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Rules in Spoiler
Spoiler :
Super basic, you get one dude. To hit, flip a coin. heads hits. Each unit has 3 lives, once those lives are gone, you're dead. Losing a life doesn't necessarily mean you have to sprite your dude being hit, think of it more like 3 cat lives. We'll probably do the flipping on the discord.
Announce your flip at the top of your post and don't be a penis sil vous plait.
https://discord.gg/yT9KjJM Here's the link

[Image: tn3SWf9.png]

Ordnance facility 00643, a weapons testing ground in disputed territory was currently the site of a clandestine military exercise between a number of the less influential factions in the sector, looking to put their latest combat systems and most recent tactics into play through a two week series of tests. Currently a one-man only free-for-all was taking place, the first to arrive being a Chall, enclosed within a red battlesuit decorated with the marks of the bone-taker privateer outfit, the long arm of the Chall Republic.

Vasta, plugged directly into the CPU of his suit to enhance his own brain's processing speed, put the sensors of his suit on a swivel, switching between various bands of the electromagnetic spectrum in case any of his opponents were employing some form of stealth. A green halo shone behind him, indicating Chall contragravity technology at work, and his suit hovered silently some ways off the ground. On the weapon pod attached to the backside of his carapace, the contents pulsed.
[Image: UnDhcOR.png]

First Operator John █████ of the Surface Enforcement Quater representing greater TERRA/COTTA arrives shortly after the Chall representative. Equipped with the trusty standard issue rifle and sidearm, rocking proper camo and an air of self confidence; John embodies the raw foolhardiness that is his very deployment.
[Image: tSuoLYV.png]
A Cicadan imago, fresh out of its old exoskeleton, perches on Facility 00643's road sign. After their queen was lost, a number of surviving drones had escaped the Sol system and reestablished a colony. New generations of drones were incubated artificially, and traits normally reserved for higher castes were spliced into the hatchlings. The new drones could exhibit some telekinesis, but their main strength was the acceleration of their metabolism. Hunger was a powerful motivator, and along with faster healing, increased strength, and higher intelligence came a voracious appetite, even for its own kin.

Months ago, a full host of soldier nymphs had landed here to search for aliens they had encountered before, the Chall. An ootheca was hidden inside some de-orbiting space junk, releasing the brood of drones with no supplies in hostile territory. Out of necessity, the scouting party had turned on itself in a frenzy of cannibalism. The drones had hunted the others and the scarce life in this desert until only one remained.

[Image: 8AjkUwq.png]
"I think I might've taken a wrong turn..." Officer Clarke muttered to himself. He squatted uncomfortably what he thought was murky sewer water, his pants already long soaked through with the foul liquid, squinting out into the dim cavern.

The rookie frowned. "I didn't think we had any major cave systems connected to the sewers." He said quietly. At the very least, he couldn't remember seeing anything that looked remotely like this in the map of the AO they had pored over. He adjusted his grip on his service pistol, slick with sweat in the oppressive ambient heat, and tried to calm his nerves. These Fraticelli goons were ruthless with captured cops, he'd seen the autopsy reports. A shiver ran down his spine as his eyes flickered from shadow to shadow, time to stop thinking about that.

He glanced down at his hip radio. No... better not risk it. Even with the cover of what sounded like a small waterfall- sewerfall? The mobsters could be just around the corner...
[Image: HwN9DNl.png]

A shadow slowly rises out from the lower cavern pool. It gives off no heat. There is no sign of life within it. It lies motionless near the surface, like a predatory crocodile. 3 long eye stalks rapidly scan its surroundings above the surface like skittish prey. It breaches the surface without a sound.

The Iktiss scout hopper is here to protect the advance of the mothership. However, this isn't a scouting mission. There are enemies here who cannot be allowed to find it.

[Image: uv9kw7c.png]

Thundering down from the skies comes a chunky military robot painted with ill fitting jungle camouflage. A staple product of the security/paramilitary company known as Bulwark robotics. As it's jump-jets slow it to an acceptable landing velocity it throws up particles of dirt and dust from the area around. Clearly stealth is not the intention. gripped in both arms is a large heavy-duty shotgun that has been kitted with a thick riot shield, creating a sturdy (yet clumsy) marriage of offence and defence.

