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Full Version: The four-hour war - Agent10361 vs TheL20 - FINISHED
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[Image: 5770a8705a.png]
Drones A-3 and A-4 break through the wall and the stairs fall out.
Drones A-1 and A-2 get out a bit later
Drone A-2:Hostiles detected. There is also a virus blocking the internet. I'm going to get rid of that.
Drone A-1:Ok, A-3 and A-4, put your firewalls up in case the virus gets to our system.
All beep comes from all the drones.
Drone A-1:Good. If you locate any hostiles, open fire with your phasers. If their threat level is high, divert all your power to defense.
A-2, A-3, and A-4:Roger
[Image: 47361b7862.PNG]
Everyone goes about their business, not much to say.
Commander:"Did you hear something?"
Pilot:"No, why?"
[Image: 198845833e.png]
Drones A-3 and A-4 stop at the next door. A-3 decides it would be better If he melted the lock instead of blasting it down and alerting any enemys if he didnt already.
Drone A-2:Ok I eliminatted that virus. Now I can...wait...That wasn't the internet! That was a dropships main system! I bet my spare parts it was that one we saw earlier!
Drone A-1:Oh what a relief. Wait! Did you say dropship!? New objective:Seek and destroy. Don't let anyone escape!
[Image: f3511e4558.PNG]
The Soldier steps down first, followed by Rain. They weren't expecting company.
Soldier:"Um... hi?"
Rain:"Ok listen I really don't have the time to just shoot you both to death right now can we just go on about our lives and pretend we never met?"
Elite #1:"Wow, she's using diplomacy. This is a first and last."
[Image: 9e6a233dde.png]
Drone A-1:Move along. We have strong sheilds so don't attempt anything foolish.
Drone A-2:Before you move along, I'd like to ask you a question, was that your dropship that recently crashed onto this ship? If it was you should probably leave before A-3 and A-4 find you. They will tear you to scrap metal.
[Image: 441ace5527.PNG]
Soldier:"Ok cool."
Rain:"Quick, grab some wiring from that fuse box or whatever the hell it is."

Meanwhile, at the dropship...

Engineer:"Hey, The virus just disappeared!"
Engineer:"Yeah! It's a freaking miracle! Now all I need are those wires..."
[Image: ed3d7d2970.png]
The two drones move along. A-3 and A-4 turn around to go to the next floor.
Drone A-1:Well that went well.
Drone A-2:You took the words right from my processor.
[Image: f38b363418.PNG]
The soldier rips the length of wiring running to the box clean off. It shuts down all the computers upstairs. They head for the dropship, with the wiring in tow.
Soldier:"You know, these guys aren't so bad."
Rain:"Just because they show reason does not mean you should let your guard down."
Soldier:"Right, sorry."
The Commander finally gets bored of his watch.
Commander:"Sick of staring at a solid steel wall, gonna help out with the dropship."
[Image: b9141d9798.png]
Drone A-3 charges up his laser to blast through the window. A loud hum fills the air.
You used the wrong pic, it still shows the wiring box undamaged.

Actually, I just noticed it's the same one you used on your last turn.

