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Full Version: Glowsticks VS. Hobbesy: Overpass Attack
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[Image: 163063fcf3.png]
"Command this is Gunnery Sergent Jacobs of the Cerberus Assault Mecha # 02458. Over?"
"Rodger that Jacobs. Go ahead."
"Reporting clean visual on what appears to be a strange black 'obelysk' at meteor touchdown point. Small objects are rotating around it as if it has a gravitational field of some-sort....... Further orders?"
"Maintain current position, and hold the objective till other teams can arrive. Sat Dec's reporting multiple touchdowns all across the eastern side of the planet, so it could be some time.... Command Out."

"Its always bloody freaking recon... We never get any real action just: "Oh. Guard this" or "Oh! Guard that." bollocks I tell you."
"Oh Quite down Winters. I'd rather be out here than twiddling my thumbs back at base...."

"Sooooo. What do you think of these Obelisks?" Puffs the soldier between breaths of his ciggarette.
"Not the talkative type I see.......Nevermind then..."
[Image: KAY2o.png]

A group of Tadain infantry move forward, an assault gun not far behind them. The man on point scrambles up a section of collapsed overpass, and spots the mech.

"Hey! Hey! Everyone get down, we've got contacts to the front!"

Upon hearing this the group crouches, and the gun comes to a slow crawl, but still makes its way forward. The third man in line, who just happens to be the leader of the squad, consults the Consciousness for his next plan of action. It comes back to him in record time, with his subordinates already preparing for the orders they have been given.

It is fortunate they no longer have to fear death.

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[Image: a341f608d2.png]
"Contacts Sighted! Moving rapidly towards Impact point at 100 yards out! Permission to engage!.... FIRING!"
"KABOOM!" The Cerberus's main cannon fires a HE round which detonates slightly too far away from the majority of the enemy to cause major damage,but sprays shrapnel and napalm directly in front of the man on point.
"Contacts! Spot me Jacobs I need ranges on targets!" Winters dives into a prone position and takes aim at Spotted targets.
"Bloody Taidan crawling all over the western side. Heavy fire support approaching at 600 yards. First target 400 yards down range  directly behind the flag bearer."

"*sigh*... Well I guess our 'break' is over......." The soldier takes one last puff on his cigarette as his silent companion walks by.
[Image: OMaOg.png]

"It's a good thing they haven't spotted us, I don't want to know what that mech can d-ERGH!"

The man on point is torn apart by the mech's cannon, and the group takes it as a signal to charge forward at the enemy lines. They make sure to keep out of sight of the mech's anti-personnel weapons by darting in between the wreckage and ruins in the no-man's land.

The assault gun covers the attack, its coilgun laying down a field of fire on the snipers spotting the infantry. In its suppression it blows through the thick metal of a streetlight above them, sending shards of metal and glass towards the pavement.
[Image: 6085f9ecbd.png]

://Cereberus autoloader loading anti-personnel fragmentation rounds...

"Holy SH-INCOMING!"Screams Jacobs as he dives into cover.
"Jacobs....lay low.....go dark.....let them think they killed us or made us bug out....."

"Awwww MAN! Now my boots are gonna be soaked......Takes ages for these damn things to dry out "
[Image: 10591.png]

The flag bearer charges forward, firing his pistol haphazardly at the mech and the infantry near him. The rest of the infantry behind him regroup.

Farther back, the assault gun raises its barrel to bombard the enemy positions.
[Image: 97c0a6733b.png]
"Cerberus firing anti-personnel round! Keep your heads down!"
Jacobs and Winters continue their hiding, their suits automatically activating radar/Ir/Visual dampening filters.
"Contacts down front 10 yards away!" Hisses the lead soldier, breaking out of his silent composure.
[Image: zfX1E.png]

With a loud and thunderous crack a solid metal rod flies from the barrel of the assault gun's weapon. There's no reason to believe that the infantry it was suppressing have simply broken off and run with such heavy support, and an attempt to shatter the road they're on should get them moving. After all, it has nothing to fear of their small arms fire with its far heavier armor. Unfortunately the same can't be said for its allies a few short meters away.

