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Full Version: Civilization: 2-Demensional Boogaloo
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[Image: 2vqyTm0.png]
Welcome to PW's umpteenth gamemode thing. There are currently open spots for 2 people and if any more than that are interested, I can add more spaces to our grid. To join, you will need to have both a visual representation on the "world" map and a regular picture wars map like you would find in a standard match. Your tile doesn't have to be pretty, I used some standard (off to the right side of the grid) colors for my tile but feel free to add new ones or change them for your section. Try and match the coastline or features that border your tile as best you can. This is an example from an earlier civilization game:
[Image: rPsZLWc.png]
The old thread here

The rules will mostly be the same. Each player has a map of their own where they start with their army. I don't want to limit anybody so start with whatever you want to-add a base with a whole platoon of dudes or just one unit, build up fast or slow, stay in one spot or immediately invade your neighbor. The only etiquette I ask for is when you do leave your own map and post on someone else's, you declare and specify their name. You make one post adding your units and then that player gets to respond to you before you can go again.

Player maps can be anything. If you are mapping challenged or lazy, I suggest, nay, encourage you to steal either sections or whole maps from anywhere you find them. There is no need to be OCD over having the same color ground and sky in each player map. Piercing the Veil, a similar game to civilization, has a lot of flat, simple maps. I am at work on my starting location now, Anyone who is ready to start with their tile or has questions, wants help or wants to call me a cuck is welcome to do so before I begin.
[Image: KXXVOJU.png]
[Image: xj5zEVq.png]
A pod slows it's descent, zeroing in on a flat place to land. Above two more launches contain the rest of an Eclipse landing party dispatched from an orbiting cruiser. A vast trade conglomerate, the ships of their fleet are typically autonomous and crewed with machines that act as both security and workforce. Without a need for life support or pay, droids do the dirty work of mining and suppressing native peoples for their corporate puppet masters.
Count me in if you don't mind.

[Image: kJ0H9rJ.png]

[Image: O47mxsK.png]

Two huge flaming meteors descend upon the quiet bank of a river. They are not natural, though, not by any means. Inside them lay very expensive and very cushioned Teh'tian machinery, with which to hopefully begin a process that will take years to fully complete.

And yes, i did try to mimic your style and colours for the terrain/map. It's just a bit of OCD that i have regarding consistency.
That looks pretty nice. I don't expect a flood of people but I welcome anybody who wants to also join.
[Image: 43FA8hP.png]
A modest group of fighting and utility drones gathers as the three ships are unloaded. Across the bank of a nearby river meteors streak towards the ground. Machines typically don't observe superstitions about omens. It is more likely coincidence than anything, Imperator Y338 deploys his personal guard drones as lookouts while the final drop prepares for landing.
[Image: v1WJmD9.png]
The major components for an outpost are moved into position as the imperator creates a flat surface. The first piece is a large, heavy casing holding an AI core. once installed and powered, it will control the garrison and oversee further construction. A generator sits unopened next to a dump of more supplies and some deactivated grunts. All of the drones have their own power cells, but remain vulnerable until they can recharge.
This looks awesome! I would join, but I don't necessarily have the means to. I'll just have to spectate for now.
I appreciate any form of participation, no pressure though. Thanks for reading anyway.
[Image: w9skEaJ.png]
With the addition of a column, the base's first level is shaping up to be a very classy robot strip club. Assembly begins on a recharging pad while the other appliances are wired up and activated. While the heavy gunner watches from the shade of a tree, one of the guards leaves to explore.
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