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[Image: 75c7b8d246.PNG]

Today, 3 squad of the 534rd came on Aegis for someone who pay them to get some ancient data files.
Some minutes ago this squad just reactivate the energy in this sector of the city, now they want to take the tram to the ruins of the industrial sector.
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_.PNG]
The monorail rolls up slowly to the abandoned city, sparks flying from the screeching rail. As the door opens, a loud thud is heard when the first step is made out. An Exo-Skeleton Mk 2 wielding a 'red' laser rifle makes his way out, scanning the area around him for life signs.

"Alpha 4 to alpha 1, all is fine, you are clear for exit." a monotonous voice says into his microphone.

Another Exo-Skeleton marches out, followed by a radio man and a medium trooper.

"Alright, men, you know what you have to do. But let me repeat it for you. There is a large deposit of a rare metal below these towers, and we need to establish a forward base before the miners get in. You are to attempt diplomacy only once with anything encountered, and should it not be friendly then don't hesitate to shoot it." the radio man says. He had been appointed as team leader for this mission until a proper commander gets there.
[Image: f698c398dc.PNG]

The sergent communicator start to ring, he takes it and responds

" This is captain Falders, we detected a ship on the planet. It's maybe only some smugglers but be carefull. "
" Okay sir. "

"You two get in that tower and watch if there is a ship or smugglers nearby."
"Yes sir !"
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_1.PNG]
The two Exo-Skeletons take the lift up, cramming into the small elevator shaft. Just before the lift opens, alpha 1 speaks.

"Alpha 2, make sure to stay in my energy field."

With this, he turns his energy field on, securing himself from any bullets that may fly his way.

"Alpha 1, this is alpha 3, All is clear up here. My sound detector is detecting something in the building opposite, but it is likely just rodents. We have found a suitable location for bunker A1, I can't see anywhere for A2. Coordinates are..." With this he stops for a moment, using the array of sensors in his helmet to find the coordinates. "135645387"

"Alpha 3, this is alpha 1, roger that, calling in bunker A1 now." says the voice of the radio man, already preparing his radio for the next transmission. "Starship, this is team alpha, requesting bunker A1 drop at 135645387.

All right guys, stand back."
[Image: 125eabf67e.PNG]

The sniper walks out of the elevator and zoom with the scope on his sniper rifle.
Immediatly he call the sergent by radio.

"Mmhhh... Sir, the ship they saw..."
"Yes what ?"
"That was not a smugglers ship, they got exoarmors."
"Crap. You ! Quick, deploy the gun behind the door !"
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_2_.PNG]
Suddenly, alpha 3 notices something in the window.

"Alpha team, this is alpha 2, sensors are picking up humanoid lifeforms behind the window in the building opposite. They appear to have- Ah! Watch out! Incoming bunker!"

[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_2.PNG]

The bunker crashes into the ground in front of the Exo-Skeletons, grinding to a halt feet before them.

"Alpha 2, this is alpha 3, the field is dangerously close to going unstable, I am deactivating it. Spread out."

As he is told, alpha 2 takes a few steps backwards to avoid any grenade damage.

(OOC: On the topic of grenades, would you mind not shooting grenades out of the air? It is incredibly unrealistic and annoying.)

"Alpha team, this is alpha 2, continuing message. The humanoid has a weapon, a long rifle by the look of it. How should I proceed, alpha 1?"

"Alpha team, this is alpha 1, engage humanoids if they look as though they may be hostile."
[Image: 458dec8e53.PNG]

"Wow, holy crap. A bunker just fall form the sky"
"What ?! Okay, you go try to talk to them. If things goes wrong we cover you."

The .50 gun is now in place and the sniper is ready to shoot.
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_3.PNG]
The black door slides open with the mechanical sound of motors whirring and the Exo-Skeletons walk in with their loud boots clanging on the floor.

"Two, I'm going to go forward, stay behind with the door open and, if I go down, shoot through me. I'm going to activate my energy shield, just give me a second; the capacitor's acting up."

Meanwhile, Alpha One and Four move into the elevator.

"Starship, this is Alpha Team, ready for supply drop, same location."
[Image: 53f06c81ab.PNG]

"I'm almost at the bunker !"
"Good. I think that squad 3, have finished to explore the sewers, they must be here in 10 - 20 minutes"

The troops are now ready to fire in case.
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_4.PNG]
Alpha three takes a deep breath before he activates is energy field and opens the door. He sees before him many possible enemies with cover superior to his own, but steps out anyway. Thud. Thud. Thud. His boots land on the bridge heavily, echoing throughout the city.

"Alpha team, this is Alpha Three, I can see four unknowns: one appears to be running towards me with the probable intent of diplomacy, one has set up a rather large machine gun that is aimed at me, one has a sniper rifle aimed at me from a window and the final has a rifle aimed at me from the top of the building. I am proceeding with the greeting drill." the Exo-Skeleton says, getting ready for his short speech.

