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Full Version: Agent's Collection of maps! Updated 19/04/2014
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I'll change it again :v

Yup, i was to lazy to copy paste one from my other maps (they are all the same!), maybe, it was originally meant to be a breached lab and everyone was sucked out and thrown into space. Never thought of adding an immobile mech suit! I'll try that. As for aliens, I'll add their corpses ;)
And maybe some turrets you can activate. Or a shuttle. Some gravity lifts.
So many suggestions! Anyway, I only have half an hour to work right now, got back from running, about to do some more O.o
Updated! Give me suggestions, here is what I'm thinking about right now:

*A forest with an abandoned shack or something
*Floating base
*Underwater base
*ANOTHER sky bridge
*Sky city!!!!
Updated the thread again. Even though I have a list of almost 50 map possibilities, I want suggestions. I want to make maps that people would actually use.
It seems I have a hand in just about every map nowadays.
Up until very recently yours were the colours I based a lot of my maps off. They're just great general colours.
You can't really change the lighting in a map without making the armies look awkward, either.

PW_Rock (If you make it look like a hostile rocky-deserty place rather than an eyesore shape)
PW_Beach Overlook could be really nice, but the concrete base makes it hard for anything except modern armies to use effectively.
(I'd recommend just making a small yet interesting cave system and letting people make their own bases to match their armies)
PW_The Fifth Plane needs better colours (That don't make armies look awkward) and some interesting terrain rather than just bumpy ground and a hole.
I'll probably change back to your colors, since they are better

I'll improve upon Rock, eventually.
Beach Overlook was going to be used for an epic match/RP, but that was abandoned so I think I will make a cave system and make it a sandbox map. I was running out of ideas anyway.
I'll choose better colors for the 5th plane, too.
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