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Full Version: Über's thread of sketches.
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Now with 100% more chronological ordering, from oldest to newest!

[Image: 08da7c08f7.JPG]

[Image: 792ab2ccd1.JPG]
Ignore Soldier's lanky right arm. I probably won't fix it.

[Image: ef5af92219.JPG]
Dosh, grab it while it's hot! Not gonna fix his hands!

[Image: b451763b5a.JPG]
Also drew a Skeleton, Squid and Zombie, but I might post them later.

[Image: f407d13dfa.JPG]
For the April art contest.

Updated whenever I feel like drawing anything, and I might take a request if I get any.
Oh god the creeper  :gonk:
You sir, are obsessed with TF2
You seriously need to learn shading. :v:
Yeah, probably to both of those.
Fixed soldiers broken forearm, new drawing coming up whenever.
[Image: T7Z7Y8.jpg]

Drew this in a few hours. Head is slightly disproportionate, but only because I hit the top of the page. Just you try to make sense of any of the robotic crap that's in it.
Needs more hats.
He has a Master's (desaturated) Yellow Belt and a Genuine Companion Cube Pin, isn't that enough? :v:
There is never enough hats Uber. NEVER.
[Image: BpX3JD.jpg]
[Image: yJL2nN.jpg]

Minor update, new drawing. In other news, the back cover came off my sketchbook, so I can place it between the two drawings to stop them smudging. Hurrah.
spray them with hairspray
Might wanna look into and practice drawing different textures, if you don't mind me saying.
Does the sniper have a companion cube for a heart?
No its the pin from TF2
Hey hey, more content. I guess you can supply C&C, but I realise what and where most of the problems are with this.

[Image: Ylwumw.png]
[Image: ILRI4P.png]

I'm aware of some of the anatomical issues in both of those. I'll be working on getting more realistic proportions soon enough.
Needs moar dakka.
Also, you have a unique art style. Keep it ;)
If you don't mind me:

You really need to use stronger contrast, the whole drawings just look bleak and flat.
Don't mind at all. Glad you mentioned it, in fact. I'll be sure to get a few more bees onto my pencil when I do the shading. I use an HB for the basic shape and a B or 2B for the final outline and shading.
(07-14-2011 02:40 PM)Über link Wrote:*images*
I'm aware of some of the anatomical issues in both of those. I'll be working on getting more realistic proportions soon enough.
I just realized what you said. This is TF2 we're talking here.
[Image: iyMATO.png]
[Image: 1YVb17.png]

I'm finally living up to my obsession with the Medic.
nice work that looks awesome
I'll practice Demoman's physique after I've done Engy's. I'm going in order of my favourite classes.
dang that's good art
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