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Full Version: The Xenomorph Horde
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[Image: YYWOXj.png]

The Hive Creatures

[Image: j5pKVz.png]
The Birthing sac, a bulging pile of flesh which sole purpose is to spawn larva for the Hive. Its mind has very little connection to the larger Hive creatures other then to be told when more larva are needed.

The Larva, the smallest Xeno in the horde but the most important. Its Hive connection is one of the strongest as it must read the minds of its fellow Hivelings to know what they require. The Larva can morph into almost any Hive creature.

[Image: rT4BPU.png]
The Swarmer, One of the weaker combat units, though in large numbers can overwhelm even the strongest of foes. Armed with two talons and strong legs they can leap and shred lightly armored opponents with ease, If they survive long enough to make it to them.

The Nate, The basic flying unit of the Xenos, it has small Acidic infused needles that shatter on impact melting away at anything unlucky enough to be hit. A swarm of Nates can prove a very deadly adversary.

The Puker, The Hive constructor of the Xenos it excretes a living substance that takes shape into pillars and carpet the ground in a living sheet of ground. It is required to spawn more Birthing sacs.

[Image: 26Bb1v.png]

The Leaper, The primary combat unit of the Xenos, It has strong Clawed arms able to cut though heavily armored units,as well as powerful legs to jump great distances. Though its armor plating is not strong enough to defend it against most weapons fire.

The Spitter, A heavy ranged unit it spits large Acid injecting Needles at its targes, easily penetrating most armor, Though on contact the needles spray a small stream of acid on what ever they hit. This proves very deadly to infantry and light armored vehicles.

[Image: P7Vj8d.png]

The Bloater, A being which only existence is to be dropped on enemy units, It is filled with bubbles of highly concentrated acid which could easily melt though even the thickest of armor with easy.

The Drake, The Primary flying unit of the Xenos, It has a strong set of clamping claws able to pick up infantry or bloaters and drop them from a great height, Its speed and maneuverability is almost unmatched for a living creature. Though its primary form of attack is spitting a ball of Bio-plasma at its foes.

[Image: utJNOM.png]

The Controller, A highly complex being although not physically strong it contains powerful physic abilities. The Controller can take over the mind and body of a Xeno and enhance its abilities, Though the larger Xenos are not effected due to there strong Hive connection. It also can implant thoughts and drive weaker minded beings insane from a physic link.

The Tyrant, One of the stronger Xenos and more deadlier. It can tunnel though ground and erupt in the middle of enemy lines, cutting down small beings and lightly armored vehicles in seconds with its strong Scything Talons, Not even heavy armor is safe from a Tyrant should it be able to draw close. Most small arms fire is useless as the Tyrant has a think hide and strong armor platting only lucky shots and large caliber weapons can bring down this mighty beast.

[Image: F6O1NK.png]

The basilisk, A large and deadly flying creature. Like the Drake it can spit a ball on Concentrated Bio-Plasma, though also is equipped with Scything Talons similar to the Tyrant. A Basilisk with a swarm of Nates and Drakes can become a very deadly aerial raiding party.

The Hive Lord, The strongest and deadliest of all the Xenos, Its Armor can Deflect large caliber weapons and tank shells, Its Scything Talons can make quick work of anything unfortunate to be in its way. A Hive lord may even enter the Minds of Xenos and near by creatures in order to command its Hive to overwhelm and destroy enemy forces quickly and efficiently. Hive Lords are rare and almost never seen on the field of battle.
I don't like the head of the tripod; it's too straight, should have more of a curve to it.
Same for the wings. Also, the 'fingers' should come from one central point, as wings evolved from hands.
Its nice to get some real input for once, will work on it.
I really like this army for it's alien feel, but might I suggest putting a little more detail into the Puker and maybe the Spitter? The head of the Spitter seems rather plain, perhaps add some patterning or contrast.
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Probably because we just change, you may have to reupload shadow
Fixed images.
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