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Full Version: SpartanApples' Maps: Cities, ships and underground bases oh my
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[Image: BlackMesa.png]


[Image: BlackMesaFull.png]


[Image: Whitecity.png]


[Image: Freeruncity.png]


[Image: frozencity.png]


[Image: 50ssuburb.png]


[Image: ship.png]


[Image: XIVCPK.png]


[Image: Cargogame.png]


[Image: VCnOsc.png]


[Image: 0Gvqsa.png]


[Image: dropdead.png]


[Image: rq0nys.png]


[Image: usU6gD.png]

*This was a collab map between me, Binkow, and Synth, for a wasteland RP.


[Image: Empirebay.png]


[Image: 934empirebayuptown.png]


[Image: empirebayuptownnight.png]


[Image: UP05bZ.png]


[Image: holbycity.png]


[Image: deanshutbase.png]


[Image: fittonhill.png]


[Image: Sector7b.png]


I've always liked your map style.
I may or may not like your art style, cubeupload is a piece of shit and won't load any of them


You tried ctrl + f5, Metal?
I get a 404 if I try and load the image URL, ctrl F5 didn't help
I'd reupload them all but it'd take way too long :v:

I think I'll probably start using dropbox though since a lot of people seem to have problems with cube.
Do you have the updated freerun city? The one with the city background.
(02-25-2011 09:21 PM)Creeding link Wrote:Do you have the updated freerun city? The one with the city background.

The one in the OP is the most updated, but this is the older version:

[Image: b65600freerungame.png]
[Image: ad82996e6e.png]

Cue remaking an old map.
I remember when I bloodied that map up. :v:
Aye, you are good at making a nice pleasant place look ravaged by flesh eaters.
[Image: d650e5afca.png]

Doing my best to try and finish this map so we maybe can get a good PWRP going, but it's so hard after so long!

[Image: iELVHN.png]

Making a new map :D

It started off with just the two top buildings, but I thought it would be too boring so I'm adding in a sewer and cave system. C&C?
You probably already have it on you to-do, but if not, it could use more ground-level scenery, and a background etc. I like the sewer system, could make for interesting vertical gameplay. Perhaps add some natural hazards in the sewer, or a 'dark secret' or something, like research labs?

I like the abandoned feel in the buildings, especially the wallpaper in the leftmost building. Perhaps more of a worn-out feel in the sewers too?
I still need to add some grass and trees and a city-scape etc yeah. I also plan to add some water or something coming out the pipe but I really like the idea of labs or some shizzle like that. Thank you :)
I love your vintage styled maps. Especially the cars.
These are amazing, and look pretty simple to edit too, great job.
[Image: LLlgNE.png]

Still a w.i.p but its getting there, I was trying the think of a way to connect the top of the sewer to the bottom without having another ladder or units having to grapple down. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out , but what do you lot think?
I think it looks good, although i'd point out that unless the land has shifted to a serious degree, a tree wouldn't grow on a slant like that, it'd just go straight up
I thought it looked a but silly  :doh:
Final point haha, the wrecked car wouldn't still be burning unless it was recently wrecked, which contradicts a long-abandoned feel. Other than that, I really like the map!
Why not do some scaffolding in the sewers?

[Image: cBPRCb1.jpg]
Ah that seems like a much better idea then the fallen walkway :D
[Image: UP05bZ.png]

Made the changes, hopefully this ones finished now :D
[Image: iYyop6.png]

Working on a new map, it's another city one but oh well. Complete with hospital, carpark, and generic apartment building. Maybe when it's done I'll link all my city maps together into one giant one :v:
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