldiers of the first squad are shooted.
The second squad moves to a place for the M1919.

Soldier M1919 : Ready to shoot. Kill thoses bastards !
[Image: 684db2d98b.PNG]
The bullets hit the rifleman's head and Dave's arm.

The crossbowman fires the dynamite in his crossbow toward the enemies at the top floor of the tower.
[Image: bd452a5534.PNG]

Dynamite explodes and kills two soldiers.
Soldier : I'm the only survivor of second squad, orders ?
Leader : Stay where you are ! How long to extract?
Radio : QG, we are under fire, where are our planes ?!
QG : They'll be there in 15 minuts. Squad 3 has finished its mission. She rises to the surface.
[Image: afd343e0e6.PNG]
The rifleman falls on to the ground, lifelessly.

"Fall back to the monorail station!" Dave shouted, he is bleeding badly.
[Image: 93657312b2.PNG]
Soldier : Hi every body, where are those texas boys ?
Radio : Leader is shooted ! third squad, go !
[Image: 4a961ee6b0.PNG]
While the team is escorting their Dave to a safer location, a gunman got shot in the head.

The crossbowman fires his crossbow toward the soldier at the top of the tower.
[Image: 4d2191edb3.PNG]
Radio is waiting the 3rd squad in the elevator.
Do we really need so many matches on this map? I mean, it's a nice map and all, but it's becoming pw_monolith.
It's a good map for infantry (we don't use vehicles), the reinforcements and things are easily explained, it makes the match more realistic.
Regardless, everyone is using it and it is becoming pw_monolith.
Why is a map ? To use it ?
But, if everyone is using the same map over and over again it becomes incredibly dull and boring. There are dozens of different and new maps out there to use, so why use the same one as everyone else?
pw_monolith, can I have a link.
I sincerely hope I am not the only one that got the Pantera reference.

(I also sincerely hope that it is in fact a Pantera reference.)

Anyways it's their match they can play it on any map they want, just leave them to it.
Yes it's a Pantera reference ^^.
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