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Full Version: Petition to Perma-ban Gamma Plasma
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April fools yo, congratulations on becoming one hundred and four. You are officially the oldest member of the forum, or probably are. Born in the distant year of 1914, you have seen more than most. World wars, the great depression, technological revolutions, beatniks, hippies, yuppies, hipsters and alt-right whack-jobs. I would say you have a lot to look forward to, but at 104, what's next for you unless you're a literate Galapagos island turtle is the great beyond and probably very soon. Take pride in your many accomplishments and If it's not your birthday, then April fooler has become the April foolee.
[Image: 1CtjqXr.png]
I'd pop some confetti but that might blow out whatever's left of the old sod's eardrums.
I'd like to complain about the insufficient number of candles on my cake

Also I prefer cheesecake over black forest
prepare to be contented by this updated and fully accurate cheese cake
[Image: y1FSme7.png]
Why thank you.

I have rewarded you thusly.
This was an april fools?

Too bad tbh
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