And you should check this thread http://picturewars.net/smf/index.php?topic=111.0 Because it seems you're the one who is darkening the images.
Aperently you didn't read the first of this match. Me and TheL20 already went through that. But now I realise I did use the wrong picture.
[Image: cead69c74d.PNG]
Rain and the Soldier continue walking back to their dropship. The Commander ducks behind the dropship by using the powers of the THIRD DIMENSION. How did we acheive such an amazing scientific feat? All we had to do was (INFORMATION CLASSIFIED) and it's literally as simple as that! The Commander hears a loud humming noise in the distance.
Commander:"What was that... you know what I don't even care. I just want to get back home."
[Image: 5c6d276cbd.png]
Drone A-3 fires his laser at the window. (His laser was set on low so the window won't break until next turn)
Drone A-1:They better not be firing at those robo-sapiens(if you don't know what a robo sapien is I'll tell you but I'm assuming you do know)
I know what a Robo-Sapien is. Excellent refresh, by the way.
[Image: f9ad81eef9.PNG]
The Commander starts climbing into the dropship. Onboard, the Engineer works his magic a bit more.
Engineer:"The comms should be back online."
Pilot:'Sweet, I'll try and contact High Command, tell em what happened. High Command this is Dropship 4968, come in."
???:"Dropship 4968, what you have onboard - The enemy command unit -  Is it still intact?"
Pilot:"Yeah, it is... hang on, who is this?"
???:"YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS ASKING ME QUESTIONS! What you have there is more valuable than all of your lives put together. If you lose that unit, don't even bother coming back to base. Am I making myself clear?"
Pilot:"Y... Yes sir."
The voice on the other end bursts into static and the signal is lost.
Pilot:"Engy, what that who I think it was? Please tell me I just heard things."
Engineer:"That's impossible! The Crimson Guard is leading this operation now? How important IS this drone?!?"
Pilot:'What's taking them so long with that cable?!?"
Thanks. It makes for a good way to use up time.
[Image: b4fd83e836.png]
Drone A-1:Oh good just a window. Now, A-2, whatever you may do, don't make a fight with them to make us all scrap metal. And DO NOT say anything about our current plans.
Drone A-2:Hey, is that a disabled drone in there?!
Drone A-1: WHAT?! Alright set your lasers to high and never mind about what I just said.
Drone A-2:Already done.
Drone A-1:We also have suprise on our side this time!
[Image: 22780d4a49.PNG]
Rain:''Hey kid."
Rain:"Shoot them both in the back. They've seen too much."
Soldier:"If you say so."
The Soldier readies his weapon. The Commander, Pilot, and Engineer are oblivious.
[Image: 3a24f36000.png]
Drone A-1 hears the hostiles and turns immediately. It didn't take him long to charge his laser and fire at the enemy soldier.
Drone A-1:Command, If we go down, make sure they do too.color]
[color=red]Command:Will do A-1. We are awaiting a signal.
That seems a bit.. Meta.
But if TheL20 doesn't care, neither won't I.
What do you mean by "Meta"?
It's alright. His random shot gave me an excuse to do this:
[Image: c5f46fd642.PNG]
The lazer from the Drone flies straight into Rain's SMG. A High pitched whine is emitted as this happens. Moments later...
[Image: 564b3e3658.PNG]
Her gun glows with a crackling, red energy as it jumps about in her hand. The Soldier ducks and fires off two shots at the drone. As is his habit, one hits and the other misses. Rain, now struggling to keep a hold on her weapon, points it directly at the drones.
Rain:"Let's see how YOU like a beam aimed at your face!"
Soldier:"Do you have any idea what that'll do when you pull the trigger?!?"
Rain:"Not a clue! So stay down!"
This commotion is heard in the Dropship.
Commander:"That must be them. I'm heading out."
Pilot:"Sounds like a fight... Do be careful and aim for the head."
Commander:"Will do."
[Image: 2df3a09cfc.png]
Drone A-2 flees knowing what is most likely going to happen...Especially since Drone A-1 decided to fire a purple beam at the hostiles.
Drone A-2:RETREAT!
Drone A-3:Why?!
Drone A-4:Power source located. Power level:EXTREME.
Drone A-4:ALRIGHT COME ON!!!!!!!
Drone A-3:If it's not the end of the world then I'm blaming you two for making me miss a perfect chance to annihalate them.
[Image: 4a0926d189.PNG]
Rain pulls the trigger. A massive, red beam exits her gun, barely misses the soldier, and collides with the enemy's beam. The two of them stop each other, but Rain's bean will slowly advance if nothing is done.
The Commander exits the dropship.
[Image: dc103c3721.png]
The Drone fires a more powerful beam. Now both lasers will charge up untill the world blows up as we know it!!!(Kidding). The lasers will charge up until both weapons overheat, or blow up. (You choose TheL20)
Drone A-3:Wow that looks intense! It would be super awesome if that was me!
Drone A-4:He's crazy isn't he?
Drone A-2:Now I know how you feel. Oh wait nevermind.
Drone A-3 slows down A-2 and A-4 know what's going through his system. They don't slacken their speed even a bit.
[Image: 203786610a.PNG]
Rain, not backing down from a challenge, lets loose even more firepower. her gun glows and the moisture in the air around said gun turns to steam from the heat. The Soldier wants no part in this, and dives out of the way.
Soldier:"Let me know if you win!"
The Commander watches it all, speechless. The rest of the dropship crew watches in anticipation.
Pilot:"What'll happen if they don't stop?"
Engineer:"Either one of two things... Either one of them will win, or somebody's weapon will give out first."
Pilot:'You sure they won't explode violently after a while?"
Engineer:"They'd have to keep hitting each other like that for a bit, but yes it's within the realms of possibility, if both of them last that long."
[Image: 396b35e9f4.png]
The air around Drone A-1 stats to steam also. He powers up his laser even more. But where is he getting his extra power?
Drone A-2:Has he got a suicide virus or something?
Drone A-4:No, he just wants to blow up violently.
Drone A-2:Oh.
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