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Welcome to something something fort nights whatever the kids are playing, I am relevant aren't I? The rules are simple. Once this was a thriving city, but the people have fled and torn up all their wallpaper. War; war never changes. For whatever reason, these blocks and streets are important. Maybe there are loot boxes, or fidget spinners--something important to you millennial types.

Codex Picturus Waris
I. Declare when you are making your turn, don't declare and leave and not post, this is most egregious and you will be ridiculed accordingly.
II. Wait for someone to post before you make another turn. If it's been a full day you can bend this rule in the interest of keeping things going.
III. Don't be a dick, unless absolutely necessary.
IV. Thou shalt save turns as .png, otherwise adding to the map is allowed.
V. Let your opponent respond to your actions, and decide how damage is inflicted from your army.
VI. All armies are welcome. Your zombified poor, your huddled time-warped vikings, and robots yearning to be free. Nothing is too stupid or implausible for this sandbox.
VII. Be excellent to each other; remember that you get nothing for winning.
[Image: 0xheDdZ.png]
[Image: cM0OMKw.png]
A patrol of Tactical Shield Alliance constable droids begin a sweep of the western apartment building. TAC-213 stands aside an empty bus stop, observing the problematic door height of the human domicile before it. Its assisting Drones advance onward.
[Image: ISEYLPJ.png]

A small EVL garrison lounges around in the centre of the city. They'd been sent a couple weeks before and are awaiting the main force. Knowing their superiors, they're taking a leisurely stance to their job, since they're likely to be here quite a while.

In one of the buildings, the Sergeant counts their remaining supplies, and in the air hover curious surveilence drones.

(will retroactively boujee-up the fx on my turn. Didn't want to spend too much time on it for know)
The sky cackles with the sound of two dhdek drop pods careening towards the city.


[Image: L3aE4mF.png]


[Image: u1GFlKh.png]

The pods land on the roof of the tallest building as smokes rolls off of them. Inside, the comm system picks up the low hum of one dhdek soldier chattering to the others.

"To land, and to survey. This planet is not in our tomes, but soon will abound."

If one could speak this language, they might interpret the quick patter of a voice that follows as a laugh.

"Arrogant, Laureate, to presume we will have time to survey. A planet spoken of with frightened tones, and what more, we don't even fill the drop pods."

[Image: Uhzom2o.png]

The doors of the drop pod fall of with a loud SHUNK, revealing unpowered armed support suits. As mentioned, the rear door of the left pod stays shut since no suit was loaded into it.

If it had a face, the Laureate would smile.

"Towards what end have fear, save to be weaker in crisis? It has been a long time since the war of cessation, Reedwhistle. It has been a long time since we were outmatched."

[Image: 0tVeHDn.png]
Attracted by the loud bang from the drop pods, a queen and her brood advance in the shadowy sewers.
[Image: WhKq13k.png]

The 'BADOOF CRACK' that had alarmingly come from the roof of the building he was standing in worried the Sergeant quite a bit. The rest of his squad heard it; The Officers heard it, the Droids heard it, the engineer in the fridge heard it, and crucially, the Drones heard it. Commandlessly they quite enthusiasticly drifted towards the noise to inspect it's cause. The Sergeant picked up a spare baton, clicked his fingers at the Command Droid ahead of him, and, through a series of special signals, laid down a plan.
[Image: ZcqbyGS.png]
The ground floor is secured without incident. One officer watches the back door while a pair of droids make their way up the stairwell. The noise of canisters sailing overhead and impacting down the block has caught the attention of the patrol. After requesting clearance from sector dispatch, TAC-213 is authorized to investigate the disturbance. The bulky machine passes its umounted gun to a deputy, then begins to free climb to the roof.
The suits glow green as the dhdek pilots enter. The faint hum of a voice is heard as the suits come to life.

[Image: BmsG2BR.png]

"Bickering begets failure, friends. Focus on the task at hand."

The Laureate emits a sound that might be interpreted as a nod or chuckle of sorts. He looks at the soldier who emerged from the rear pod of the drop ship.

[Image: BHi4pNg.png]

"Cloudmorn," the Laureate hums, "recite."

"A cool air calms all thought,
I swim through my sensations,
when mist rises, I fall."

"Amen. Descend this structure."

[Image: vjVInDR.png]

The dhdek's suit cannot fly, but the pressurized gas inside its engine is enough to keep it buoyant. It uses this to its advantage to perform a graceful flip around the side of the building through the empty window.

[Image: hDbCr0G.png]

The rightmost soldier uses his perch atop the building to get a sense of its surroundings. Faint vibrations pulse through the air as the suits' echolocative sensors form a map of the environment.

The other dhdek soldiers formulate a strategy on the top of the building.

