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Full Version: Denisov Vs Kommy: Frozen Hell
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[Image: a54e38524e.png]

A Forward Recon force of Royal Marines forges onwards through the snow

"Who had the bright idea to stick us here anyways?"
"Cram it and keep moving, Private"
"Easy for you to say! All nice and cozy in that suit a' yours"
"Radio silence, Now"
A Clanker scouting party approaches their objective, the bridge over river Sturm.
[Image: piJ6C.png]
Mien Gott, pretty cold out here today, eh Becker?
Cut it! Keep low coming over that hill. Hostiles front.
[Image: 258b679bcd.png]
"Contact...Looks like just two. Awaiting orders to engage"
[Image: dmSND.png]
They see us sir!

No they don't, hold position and wait for my orders.
[Image: ad4e727c58.png]
"Green on fire mission. Firing for effect"
The massive rifle roars out, sending the shell down range. It sears through the mound of snow and hits the man behind in the shoulder. The round tears a path through flesh and armor alike, as the round was designed to disable light armored vehicles. It slams into the earth behind the target.
"Good hit"
They seem to be being attacked by a large blob of flesh and blood.
Sorry, wont be able to post today do to the fact I just got home and I'm pretty sick.
I honestly have no idea what you're talking about
Man down! Man down! Where the hell is everyone?
[Image: qtbaj.png]
[Image: 2b004752fd.png]
"Return fire!"
[Image: Km70c.png]
This is Carlsbad 2-1, Turtledove, do you copy me?
[b]Go ahead Carlsbad, wheres 1-
Hes down, requesting some support. I swear my father knows the Kaiser!
[b]....Ya Mien Wander Captain! Diverting a squad to you. Out.

In the distance, the faint sound of gears clanking and the voices of officers is carried the though air.
[Image: c5eabe78a2.png]
"Keep firing! Dont let up!"
[Image: 5DAu3.png]
Where those Junkers, I say?
All the way, back in Paree, playing with the mademoiselles!
Where are those Majors?
In a deep dugout!
Where are the Sergeants?
Back of the group!
Whos in front?
Hanging dead on the wire!
Us landsers lead the way!
[Image: fe4473d3fd.png]
"Word from fleet. We're due for reinforcements here shortly"
"Good. You two, lets scout on ahead"
The wounded marine starts to bandage his wounds
[Image: YwSRX.png]
"We have to take this bridge."
Gesturing in the vague direction of their objective, the officer catches his breath. Every breath brings the pain of millions of invisible icicles burrowing into his lungs.
"Thanks to the Junker back at base, we have a lovely Wander KV to help us out. There are some WanderPanzers up there too."
"Then where is all the gun fire sir?"
"Maybe they killed all the assholes on the other side."

Starring into the sky above, Becker feels the freezing air bite at the hole in his chest armor
[Image: 37ec9a0052.png]
"We have reinforcements on the ground, en route"
[Image: z6i96.png]
Rushing into cover, the German troopers take cover where their WanderPanzer comrades once stood.
[Image: a368980f2a.png]
The trooper shot in the head slides forwards, the round stopped dead by his helmet. After decades of development, they finally had a helmet that could stop small arms fire.

The same, how ever, could not be said for the poor trooper behind the snow mound. His skull was thoroughly ventilated by a 14mm round from the Power Suit trooper.

A high pitched roar resounds over the frozen wasteland as an Infantry Support Vehicle glides over the snow effortlessly.
[Image: cuf8v.png]
Sprayed by his comrade's blood and brain matter, the officer raises his arm to shield his face.
Adjusting his fire, the trooper on the top of the hill continues firing onto the hostiles on the bridge.

Where the hell is that Panzer? Why the hell did we bring it if we aren't even using it for fucks sake?
[Image: 1254454aae.png]

The power suit soldier throws his hand up to shield his face out of reflex as his visor shatters. He squints his eye to prevent bits of broken poly-glass from getting in them

The wounded soldier finishes bandaging himself and joins the fight, laying down fire on full auto to cover his comrades on the bridge
[Image: CdYuv.png]
Taking cover behind the tower debris, the trooper spots the nose of what appears to be a tank.
TAAAAAAAAANK! Where the fuck is our armor?

The officer charges the troops on the bridge, firing from the hip.
[Image: ddabcbf8fd.png]
The powersoldier goes down, shot in the head. The trooper behind him goes down with a shot to the gut, the round squeezing between two plates of armor

"Shit, Stevens is down! So is James!"

The engineer fires two rounds of 12 gauge slug from his shotgun, one hitting the officer in the shoulder. The wounded trooper on the hill continues laying down fire, in bursts.

This is Charlie Nine Three, spinning up barrels. Short bursts
[Image: 6zoEj.png]
Clanking up the hill, the KV has little to worry about as it crests the hill.
Target front! AP! Give me AP now!

The round to his shoulder further enrages officer now that he cant fire his rifle.Charging across the bridge. The officer draws his service Walther with his good arm and fires at the lone trooper. Sending rounds whizzing past his head.

Near the cave, the trooper who was hit slumps down and begins the painful process of slowly bleeding to death.
[Image: ed3e0c0ca8.png]
New target acquired. Re-adjusting elevation. Firing in bursts.
The engineer fires another round, falling short of the target. The slug tears through the thigh bone of the officer.

The rounds from the IFV fills the air in a hail of hot lead. The armor piercing rounds slam into the leg of the KV, punching through the armor.
[Image: 7sfsU.png]

Scarred, the KV manages to go out with a bang as its main gun is fired by a surviving crewman.

Collapsing into the hard packed snow. The officer watches the rounds zip back and forth over his head.
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