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Full Version: The for the love of god put your art in here rather than start a new one thread
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There are fucking loads of threads for peoples art which will probably die/are dead. If you really want to start your own then go ahead, but please try to put stuff in here, it's better when it's just a big thread that you can scroll through to see different art, rather than having to trawl through each individual thread for only a few pictures. I'll get the ball rolling:
[Image: big_bird6.png]

Still a work in progress, but it's a start, and it sure as hell isn't worth it's own thread.
Personally I actually think it's nicer in seperate threads, but if people want one big thread I won't stop you
I prefer the separate threads too.
Also that's really nice.
Does that rat have a monocle? Awesome. Really love your work krumbs.
Thanks. It's like a mark on it's fur that looks like a monocle, because I always draw animals like that which are too boring, it would of just been a rat otherwise. Had to spice it up.

Also having to look through each thread is so annoying, I don't mind if you want to make your own threads, this is just an option for those who don't want to or think the piece they have done is not worthy of it's own thread.
Oh nice, I guess I'll dump a couple doodles in a bit then.
Guess I'll just leave this here then.

[Image: baby_by_doctorvegetables-d3dvppe.png]
0.0 oh god.
[Image: f0d1358419.png]
it's basically a mock-up of a game that I heard about. It's about protecting your house from the raising ocean level.
That game sounds awesome.
I updated the character sprite for my game, now I've got to redo loads of animations D:
[Image: upd.png]
It looks like he's turned from special government secret weapon, to homeless robot.
Some people tell me they smile at babies, for some reason I smile at homeless people.
[Image: ORalgF.png]
This is supposed to be a sort of hitman/James Bond character. I think he turned out all right except the length of his arms, but it may also be his leg shortness which makes his arms looks strange.

[Image: UYjECD.png]
Well I've now realized that the moon in the second poster is far too damn close, and I didn't even want it there in the first place. Ah well, you live you learn. Anyways these are supposed to be two propaganda posters, one for humans and one for aliens. Thought it turned out pretty good so I'm sharing.
Very nice, that mustache in the first one seems off. the propaganda posters are nice.
The moustache seems fine to me, but what does bother me is the fact that the man in the 'ENLIST' poster seems to have mumps.
Mustaches tend to grow on the actual lip, not sprout from the nose.
Yes I realize that now, it should be in line with the wee dimple on the upper lip not above it. I thought there was something that looked odd about it. Also I see what you mean by the guy having the mumps, it was supposed to be a good old manly jaw, but now he just looks ill. Damn.
It's not a moustache, just well-kept nasal hair.
Ugh. All that hair growing out of your nose.
[Image: 8Yeuz.png]
Hey, hey, lady, hey lady, I'm in space.
is that a custom sprite, or is it from a game?
If I put it in a game, it would be both.
Urk white outlines.
If that spaceship isn't ever going to be on another colour background I'd AA it if I were you.
What's wrong with white outlines, they look kinda good. Plus I think it should look like a game screenshot and so AA wouldn't fit (it would probably be moving)
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