"Scan complete targets located" Drones the war-bot soullessly

[Image: oz7rIcq.png]
Officer Clarke carefully stepped to the edge of the sewerfall and took in the sight of the cave system. Huh. Those are definitely manmade structures, but they look old, older than any building he'd seen in the city. He sighed and holstered his service pistol. The wooden platform jutting off of the construction looked newer than the rest, probably put in place by the mobsters for... whatever they were doing down here.

The probie froze a moment. Should he go? If they had found these old buildings and built some kind of... secret base here, who knows how many there would be. He shook his head. No, he'd at least check it out, it could just be squatters. Not that they take too kindly to cops either.

He stepped back a few paces, double checked that his weapon was secure, and launched into a pair of bounding steps before he leaped.

[Image: m447HYq.png]
His foot slipped on the slick stone as he launched himself, sending what should have been a controlled jump into a flailing, arm-corkscrewing parody of itself. Inadvertently, he let out a yelp that echoed loudly around the cavern, his brain barely had time to process this before he collided with the wood, however.

[Image: LgxwLWA.png]
Clarke landed hard, one of his knees actually knocked through a loose, rotted part of the platform. He panicked as he realized he'd seriously misjudged the age of the wood as it creaked and groaned under the sudden new weight.

The cop scrambled on his hands and knees towards the more sturdy looking concrete platforms, uncaring at this point for the noise that clearly echoed not just through the cavern, but the entire facility above.

[Image: KNp1ZHY.png]
Once on the much more sturdy feeling concrete platform he paused, breathing hard. And immediately became altogether too cognizant of racket he had just produced. The officer scrambled to his feet and fumbled with his holster.

With his weapon in hand he felt... slightly more reassured. But the ominous silence of the cavern felt like a too-heavy blanket over his sweat soaked body, and he nervously fingered the safety, trying to calm his nerves.

None of this construction looked like any kind of sewer, or even sewer runoff, he had ever seen. He'd heard the rumours about the kind of... weird cases that Precinct 13 apparently had always ended up investigating, had always laughed them off, but here, seeing these inarguably alien looking ruins underneath the city... it caused him to feel a trill of unnatural fear.

The cavern seemed to stretch on for a while yet. There was some dim, flickery light filtering down from above him, but he couldn't find any way up. His next best bet seemed to be further down the dilapidated concrete pathway and up. He glanced over the edge at the eerily still surface of the sewer water. At least he hadn't fallen in there.
[Image: QhYuBVq.png]

As the distant moans (or atleast what he would assume are distant moans) of ancient crumbling structures echo past him, John starts heading down the hall with his rifle close. He wasn't given particuarly excellent information about his opponents, but he was given enough to go on. Enough to win on, he thought.

[Image: mbkJmnC.png]

A green halo of energy manifested around one of the discarded concrete blocks of the facility, dislodging it alongside a mass of sand. Chall contragravity was at work once more, turning any object with a decent amount of mass into a potential weapon.

[Image: Ye74Ljf.png]

Pointing his suit's grav talon forward, Vasta pressed onward, eyestalks on a swivel. Quite soon he picked up a visual of the squat green bulwark machine which was appraised briefly and with disdain. A typical bony design of two rigid arms and legs, with a cramped little head controlling the whole apparatus, Vasta doubted the ugly little robot could do more than scratch the paint of his battle-suit. More pressing, was the figure perched atop the sign. It couldn't be bulwark, and the chall was incredibly doubtful that the TERRA/COTTA meatpuppets would present anything beyond a man, or possibly a robot with a gun. Tapping into the multitude of functions of the talon, Vasta fired off a gravity ripple message to his superiors, with an attached image of the creature.

<<Vasta here, preparing for contact with a tin can, I need identification on this entity though>>

<<Reading you, Vasta. Looks like an arthropod, likely not a threat. We'll feed you more intel as we acquire it>>

[Image: nqAQFWY.png]

Tier One Mage Operator Braddicus Gruff, Galahadistan Veteran and elite tactical black ops wizard, poofs onto the battlefield.


