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Full Version: The four-hour war - Agent10361 vs TheL20 - FINISHED
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[Image: 5adeb667c8.png]

Here is our map. And Here is my move :)

[Image: 6b85f7e4c8.png]

A squad of IDFS attack drones enter the area.

Drone Leader:No sign of hostiles. Proceeding to sector A-1-74

Drone1:Advancing. No signs of any hostiles.
[Image: 54fe0ec300.PNG]
A small group of lost robots stumble their way into a building, somehow getting to the second floor without there being stairs anywhere.
Engineer(yellow eye):"Hey, you know what's bothering me?"
Soldier(Red eye):"What?"
Engineer:"We had all that water, why not make an epic boat-landing sequence?"
Soldier:"Because! We don't have boats!"
Engineer:"Oh yeah... Well, at least we're alone in this area!"
Soldier:"Yeah! I would hate it if we got ambushed by a bunch of flying scrapheaps!"
Commander(Far right):"Cut the chatter. I want that Scout drone on point, and this building sweeped 5 minutes ago!"
Both:"Yes sir!"
[Image: bc343a4f02.png]

Drone Leader:Drone X-3719, scout ahead. Make sure there are no walking death-bots around. If there are, initiate self-destruuct mode.

Drone X-3719:Roger. Advancing.
[Image: 047a4e3ef7.PNG]
Commander:"Everybody, weapons out and safeties off. I have a feeling we're not alone."
Engineer:"Oh that's comforting. And all I have is this craptacular pistol!"
Soldier:"Look man just hang back. We will handle all of this. It's probably nothing."
Commander:"Nothing? Thinking that's gonna get your ass shot. Always be alert and on your toes. That's how I got this far and I'm not changing it now."
Soldier:"Alright fine. Whatever you say."
Engineer:"This won't end well, I see it already."
My posts have less pzazz. :(
No big deal. I just like building characters, even if they are just soulless machines who will probably not make it out of this alive.
[Image: 55f8a5d02d.png]

Drone X-3719:scanning floor one and two...Scanning complete. 4 hostiles detected. Not 100% sure, proceeding to floor two.

Drone A-183:Drone Leader, A.I. has been detected by the window. Awaiting orders.

Drone Leader:Don't attack unless you have taken damadge.

Drone A-183:Roger that.
(05-15-2011 01:33 AM)TheL20 link Wrote: [ -> ]No big deal. I just like building characters, even if they are just soulless machines who will probably not make it out of this alive.

I forgot to mention that the doors/ladders/stairs arent in the picture.
Hey hey, no big deal. I can adapt on the fly.
[Image: 4085be2edd.PNG]
The drone takes a peek at the strange objects outside. It emits the image it sees to the rest of the team via holographic projection.
Engineer:"Damn, that thing looks nasty..."
Soldier:"How many outside?"
Scout drone:"Sensors are detecting:
There is a slight pause as it computes the request.
Scout drone:3 hostiles present."
Commander:"Looks like we might be in for a fight boys. We have no idea what they're capable of, so stay on alert."
Engineer:"Oh god what if these things shoot lasers? Or acid? Or what if they EXPLODE VIOLENTLY when they get near you?!?"
Soldier:"Calm down, man! We can handle this! I don't even think they know we're here! We can take them totally by surprise!"
Commander:"My thoughts exactly. Red, you and I will be advancing. Yellow, Hang back we might need some medical if this doesn't go as planned."
Engineer:"You're just planning for the inevitable aren't you?"
hee hee!
[Image: 8900893c8b.png]

Drone X-3719:Hostiles detected. Commencing self destruct in T- 5, 4 ,3...


The IDFS Drones outside eyes turn red.

Engineer:Shoot it!!!
You should get some reinforcments. So should I...
If it's all the same with you, I would prefer it if you didn't speak for my characters.
[Image: cad539c0d3.PNG]
The Trio open fire, as the weaponless scout drone watches it's protectors. The Engineer, having no formal weapons training, completely botches his shot, as it flies into the ground. The soldier, having been programmed with combat subroutines and targeting parameters, Lets loose a small burst of shots. One misses and buries itself in the floor, while the other strikes the machine just below the eye. The Commander, being the best shot here, Fires off one, high-powered round. It strikes the bot in the lower finlike projection and sends chunks of it flying.
Reenforcements, you say? How many and how strong?
[Image: 85efecb664.png]

The Scout drone explodes sending debris in all directions.

drone Leader:Thats the signal. Move ahead, Im contacting reinforcements.