He switches his speaker on and says in a loud, commanding voice, "This city and the surrounding land is the property of Giant Mining Inc. We will let you leave without harm if you call in a transport right now. If you don't have a transport with which to leave, we can provide you with one."
[Image: d007f32831.PNG]

When he saw and hear the exo armor voice, the soldier decrease his speed. He lower his weapon and respond to the exo armor.
" We can't leave now, we must search fo a data file somehere in the industrial sector. "

Meanwhile the soldier on the top of the building see something landing near the bunker.
" Sir they asked some reinforcements. "
" Mmmhh... They got a transport ship in orbit. Leaving this planet going to be hard, if the diplomacy fails. " 
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_5.PNG]
"We cannot allow that, you must leave right now or we will open fire. Do you have a transport?" says Alpha Three, trying to bluff his way through this. They are clearly outnumbered, but they may be able to get the advantage if they can make it look as though they have superior firepower.

The door is to the bunker is just opening when the supply crate suddenly falls out of the sky. Alpha Four jumps out of the way and onto the the elevator while Alpha One jumps backwards. The crate smashes off the top of the bunker, bouncing down and on to the floor before Alpha One.

"Alpha Team, this is Alpha One, the supplies have arrived, we should be able to live here from a few weeks with the amount of resistance expected."

Alpha one merely hums something quietly, causing the elevator to rise up. He was a mute since his first mission, where his entire company was decimated by bombs. For some unknown reason, he stayed on, taking a week for recovery and then being sent out again. Genetic enhancement was out of the question for hum because of the wounding to his nervous system in the attack, but he was perfectly fine with just his armour and equipment.

(OOC: By the way, do you want to role-play this out in IRC? My shield is gonna fail if we do the whole conversation turn by turn. Just PM me if you do.)
[Image: 044c5db5da.PNG]

The soldier raise his weapon in the direction of the head of his interlocutor.
" And why ? Just because this is your planet ? This is a Wasteland, so lets us pass. "
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_6.PNG]
Alpha One looks at the supply crate for a moment before it disintegrates before him, leaving only a .50 cal Demicannon behind.

"Four, get that demicannon set up, we may need it if this diplomacy goes badly.

Starship, this is Alpha One, there appears to be a problem with the supply crate. It contains only a single demicannon."
reports Alpha One, wondering what's going on.

"Alpha One, this is Starship, negative; that is the supplies you have been issued with for this mission." returns the HQ.

"What?! Look, Alpha Three tells me we have encountered armed resistance; can you at least send Charlie Team to help us out until then?" Alpha One whispers into the mike.

"Alpha One, this is Starship, please use correct radio drill in the future. Roger that, Charlie Team is on it's way."

Back at the meeting, Alpha One is still trying to avoid a fight.

He turns of his speaker and radios to One, "Alpha One, this is Alpha Three, is the demicannon set up yet?"

"Alpha Three, this is Alpha One, almost, but not yet."

One pauses for a moment before turning his speaker back on, "Alright, you can pass through to the industrial sector, just don't let anyone know that we let you through."

With this he heads back to the bunker, nodding to Two.
[Image: 56610f4443.PNG]
The communicator of the sergeant started to ring, he activates the speaker in his helmet.

"To all troops on grounds, this is the USS Almar, we just leave the hyperspace. We are here to help you, we just open fire on the ennemy ship."
"What !? Are you kidding ? They just accepted to don't interfere in our mission."
"Huuu... hum, sorry seargent"

The seargent change the radio canal to talk to the soldier in the middle of the street.

" Soldier get back here, before they know what's happening up there ! "

Quickly, the soldier turn back and start to run like the wind.
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_8.PNG]
"Starship to all teams, enemy vessels are approaching our position with weapons primed. We are getting ready to evacua- Argh!" *kssssshhhhhh*

One stands there in shock, before relaying this news onto his team mates. Alpha Three takes a second to think this over as he watches the trooper run away from him before shouting into his microphone, "Open fire on the traitors!"

Alpha Two aims his weapon and pulls the trigger once Three is behind him, flooding the bridge with the blue light from the 'X-Ray' laser. The enemies are torn in half by the energy coursing through the air and their blood flies. Up above, Four fires his demicannon at the sniper, with three shots ripping through the hated enemy. Glass is launched into the sky, beginning to fall down on the bridge below.

One contacts Charlie Team, "Charlie Team, this is Alpha One. What is your position?

There is radio silence for a moment before it is broken by Charlie's screams.

"We were ambushed in the sewers! *Pew pew* We're pinned down! *Boom* We're gonna try and find another way out."
[Image: 259be4f7c2.PNG]
When he saw his friends being ripped by the exo-armors, the soldier on the top of the soldier start to shoot in brust mode against the bunker.
" You'll pay for that ! "
" They got who ? "
" Heavy, William and Fabus ! "
" Crap !"
" This is the ship, we sended a dropship full of soldier and a part of the sewer squad are coming "
" Thanks for the help. "

The sergeant run inside to avoid the glass debris falling form the top.
[Image: Lamarr_vs._Omega_11.PNG]
One looks around, bewildered at what is going on.