Pinned under the rubble of the overpass, two are brought down swiftly by the mech's anti-personnel weapons. The only survivor, and just barely at that, is the assault soldier, taking a chunk of shrapnel to the knee cap. He quickly turns off the nervous system of the body he is using to cope with the pain which floods through his sensors, and his time to do battle is now limited with the blood gushing forth from the wound.
[Image: 77c290c404.png]
"Heavy Weapons incominnngg!"
Screams Winter's as he hastily crawls backwards from the now weakened bridge end. "Jacobs! Call in the cavalry that guns gonna tear our team to shreds!"
"Code: Scorpio. Requesting Air support. Coordinates X:01703 Y:01247. Target... Taidan Anti-tank weaponry and light infantry. Warning. Close proximity to obelisk and friendlies. Extreme caution needed. Scorpio out."
"Cerberus A.I reporting targets hit. remaining targets 3-5. Autogun firing..."

"Hey! Hey! you seeing that! The pillars absorbing that exposion!.... Bloody hell!"
The two soldiers take up positions behind the large rubble.
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[Image: V8yL8.png]

With a little less half of his attacking force cut down in only a few short minutes, and the rest huddling behind a massive mound of rubble, the leader of the force is left with a decision. Retreat, and continuing the fight. After a small bout of pondering, an obvious answer is reached. Retreat is simply not an option, and additional reinforcements will be required to keep the pressure on the enemy a scant few meters away.

With the enemy radio broadcasts intercepted by higher forces, interceptors are sent in route to attack their air support. Coupled with the now scrambling robotic arm of the Tadain, and the sounds of the assault gun's autoloader slamming a new rod into the magnetic chambers of the firing mechanism, it becomes oblivious that more bloodshed is inevitable on this small field of battle.
[Image: 6163ff5bbf.png]
Suddenly an unnerving voice booms "pYlOnS aCtIvATEd!" and bright beams of light fire from pylons across the planet.

"Winters..... You seeing this?"

"Bloody Hell......."

"Scorpio..... Scorpio....... Did you say "close proximity to Obelysk?"
"Scorpio over: Yes.... yes I did."
"Batten down your hatches... all local air support scrambled to your position...... eta five minutes. Controll out."

In the distance the scream of jet engines can be heard.
[Image: iUgX4.png]

As the bright lights piece the sky, the soldier under the pylon runs forward, ushering his comrades to do the same.

"They're going to be distracted by this! Now's our chance to hit them with their pants down!"

The other two make their way past the rubble, with him standing on it eying the enemy. The wounded assault soldier fires wildly at the oncoming infantry, missing most of his shots, but still laying down an impressive field of suppression.

Behind them, the assault gun also notes what is likely a current lack of enemy attention, and moves upwards to get a cheap shot at the enemy mech. Even farther above, there are shrills and the sounds of anti-gravity drivers as dropships enter the area, supported by strike craft. The fight has taken another turn, prompting each side to likely fight for this small scab of land yard by yard, bullet after bullet.
[Image: 0b5c555d84.png]
The Airsupport at last arrives picking from the bountiful targets in-front of them. In the distance the remaining fighters have adjusted course to take down enemy dropships.
"Fox 3!"
"Taidan Anti Tank vehicle sighted! Missile away!"
As the tank creeps up to take a shot at the mecha, Jacobs mutters under his breath: " Teach that bloody driver to shoot at someone with a Royal armories anti-material rifle!" Before a satisfying Kaboom is heard from the overpass, and a round smashes through the guns top turret.
"Cerberus Openign fire!"
"You Taidan bastards shot Williams! AHHHHH!"
The Enraged soldier wildly opens fire on the wounded Taidan, mostly missing but managing to score a lucky hit to the enemies chest.

