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Full Version: Agent's Collection of maps! Updated 19/04/2014
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:tophat: I added some resources for the resource war map. I'm not ready to republish.
Not to offend you or anything, but this doesn't look anything near good.
1. The top map is just two boxes over each other, no playing value whatsoever.
2. The bunker looks kinda nice.
3. It's obviously a DTK map, but it only has a little building and a single oil pocket, lacks about everything.
4. The resource war map, ironically lacks resources. There is no way to get from one side to the other and the caves are just large chasms.

what I suggest if you want to keep making maps is taking a look at maps skilled people made like Mirokan, Lto, or Metal and try to figure out yourself what it is that they have and yours don't.


Adding to Denmen's points, you must also be careful not to focus too heavily on other maps. What I mean by that is try and develop your own style, your own train of thought (or dragging the pencil tool) - that will lead you to greatness (examples of this, as Den mentioned, are in the various styles of Mirokan, Lto and Chao's maps)
Well I said i was no-wheres near finished did I not? And denmen, I'm not offended. I looked at a couple maps and they are awesome! But I'm continuing to work on them all.
[Image: 3dd4367666.png]
Only a bit of updates. I want to finish this one.
[Image: 8f75df8974.png]
My resource war map with some resources (I'm adding a darker color of rock later) Also made some shadows and such.
[Image: 544ea20b07.png]
Added rust to broken parts in the wall. Also made a water barrel with a hole in it.

Expect lots more updates over the weekend! (Don't bother saying I have no life because I do)
I just realised my resources are almost taller than a human. I'll fix that. Don't worry.
Ground is flat. Very unnatural. Add some uneven earth, rocks and other relevant doodads.
Where the hell did all those bits of wall go?

Add some rubble inside and outside the building.
Oh I never thought of that. Thanks Omega! Creeding, I already added uneven ground but forgot to upload it.
[Image: 9d0aa63e46.png]
Adding rocks later.
[Image: 6b71185ae5.png]
Added a building, a tunnel that leads into the cave with rope and sniper tower thing, random blood splats, bridge to get to caves, uneven rock, debris, more blood, etc.
[Image: 4e7f7f75b1.png]
Finished this map. Ready for matches. (I will still update it if you guys feel it should have more detail)
make the rope a bridge, as it decreases the annoyance of death by drowning
I see you have a thing for destroyed buildings.
@ Omega Yes I do. I also made my resource war map non-resource war. I just can't get the hang of making resources.
@wolfius If you mean the one to get to other caves than those are wood bridges. If you meant the hole on the top cave, left side I'll try.
not the hole top left part, i mean that rope in the middle, you know, turn into a log or something
Sure. The cave without a building is empty. What can I put in there?
a tunnel, to show that people have already been there and converted it, then left for mysterious reasons
There already is :P
darn you! ok....some sort of grafiti, drawn in blud
blud? really?
yes, blud, it's a cave, make it feel like your being watched by higher powers
The building is already stained with it. Who cares there is never enough!
[Image: cea40951c5.png]
Making this map an epic sandbox! Added a floating rock and there is all that airspace for more stuff. Suggestions?
interior detail, agent, it looks like it's just been built, and then become derelict.
Oh shit I forgot about the interior! Anything else?
a way to get in, too
more than four ways already. The whole left side of the place, parachute, drop-ship, teleportation, falling, etc.
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