"Alright, guys, may as well abandon the radio conduct for now. We're on our own until Charlie Team get here to reinforce us; don't die. Now, get started on the bunker defence drill for A1." One shouts into his microphone with the intention of holding the bunker.

The rest of the squad begins the drill; Two closes the door and prepares to shoot anyone trying to break in, Three starts using his Expanse sensor to look for enemies and Four scans the city for more people to kill.

Suddenly, Three notices something and shouts out, "Incoming enemy dropship west of our position."
[Image: f6320d9b7a.PNG]
During the dropship drop the troops, a little part of the squad 2 form the sewer just arrived to renforce the squad.
" Okay everyone inside, we must regroup. I can use this computer to manage the battle. "

" Hey sergeant, this is the dropship, I'm droping the troops and I get back to the ship. "
[Image: f6320d9b7a.PNG]
There is a deadly silence in the bunker while everyone waits for the enemy to show themselves.

(OOC: How thick is the armour on that dropship?)
( OOC : Sorry to be inactive these days, my computer have got a major problem. And too it's not simple to use paint with seven ^^' )
( In-game OOC : The dropship first layer is 150mm of metal there is a energetics armor plate behind the first layer about 25mm. Between the armor and second layer there is 25 mm of empty and the second layer is 40 mm. The interrior plates are not strong like the exterior plates. The glass is thermal resistant)

[Image: cc33a2d8d5.png]
The soldier arrive in the skyscrapper, the leader of the new group of soldier going to help the sergeant in his strategy.

" Sir, we come form the sewer. We got a machine gun with us. "
" Good deploy with behind this wall, the bullets can pierce the concrete. "
" He is already deploying the gun. "

Meanwhile on the roof, the dropship engage his principal reactor to get back to the ship in orbit.
The mortar servant climb up on the top of the building with his mortar.

" Okay guys if you need more help i came back. "
" I don't think we will need more help with this mortar. Hey you give me the ammo ! "
[Image: 4c24576274.PNG]
"Three, what's the situation on those sensors" One asks calmly into his microphone.

"I'm picking up possible targets on the second floor, looks like they're trying a two pronged attack." Replies Three.

"Alright, Four, did you hear that, lay some fire down."

Four aims his Demicannon and fires it into the walls of the second floor.

"God-dammit, Four! Not that second floor!" shouts three.
[Image: 4c693509ba.png]
Instantly, the sergeant order to the machine gunner to fire.The machine gunner just explode the wall when he shooted his 3 first bullets toward the gunner. The first bullet hits the bunker hard without pierce through, the second bullet pierce the bunker hull and tearing appart the muscles and bones of the legs of "four". The bullet continue his route toward the radio operator, the bullet hits the communicator  and damage the radio but the opperator is not hurt. The last one hits the light bulb.

" Okay let's go, sniper cover us ! "
" Roger ! "

Two soldier are now running to the bunker. The sniper aim the blast door to engage any incoming ennemy.
The mortar servant is now ready to shot.
[Image: 74141c58e8.PNG]
As the bullet tears through his flesh, Four lets out a scream. He drops to the floor, unable to stand any longer, and looks desperately at One who is jumping down to the bottom floor after his pack was hit.

"Four is down!" shouts One "And my pack has been hit, I'll check if it still works."

Three stands next to Two, turns on his energy field says, "When the door opens, fire at the second floor."

The door swings open and Two lets a stream of blue energy out towards the second floor, destroying the walls and things inside, but leaving the glass unharmed. Meanwhile, Three shoots at one of the two mean charging towards them, penetrating his armour.

"Guys, my pack's okay, it's just got a bit of static on the line!" shouts One.

"Charlie Team, this is Alpha One, what is your situation?"

"Alpha One, this is Charlie One, we are on our way in the ATV. We lost our suits in the sewers, have you still got yours?"

"Charlie One, this is Alpha One, yeah, but not for long if we stay under fire like this."

"Alpha One, this is Charlie One, okay, we'll be there in a few minutes for the evac."

"What? Evac? I thought you were bringing reinforcements?" One shouts into the microhpone.

"Hell no, are you crazy? We are getting out of here!"
[Image: 10588087dd.png]
Seeing his buddy fall infront of him and the beam, the soldier took the control of the squad.
" Holy crap ! Fire ! "

All assault rifles bullets just hit the shield without piercing it. But the sniper anti armor bullet pierce the shield one time and the armor of "Two" in the top of the chest, the lungs are probably hits.
" Ah ! Nothing can beat me. ! "
" Shut up sniper, I can do better. Like when my mortar shell going to hit them. "

A acute sound is coming form the sky toward the bunker.
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