As battles rage planet-wide suddenly voices are heard by many on the planet: " yOu dISgUst wiTH yOUr pEtTy sQuabLINg, AnD yOuR pRiMItIVe wAyS! pRepARE yOURsElVeS fLesHiNGs........ yOUr eNd iS nIGH!"
[Image: PLQRG.png]

The anti-gravity drive of the tank dies as the missile slams into the control center of its internal computer. The infantry's fire did hardly any damage to the vehicle, but the same can't be said for the airstrike.

Over top, the dropships hover above land and prepare to unload their cargo. The VTOLs provide covering fire, their jamming systems diverting the enemy missiles to protect the precious cargo below.
[Image: 21b0dace50.png]
A voice rumbles across the battlefield as the pylon fully activates, and in what seems liek a split second is replaced with a strange form:
"Ahhhhh! To finaly be free from that accursed form! we have waited centuries for this one moment. we are one. we will consume!"
"Shitshitshitshitshit! This is Raptor-65! hit and going down! I repeat Hit and going do-AUUGGH!!"
The other pilot realizing his wingman is most likely going to end his life ignore the strange pylon, kicks in his advanced reflexes, dumbfires all his remaining missiles at the drop ship, and accelerates to max speed. All he can think is the picture of his family taped to his control console.                                                                                                                                    [Image: dabf29fa33.png]

"Die you stupid piece of Taidan scum!" screams the soldier as he continuously fires into the dead Taidan.
":// Unknown Object spotted....Material Unknown.......Threat level: HIGH. Cerberus AI relaying info to command....."
"W-w-w-w- winters? You seeing this!? "
"Holllllyyyyy sweet mother of.....!"

Across the planet this mysterious pylon transformation is taking place. Globe-net's millitary channels are brimming with com's chatter:
"What the fuu--aaaauugH!"
"What is this thing!? Take cover! Enemy Discharge Inco....*KSssh*"
"My frakking rocket just bounced off like it was made of rubber!?"

The end of planet Kz-6049 has begun. The Reavers have arrived.
[Image: iPhrc.png]

The flying husk of what was the operating hovertank a scant few minutes ago slams into the debris on the ground, narrowly missing the leg of the tripod in front of it. The renewed chaos, and the appearance of a new opposing force prompts the commander to flee the battlefield. It will now be up to the robotic arm of the military to win the battle.

The VTOLs veer off from the attacking aircraft, their support mission done. Their main focus now is the enemy armor and infantry on the ground. Seeing a hole in the crowded airspace, the front VTOL turns down sharply and strafes the enemy territory.
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[Image: 56cb169dbf.png]
"To all NBE forces on the planet...... We are evacuating Victoria Prime.....I repeat we are evacuating Victoria Prime.... Get to your nearest evac. location, and may God be with us all."
"Frakfrakfrakfrakfrakfrakkkk! Winters we gotta get the hell outta here man!" Yells Jacobs as he runs for his life.
"Slightly busy! *Urggh.*" is the only thing Winters can come up with as he narrowly dodges a bullet by flinging himself forward, although his rifle is lost in the process. The jamming activated earlier also proceeds to further their chances of survival by rerouting missiles away from their positions.

In the air things are looking grim for the NBE forces as both fighters are on a collision course for the transport.....

Continuing his fit of rage the soldiers runs forward wildly firing at the Reaver "Ahhhh!!! DIEDIEDIE!"
"Cerberus Firing at Threat Level 10 target! Troop evacuation protocol initiated. Protect NBE troops at all cost."

"YOU DO NOT KNOW OUR POWER. OUR MIGHT. WE WILL HARVEST. WE WILL DESTROY. Bellows the Reaver as it looses a blast of what appears to be lightning at the Taidan fighter.

[Image: cbuTK.png]

The fighters slam into the hull of the dropship, exploding into a massive fireball and taking the ship down with it. The VTOL attacked by the unknown tripod suffers nearly the same fate, a jet of flame shooting out of its intakes as it veers towards the ground.

The Taidan advance has failed, and above the planet the orbital forces calculate the percentages and possible outcomes to make a tactical victory. A verdict is reached, and the verdict calls for complete orbital bombardment.
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