Lost, but not unready, Gruff checks his Armagelite-15 and readies his combat runes.
[Image: v5Apw1A.png]
The buzzing of the giant insect's wings goes quiet as it observes a hovering object approaching at considerable speed. The sturdiness of the old sign under the bug is put to the test, creaking under the weight of the matured drone. A second metal contraption had landed a moment ago, but was now obscured behind a dune. Starving and fatigued from crossing the desert, the drone was not interested in attacking something it couldn't rip the guts out of and eat alive. Better to avoid it, or allow it to serve as bait for something with a pulse.

[Image: azxhWWa.png]
Due to the garish colour of the chall battle-suit it was easily spotted by the more handsomely rugged CR01B-Shield unit which dove down the nearby hole with all the grace you'd expect of a walking tank carrying a shotgun shield. Once again stealth was taking the backline.
[Image: isxjvku.png]
As the shield unit entered the pool of muck filled water it's sensors quickly picked up three more targets, one straight ahead, another below it and the last one was down the other way. without wasting time the CR01B quickly stood up and dashed forward to the green glowing *thing*, it was unsure of it's purpose but perhaps it was just a sensor.
Lets kill this one too

Spoiler :
[Image: KfoEBGA.png]
With a very loud thud, crackle of electricity and distant sounds of screams, gunfire and heavy metal music, a really bulky assortment of metal that roughly resembled human form materialized up above and sent some dust flying all around it. It remained motionless, still glowing with sparkles of energy dancing on the gold-blue painted surface. It had an really crude and unrefined look, it's right pauldron was adorned with a head of a feline, and what looked like a map of stars, while the left one had a sculpture of a cross, with a skull in middle, attached to it. The most obvious in their purpose was a big six-barreled cannon the figure held in it's left hand, and a big fist with a chainsaw blade on the right. The humanoid shape seemed too big for armour, yet too thick and well-protected for a robot.
After a second of inactivity, it shuddered and with a whirr of motors regained composure, standing in a definitively aggressive pose. The eyes began to emit a golden glow, and soon a booming human voice could be heard.
- "This isn't Cadia."

[Image: IfWXGXj.png]
Startled by the gruff, loud voice that suddenly came from his intended destination, Clarke approached the edge of his current platform with weapon drawn, but not raised. If it was just squatters, going at them with gun drawn might just escalate things before he could even begin to defuse the situation. He took out his flashlight, with the noise he'd made, the time for stealth was clearly over. He jumped a moment as he prepared to speak to the voice he had heard. Overhead, some dirt was shaken free by a thump of something landing hard on the road above, and then an even stranger THUD that sounded almost like a muffled car crash. He almost had to hold back a chuckle at the thought of some passerby witnessing a car crash, calling the cops, and then seeing one crawl out of a sewer grate to take control of the scene. The officer shook himself and refocused, now wasn't the time for laughter.

"This is the police! Please come towards my voice with your hands raised over your head. You are not in trouble, this is just a.... routine patrol." He kept his voice steady like he'd been taught at the academy. Abruptly, his stomach growled. Damn he was hungry. He glanced again down at the still water and idly wondered if a fish could even survive in that much sewage. He'd never seen water as green as this was before.
[Image: HaPoZiL.png]

"Ah fuck-"

John dives for cover as the Bulwark Barrel-on-legs splashes down infront of him, illuminated by a volumetric shaft of light from the surface. He steadies his rifle on nearby barrels and lets rip down the hall, and by extention, into the robot. Echos of rapid small arms fire fill the surrounding area.

John Lives = 3
John rolls a Heads. John subtracts 1 life from Bulwark Teapot.
Long Live John.

[Image: FUliRzS.png]

Hearing gunfire, Gruff takes position at the edge of the ruins.

"What the fuck is this guy sayin-"

The Mana Vision Goggles register the cop as barely visible.

"Cabal motherfuckers. Using mundanes. Bastards must be desperate."

Braddicus flicks the safety off and lines up the target. Non magical combatants barely occur to him to as a threat these days. Might as well get some information.


