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Full Version: The Glorious Skynavian Empire
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So ages ago I started spriting the Skynavians. They were based off an adapted template I made for a previous army (named the commadno lumberjacks, these guys later turned into the COG). Currently, I sprited a darker version of the skynavians named "The Dark Ages". This is based off a world war where a maniac dictator launched chemical weapons. All of the poulation were destroyed eccept for smaller communtiies of the special forces based on the three space stations around the world. These skynavians now look for a new home and they hunt down those who once supported the dictator, known only with the codename "Red".
[Image: 5VqMTj.png]
The first skynavians (called skypirates back in the day). These were actually quite bright, and featured in only a few matches.
[Image: yFy0Od.png]
The skynavians I'm working on at the moment. Any CC is welcome on these guys, and I will post all progress in this thread.

Also desperately trying to think up more backstory.  :v:
I don't have much to say about these, besides that the units look great, but maybe add a bit more detail to their dropship?  It looks like a rubber cigar with some tanks tied to the side.
Yeah, I'm getting rid of that. Never been too good with vehicles. It was used in the old version, so I'm going to perty it up abit.
'Glorious' is my Army Thread Adjective, get your own :colbert: (If there's no colbert it needs to be here so I can abuse it.)
Yeah, I didn't notice your thread name. But my army is still glorious, hell, we might need a match to see who is glorious-er.
Aww, I've always liked that dropship. Seems iconic to me whenever it shows up.
While I don't mean to be needlessly insulting, if you replace that dropship with something then you'd better think of something pretty distinctive to replace it.
I don't know about anyone else (except Ross who basically just said he agrees with me) but that's pretty much the only thing I remember about your army. It's one of the only units you have which isn't just a generic man with gun.

Although I may just be getting the wrong end of the stick, your post is kind of ambiguous about whether you are removing it or just remaking it.
I don't think he's planning on changing it drastically but the post is somewhat contradictory. On one hand he's gonna get rid of it and on the other he's going to pretty it up.

Also to Tech, if you're going to remove it I agree with Chao and Ross.
Awesoem, thanks for the feedback guys! I suppose I didn't make it truly clear, but I'm going to make it a bit nicer to suit the style for the new gen Skynavians. I also have a few secrets in the works to make this army that little bit more distinctive.
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