[Image: 2cQfJoa.png]
The flat ground of the sewers enables the spiders to speedily advance forward.
One of the broodlings spots a potential nesting position.
[Image: EvMaNKE.png]

In a wrecked shack A large squadron of Bulwark enforcer bots began scanning their surroundings armed with mini-guns,flame throwers microwave emitters, strimmer rifles and a mighty missile launcher they were a force to be reckoned with
"The communications systems have been hijacked" said the flamer bot "Reinforcements can be called if necessary"
"Excellent" came the voice of the captain who bore a shield carbine

[Image: gx6QNK9.png]
The constables split into two teams; one advances down the street and the other takes an overwatch position inside the condo. With its claws free, 213 is now half-way to the building's roof.
[Image: tLANwEe.png]

The drones continue, up and towards the roof of the apartment. One seems to be taking an indoor route.

The Command Droid seems to have understood the Sergeant's message, and begins radioing.

The Sergeant then turns to the engineer, fresh out the fridge.

"Six-Three, is the fridge on yet?"

"Aye, sir."

"It freezes things now?"


"Great. I want this floor fortified ASAP, you good for that?"
63 salutes.
"Aye aye sir!"

[Image: x6Twca6.png]
The broodlings scamper up the sewer ladder and into the cellar, scattering about the room.
Attracted by noise above, two broodlings begin climbing the ladder in the cellar.
The Brood Nurse begins preparations for a new nesting site, starting with a sticky web coating.

The queen heaves herself up the passage, but meets an obstacle: a small gap. Using her legs she starts to crack the wood to make room for her large bulk.

[Image: HNS6ddw.png]
On the ground, Alliance drones bound to the next structure. A small UAV is spotted, but not engaged. The robots inside the tower look out of the east windows, covering the advance. 213 completes its ascent and remains inconspicuous. From here, it could see the EVL drone and the glint of something large and metal on the opposite building's roof top.
Cloudmorn's graceful flip is certainly worthy of being enshrined in literature, but the veteran dhdek soldier is concerned that its bulkier suit won't be able to perform the manuever.

It aims its frontal weapon at the ground ...

[Image: fgaTVCZ.png]

... a beam temporarily ionizes the air in its path while the suit's core pressure builds ...


[Image: 9z3Spbk.png]

Superhot plasma bursts from the armament as the pressure is released, melting the stone of the rooftop to open a pathway.

[Image: 58SqwSQ.png]

Cloudmorn continues descending the building; the Laureate and Reedwhistle move towards the eastern edge of the building.

The leftmost dhdek's echolocative scan picks up a faint signal.

"The time for courage swiftly arrives, friends. I believe we are not alone."
[Image: Fy82XbW.png]

As a drone nears the top of the building, a purple dome rears over the concrete horizon. A little red recording light blinks on somewhere in the drone's interior circuitry.

"Droid transport ETA twenty minutes, Sir." The Command Droid barks.

"Excellent. Keep watch to the east, i don't want any surprises." Replies the Sergeant as he takes his bullpup and supervises the engineer's work.

[Image: Z67VxKG.png]
Two Broodlings make it to the kitchen, One looks up at the towering green figure, whilst the other, completely oblivious to the imminent danger, continues exploring.

The other Broodlings wander aimlessly around the cellar.
The Brood Nurse continues laying out the foundation of the nest.
The Queen bursts through the sewer ladder, snapping the wood with a loud CRUNCH and sending splinters around the room. She begins laying an egg sac after her climb.

[Image: hlNayiM.png]
Thudding footsteps can be heard as 213 dashes over the top of the TSA occupied structure. Inside the condo's loft, the sharpshooter notices an armed suspect one floor up inside the taller building. The officers entering the pawn shop are alerted to his presence and move cautiously past the looted display cases.

The hum of the leftmost dhdek's comms queries his command.

"Laureate, an unknown presence is before me. What is your desired course of action?"

"End it."

Cloudmorn, still standing beside the Laureate, emits a vague purr somewhat akin to a scoff.

"At range? These mist-makers are designed for closer combatants."

[Image: qjNAi1L.png]

The ionization beams of two soldiers track the drone, although they begin to fade as they near the target itself.

"So quick to doubt, Cloudmorn. Fire."


[Image: 68GbMFo.png]

The searing plasma is released from its high pressure container behind the dhdek's suits. It follows the unbroken path fine, but when it meets the flickering laser, it may scatter...

As the Laureate and Cloudmorn continue to bicker and attempt to formulate a plan, the veteran dhdek descends the stairs.
[Image: 9iNq1ME.png]


Whilst perfoming an evasive manuver against the first missile fired against it, the drone dives into the second, rupturing it's hull and igniting the fuel cells within. Napalm and shrapnel ensues.

Down on the ground, the officer sprints to the other side of the building, once to simply secure both sides, now intigued by the noise.

"Aerial Scout One sudden termination. Confirmed contact on floor eight and the roof." The command droid belts. As the engineer pulls a second board from the stairs, takes a brief look around, and turns to the Sergeant, a realization dawns.
"Sir- I'mma be honest with you, I don't think i've really got anything to work with here."
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