[Image: W8f5TOM.png]
Clarke instinctively ducks down and brings his gun arm to bear as the sharp report of rifle fire fills the echoing space. He... has a feeling now that what he heard wasn't a car crash.

The ringing in his ears fades just in time to hear the gruff voice's response emanate from a silhouette some distance away. He squints, but still can't make out anything distinct about it.

"Please stay calm sir. I'm here on a bust against the Fraticelli mob, those are probably them engaging with the other Officers." He eyebrows furrow as he thinks a moment. "What's a Cabal? That some kind of Fraticelli sub-caste?" He asks.

From the lack of flowing robes and Old Testament mnemonics, Clarke feels pretty safe about assuming this stranger isn't with the mob. His gun rests comfortably in his hand, ready to be raised, but not expecting to have to. Of course, he's also quite unable to see the clear and present danger pointed at his frail, nonmagical frame.

[Image: qEtZQvM.png]

Vasta cared little as his quarry scuttled into the tunnels: it would meet its fate soon enough. More pressing was the sudden appearance of the massive armoured figure. Again a bony design, but unlike anything the chall had seen before, and it had teleported. That sort of technology was unheard of, beyond whispers of secret projects of the khur and the warriors delving into strange progenitor sciences. Had one of the factions discovered the operation? Or was this something else entirely?

He didn't spare the time to think, and launched the lump of concrete at the crackling armour of the newcomer. The projectile was followed by, to Vasta's suprise, a number of small needle-like darts that curved unerringly towards the armoured figure. A horrendous keening noise was blasted from the soundpieces on the battle-suit, suffusing the battlefield and penetrating through rock. Concerned, Vasta contacted command.

<<Something just teleported in here, and what have you done to my suit's weapon systems? Where are my lasers? And why is the suit screaming? I thought we were just testing prime-02>>

The operator replied: terse but professional.

<<Completely unknown factor, your suit's been modified to specifications befitting a Chall administrator>>

<<What, the lieutenants of the warriors? What's wrong with our own tactics, they've served us well enough...>>

<<We've been beaten back by khur, warriors and most recently the Kosmikos League, we need to see some evolution in tactics, the warriors have had great success with their administrators.>>

Vasta closed the call and scrunched his tendrils in frustration, and put up a diversion field in front of himself in case of return fire.

Vasta Lives =3
Vasta gets tails, terminator is unaffected

[Image: fwYIiNI.png]
The sounds of gunfire and faint voices draw the attention of the bug to an access hatch not far from a half buried automobile. It silently approaches the entrance, keeping its compound eyes on the brightly colored shell of the Chall.
Spoiler :
[Image: 5Q6wJoz.png]
- "But that's a daemon if I ever saw one."
The gun took surprisingly fast time to spin up, and the reaction time of the one wielding it was even faster. With a thunderous roar the weapon started vomiting fire. In one, fluid motion the unrelenting hail of explosive ordnance disintegrated the incoming block of stone, and started making it's way towards the assailant, passing the enemy darts just before they managed to make no impression on the thick plating of the being's armored hide.
something something heads I get a hit
[Image: zzTxBCA.gif]

[Image: Rd1A3QE.png]

The Scout briefly surveys the area before making a decision. Two humans. One is noisy, undergunned, and underequipped. Possibly civilian?
The other is well armed, and equipped for battle. This is likely the target.
It springs into action.

Coinfip Tails
The House of Sand DEM Corp Bulwark TERRA Chall Republic Iktiss ones who believe themselves to own this land formerly declare this military exercise underway!

(Alas sweet forums, why did you pick now to go down?) She's back baby.
[Image: wrcbGRy.png]

Turn description later - Basically a "referee" bot teleported in and there's cctv now to livestream the test, and the elimination of any and all trespassers.

[Image: Vvnl4jx.png]

"Damage sustained, discarding damaged parts."

As the rifle fire chopped into the shield numerous indentations rendered it little more than a work of modern art, the robot quickly detached the shield before tucking away it's thrusters and clambering out of the water.

"Scans indicate numerous unknown forces. ERROR"

Normally the slug fired would've hit it's mark but the new vectors caused numerous problems for the simple AI and sent it's shot off course

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