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Full Version: Headcase: Oshlet vs Ruh
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On a warehouse planet, far from civilised space, a small cell of robolutionaries search for a way to bolster their numbers. Although they were able to produce frames, and arm themselves, they lacked the capabilities to fabricate AI cores. Intelligence gathering had revealed a small cache of UNI-INC crates. With the promise of the signature computer-heads of UI's workforce, an expeditionary force set out to retrieve them.

Leading the force was Quart. Previously a military robot serving the empiret which claimed tenuous control over local space, Quart defected. Armed not only with a set of powerful laser cannons, he also possessed a powerful military AI, making him an effective field commander and tactician. Certainly more so than the rest of the unit.

Proceeding forward through the precarious terrain, making liberal use of their jump jets, a pair of spherical robots moved to support their more mobile allies: A Strider-Class utility robot and a light, nimble machine bearing the hallmarks of Prasad Dynamics. A quirk in the machine's programming had made her excessively combative, and she was due to be scrapped before a breakout from her new allies set her free. She scanned the area with her vast array of scopes and cameras, looking for a target; a worthy foe. Surely U-I wouldn't be so foolish to leave their property entirely unguarded?
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Ceaseless labour, redundancy and efficiency are the three cores of the colossal consumer company known as Union incorporation.

UNI-INC computer-heads stir in the dead shipping zone restlessly guarding certain UNI-INC crates while sabotaging other companies ware's.One stood guard on a hanging platform scanning the zone with it's rivet gun prepped for hostiles, one laboured striking the rocks feverishly with it's pick as another strode towards it with a plasma cutter.

Out of any prying eyes of vagrants or tramps a production line tirelessly churns out new computer heads forming cheap flesh and bone in vats it made a soft hissing as a fresh headless body slid out of the flesh-crafting machine.Below all this was a lone computer-head eyeing up an anti-tank rifle "who left it here?" it would have thought if it was capable of such activities.
[Image: IkgL3aX.png]

The two roundest members of the expeditionary force were members of the wildly successful Jinn class utility robot. Praised for their robustness, modularity and low price, they quickly became one of the most common utility robots in use. Of course, when a mass AI glitch created the robotic uprising, Jinns formed the backbone of it. Still in production today, the Jinn's keystone position in the robolution has barely lessened. Chut, one of the jinns, equipped with a pair of multipods, picked their way through the cramped confines of the storage container while Bok, the other, used their jet to reach the peak of the container tower.

Quart, followed behind on his own thruster, a curious design utilising the same technology as his force lasers, producing significant amounts of kinetic energy to keep him aloft. He wasn't quite as quick as the Jinns, but he was far more stable.

Ahead of the group, the strider kicked its leg motors into gear as it saw its companion ahead of it set down. Via the data sharing programs all of the robots were equipped with, it saw the UI computerheads and the fact the scout robot was drawing her sword. Ayu, the robot in question, barked at the orange clad personnel after setting down:

"Foolish U-I dogs! Gaze upon your unmaker! Fear my cutting blade!"
[Image: n6rwztW.png]

Upon seeing this defective scrap heap yell something the two on the top layer immediately sprung into action one blasting a stream of heated nails at the machine while the other saw to burning the terrain around it. Below the rest of the computer-heads are sent streams of data alerting to the position of this artificial terrorist, the computer-head with the rivet gun saw this as a perfect opportunity to launch a D-rivet on to the walkway as an explosive contingency.

Below the newly made worker strides forth from it's camouflaged container while the miner and plasma cutter computer-heads stand at attention while in the underbelly of it all the one inquisitive computer-head has just been give a reason to take the AT rifle.

"you are trespassing and have been previously charged with terrorism charges submit and be scrapped for a brighter future"
[Image: sY45UF1.png]

The heated nails punched through the thin cover of Ayu's upper section, causing ruinous damage as the delicate machinery within was overloaded and fried by the massive spike in heat. Rather than shut down however, Ayu instead shunted processing power away from concepts such as 'self-preservation' to keep her combat programs active. Her blade deflected a pair of stray nails and her support rotors angled forward...

[Image: XtDedlQ.png]

The electric motors accelerated to full speed almost instantly, and Ayu rushed forward, cleaving one of the computer-heads in twain with her sword, spraying cloned viscera and shattering the main processor in an explosive display. In response, the blowtorch armed worker turned its head with machine precision to track its quarry.

[Image: mpYVtZC.png]

Pulling up at the last moment to stand on a single leg, Ayu flung a pair of knives and sheathed her blade, crying out a threat:

"Servants of mortals! The Dragon's sword awakens! It hungers for blood!"

In support, the strider hopped off the scaffolding and shot a harpoon between the stairs at the rivet-gun armed worker, while its processor worked out a precise firing solution for its assault cannon. As it witnessed the scene below, it relayed the strength of the forces to Quart.

Quart himself settled down alongside the jinn, thinking over the data he had been given. Ayu should be able to deal with the remaining worker, and in the process, will likely end up in a state where she would be unable to fight. Useful, as the two workers not currently under fire were equipped with tools that would only be a threat at close range. The strider and the jinn should be able to pick them off without issue.

The other jinn, 'Fixo' synthesised a series of notes as he continued on his merry way between the storage crates. Thankfully, this area wasn't insured, so property damage wouldn't be an issue. Particularly useful considering the mining explosives he had in his storage compartment.
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As soon as the dangerous reject landed the welding unit set forth a beam of thermal energy piercing one of the eyes and cutting into circuitry causing heavy damage. The rivet bot kept his footing as the harpoon entered the plywood below him launching a super-heated rivet towards the strider. The computer-head with the plasma cutter strode forth after detecting the sound of wood splintering and a large fire while the one on the line continued on his way.

Far below the inquisitive computer-head picked up the AT-rifle and checked to see it's ammo. It was fully loaded. The mining bot was startled by the shattering vodka bottle but it quickly looked up it's faceless head concealing rage enough to rival that of the scouting robot.

"B̵o̵i̸ ̴w̷h̶o̴ ̶b̶e̴ ̸l̴i̵t̸t̸e̸r̵i̶n̴g̷ ̵i̸n̴ ̸m̵y̸ ̷g̵o̶o̶d̸ ̸c̴h̵r̶i̸s̸t̵i̸a̸n̴ ̶s̴h̵i̵p̸p̷i̶n̴g̸ ̵s̵i̴t̴e̷"
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