Drone A-183:Roger. Drone 6-B, follow me and fire at any hostiles.

Drone 6-B:Roger.
(05-15-2011 02:40 AM)TheL20 link Wrote: [ -> ]Reenforcements, you say? How many and how strong?

Hmm... maybe about five? Dont forget a match rule, clean other players effects! (Not that you have to its just really nice)
There, cleaned it. Also, The image is darkening. I'm going to assume you're using internet explorer. Please know that this is a bad thing. Please get a new internet browser to correct this issue before the match darkens to the point of no return. Please note that it's getting there.
[Image: 8421f4a934.PNG]
Commander:"That's one down with a nice-sized explosion. Remember to keep your distance. I'm calling for reenforcements now."
Engineer:"Oh god oh god oh god they explode my lord it was right in front of me I could have died I could have been dead if I didn't hear it coming..."
Soldier:"Dude get a grip! We have to fight for our lives now and we need you sane!"
Commander:"This is patrol unit 8473, under fire from unknown hostiles. Requesting reenforcements, over."
Command Dispatch:"Patrol unit 8473 standby, reenforcements are en route to your location, ETA 2 minutes, over."
Commander:"Copy that dispatch."
My empire isn't just robots. Humans also! But they arent finished. My robots are though.

[Image: 271d08824b.png]

Drone Leader:Reinforcements should be here in about 3 miniuets.

Drone A-183:Roger. Proceeding to floor two. Activate self destruct only if necesarry. We don't want this mission to fail.

Drone 6-B:Roger. Cloaking?

Drone A-183:If we were drone scouts we could. We are regular models with no main ability. Just that we can acctually communicate with humans and other A.I. while on the other hand, scouts and engineers just follow orders.

I can't. This is my dads computer and he would ground me. I tried it before.
Then wow, you've got a lot of brightening each turn to do. I just freshened up the entire image for this go-around. Do your best to keep your units and the map their original, respective colors.
[Image: a3cc7b00a8.PNG]
Commander:"Reenforcements are coming. We just have to survive until they get here. Yellow!"
Commander:"Rebuild that drone into something we can use!"
Engineer:"Yes sir!"
The engineer sets about reconfiguring the scout drone, while the Soldier and the Commander cover him.
Soldier:"If we get out of this alive, the upgrades are on me."
Commander:"Sounds like a plan. Let's give yellow some cover, shall we?"
High Command:"We have a vehicle en-route to your location now. ETA is in approximately 1 minute, hang tight."
I will definately refresh! Ill also replace my sprites.
[Image: a1c37dd56e.png]

Drone Leader: Drones, 2 minuets untill reinforcments arrive. Watch the air.

Drone A-183:Roger

Drone 6-B stays silent
I think that's the wrong image... Either way I'm done for the night. More tomorrow, then.
crap it is. Ill fix it
[Image: 1b61ff29e2.PNG]
The engineer continues work on reconstructing the drone. He looks about halfway done. The Commander and the Soldier hold their positions.
Commander:"Remember: Short, controlled bursts. Aim for their eye or just below the fin. The armor isn't as strong in either place."
Soldier:"What if they shoot back at us?"
Commander:"Then hit the damn floor! Didn't they teach you anything in programming?"
The sound of tires screeching to a halt comes from off to the left, followed by the sound of several robots running for the ensuing conflict.
???(Feminine voice):"Let's go move it move it move it! They're through here!"
???(Male voice):"I got it i'm moving!"
???(Monotone Machine voice):"Orders confirmed. Weapon armed. Targeting systems engaged. Moving to conflict."
[Image: 98c1f16744.png]

Drone A-183:Activating Focus laser. Fall in behind me.

Drone 6-B:Roger. Falling in behind you.

Drone A-183 charges his laser to attack aware that the hostiles reinforcements are coming.

Drone Leader:Reinforcements will arrive in one minuet. Watch the skys.

The faint sound of rocket engines fill the sky.

I wont be home for about an hour or two.

[Image: e9a7953d92.png]

This is a color palette with the original colors.
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