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Full Version: Cowboys From Hell
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[Image: 5cd4da0466.PNG]
Another gunman got shot while the team was retreating.
[Image: f60244a6cd.PNG]
Third squad goes to the top of the building..
[Image: 7d47e6b4eb.PNG]
"Go and find our allies!" Dave tells the gunman.

[Image: 738cdb2d5f.PNG]
(06-04-2011 12:33 AM)Xron link Wrote: [ -> ]pw_monolith, can I have a link.
I don't think so. It was one of Metal Chao's maps that is lost in cyberspace forever. I may have a match that is on it, though.

FAKE EDIT: Alas, no I don't. All my matches planet at war are gone.
[Image: 9229069e80.PNG]
The third squad set up its defenses at the top of the building.

Radio : How long extract ?
HQ : 10 minuts.
Soldier : They are covered in this building.
[Image: 08fc1e1296.PNG]
Dave watches the gunman till he disappears from his vision.

"What now?" he though to himself.
[Image: 8fb05aa9ee.PNG]
The third squad is coming to the scout.
The scout make a cover with a piece of metal on the floor and waits for the rest of his squad.

Scout : They did'nt move, i think they are waiting for reinforcements.
[Image: f66e4a37fa.PNG]
Dave walks to the gunman.
"What are they doing?" Dave asked
"They're getting closer, I don't know how long can we still hold on." the gunman replies
[Image: 0e90bbb0a7.PNG]
The scoot moves to the other cover and shot.
The third squad goes on the bridge. (i don't know if it's a good english...)
By the way, "shooted" is not a word, the correct term would be "shot." English is weird, I know.
Thanks, i don't know the one i prefer: english or french? x)
[Image: af9440782f.PNG]
The gunman turns around and fires his pistol.
Meanwhile, Dave withstands the wound on his hand and pulls out his pistol.

The crossbowman fires his crossbow toward the shooting enemy.
[Image: 79b22ed761.PNG]
The scout gets shot while the third squad moves toward the enemy.
Soldier : I can see our plane !
[Image: 3a0d3c9a89.PNG]
The crossbowman got shot in the head and the gunman got shot in his leg.

Reinforcement has arrived! Only three man arrived, though.
[Image: dca9eadc6b.PNG]
The radio is hit in the abdomen, they run to the elevator.
The transporter is waiting soldiers.

Radio : Back !
[Image: f5bfedc9de.PNG]
"What are they doing?" the gunman asked
"It seems they're retreating," Dave said.
"Should we chase?"the gunman asked
"No...we already lose too much in this battle." Dave answered.
[Image: 41f9ebc5c1.PNG]
The last soldier alive left the planet, leaving behind them many dead...
[Image: 00819d69f2.PNG]
Dave watches the gunship leaves, and then he looked at his comrades's corpses.
"Rest in peace, my friend." He mumbled.
[Image: 9cdebc2b81.PNG]
The transporter returns to the ship HQ.
The special unit called Section 1 is now established.
[Image: c59892eef1.PNG]
Dave leads his remaining troops leave the ruins, and never coming back again.

The two armies go back, and it only remains of dead bodies and silence weighs on the battleground.

(can you move this in games finished?)
Ending is a little anticlimatic ):
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