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Full Version: LucanC's armies
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Found some of my old armies so I thought I'd post a few of em to show off.

[Image: 2mPupWY.png]
The Sheo Legion, AKA babbys first army.

[Image: pRkG6RT.png]
The Wizards, AKA babbys second army.

[Image: vDa7MXF.png]
The SS Space Nazis, a heavily armoured and heavily fascist corps.

[Image: 1da2wok.png]
The OTS, OnArgent Terrestrial Service. Typically found fighting space muslims. Also included in the spritesheet are some Retro PMC type dudes, loads of guns, and the PTS. The Private Terrestrial Forces were a faction of the good ol' TSA.

[Image: 5a6ZzM3.png]
Variant Theta, aka the UberMartians.

I have a dozen more, but few of them are very fleshed out or saw any real action.
I will have to try to dig mine out nice to see these posts though.
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