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I draw things sometimes
A lot of the stuff I draw is just doodling on my lecture notes, or for another site with a sort of similar premise to this one called Super Paint Brawl.
It's basically Picture Wars but instead of armies you just have one guy, and instead of posting a turn of your army shooting at another army you draw a little comic strip of your guy punching the other guy in the face
I have a feeling I draw better with a mouse than a pen but I guess you can make up your own minds

Pencil Sketches; Linked for huge
[Image: 10191497.png]
Mouse sketches

[Image: ujjj.png]
This is a teaser for something we are doing on freeforums eventually

Also I'm probably going to do some CYOA game on the Homestuck forums eventually, here's what I will probably use for the first two panels
[Image: 61669582.png]
[Image: 42585208.gif]
You must inform us when you start this adventure.

And post it on that MSPAFA site so I can follow it easily. :v:
I like the art style, it isn't perfect but hell, thats what you get when you do it with a mouse. My only real problem with it is that it looks square.
Might I ask what program this was done in?
But I animated the last one in GIMP

[Image: 98806123.png]
I drew a guy with a hat
He looks pretty mad
Done with a tablet, I assume?
I'm pretty sure chao does all of his art with a mouse.
(02-26-2011 03:52 AM)Collective Mind link Wrote: [ -> ]Done with a tablet, I assume?
Yeah, Miro's right. I draw everything with a mouse.
I did own a tablet years ago but it's not really like drawing on paper, and hell I think by now I'm better with a mouse on a screen than with a pen on paper anyway.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but a lot of your guys are slouching. All of them have that slouched look.
(02-27-2011 01:36 PM)Mouse link Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure if you noticed, but a lot of your guys are slouching. All of them have that slouched look.

I'm pretty sure the white guys with the big teeth are supposed to be like that.
Well, yeah, but is everyone else supposed to have that look?
Yeah my posture isn't very good, I think it's because I keep missing out necks, it's not really how I should be drawing

In other news, while I was locked out of the forum for a potential 48 hours I got bored and decided to start that adventure earlier than I thought I was going to
[Image: bannerke.gif]
It's pretty dramatic so far, someone's alarm clock is broken!!!
I predict that the main character will end up as an amputee. :v:
Anyways could you please see if you can get it on here so I can follow it without having to read through the thread.  :love:
I will eventually, however I think it would be premature to try and get it up on there before it's at least out of "The Cradle" ;)
A tad late but in regards to the slouched look of your people, I actually like it to be honest - it gives them a style which makes you think "That was done by Chao"
I never said I didn't like it, I was just wondering if he noticed himself doing it.
I never said you said you didn't like it ;)
Spoiler: Other guy's image (I did not draw this)
[Image: rety_vs_brianna__opening_by_sir_william_iii-d3ba8le.png]
[Image: 32497410.png]
That psycho bitch :argh:
My adventure now has an easy-to-read mirror!
Now that is really cool.
Nobody is posting art so here is more SPB

Spoiler: Other guy's image
[Image: ;murrrrr;.png]
[Image: 50988609.png]
Spoiler: Other guy's image
[Image: ;assholes;.png]
[Image: spby.png]
Spoiler: Other guy's image
[Image: ;HARPOOND;.png]
[Image: q3uev.png]
It's OK to comment you guys
This brawl is awesome.
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